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» Tuns Training log (Go to post)16-05-2011 @ 19:42 
Leggiez said:i reckon you half killed your son in law to be tonight , shaking like a leaf after the final set of situps haha Happy

ME...It was you big guyTongue
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)16-05-2011 @ 19:41 

Bench press
Bar x 10
90kg x5x5

Bar x 10
60kg x 5
77.5kg x 5

Bent O Rows
50kg x 10
65kg x5x5

Super sets
Tricep pull down-32kg x 10x3
Close G press-62kg 10x3 (Nailed them all this time....OH YEAH)

Super sets
Sit ups 3x10
Preacher curls 20kg x10x3

Good session tonight. My son in law is going to train with Leggiez and myself. It was his first night tonight. Leggiez nearly killed him, Ha Ha Ha.
The extra time for rest really helps.
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)15-05-2011 @ 06:32 
Leggiez said:wtf !! what happened to the weekend off Happy

OOops...I have the bug. Day off sunday for sureGrin
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)14-05-2011 @ 20:48 
Sat 14.5.11

Bench press


Dumbell flys

2x8@25kg each dumbell

20 situps x3
Also been practicing my squating technique
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)14-05-2011 @ 17:32 
We found some chalk for your grip leggiezHappy
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)14-05-2011 @ 17:17 
Leggiez said:coming on a treat with them squats , a few more weeks and you will be smashing the 100s np , cage is out of stock btw got an email tonight so it looks like another week or 2 cleaning the weight Unhappy

Bring on the 100s. Great work leggiez with your new PB of 200kg dead lift. Buggers quickly took our money though eh!! I am really looking forward to this cageHappy
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)13-05-2011 @ 18:47 
FRI 13.5.11

1x10 @ bar
1x5 @ 60kg
5x5 @ 75kg(technique is improving bigtime,confidence is growing )

Overhead Press
2x10 @ bar
1x5 @ 47kg
5x5 @ 55kg (1st 3 sets were BTN,last 2 front press which i find easier atm)

1x5 @ 60kg
1x3 @ 100kg
1x5 @ 122.5kg
1x1 @ 147.5kg (with straps)

Tricep Pulldowns SS with CG Bench Press
3x10 @ 32.5kg/62.5kg (10,10,8 on the cg bp)

Incline situp SS with Preacher Curls
3x20 @ bw situps/ 3x10 @ 25kg
1x10 situps with 10 kg plate

DB Shoulder Press
1x1 @ 25kg both arms (56er)
1x1 @ 25kg db (far easier than the 56er)
1xf @ 40kg (could shoulder it,but need to work on the technique after that point!)

Great training tonight , my m8 leggiez just smashed his pb for dl 200kg he done !
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)12-05-2011 @ 17:20 
Post Edited: 12.05.2011 @ 19:06 PM by Tun
Hi all. So i have been messing with weights for a couple of years now. I split with the ex wife, was a bit down so bought a bench and weights. Best thing i didHappy Anyways, I have a good steady training partner now. (LEGGIEZ) also on this forum. We have pooled our gear and have turned one of my out buildings into a gym. I feel like i will make good progress now as i was struggling on my own and Leggiez is further on with his weights than me. I feel lucky to have him as a training partner.I am 5 foot 10 inches and weigh 93 kg.
This is where i am at just now...

Bench p. 87.5 x5x5 110 pb
Squats. 72.5 x5x5
B.O.rows 65 x5x5
D lifts 120 x5 145 pb
o.h.p 55 x5x5
Triceps supersets
pulldowns 32 3x10 and close grip bench 62.5 1x8 1x6 1x4
also been doing farmers walk followed by plate grips(real busters)

End with declined sit ups 3x20

You can see i am still in the early stages. Never trained my legs at all.
I am looking forward to 6 months down the line and learning how to train properly.

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