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» My PL training log :) (Go to post)07-06-2011 @ 08:23 
Theres just no way your going to be beaten....Nice
» Little Mikes Journal.... (Go to post)07-06-2011 @ 08:16 
The way you threw up that 48kg above your head was prett convincing mate and i thought your dead lifts look real fine too. I am pretty sure you will get to where you want to be if you keep this up. Dont put your self down bud, your a fellow lifterGrin
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)06-06-2011 @ 18:55 
ALWEBB72 said:very time i look at your log more pbs well done

thank you. We put the effort in for sure.
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)06-06-2011 @ 18:54 
Leggiez said:quality deadlifting tonight m8 , 160 looked easy apart from that grip!! keep up the good work.

Thanx bud. looking fwd to getting more plates for your progress.
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)06-06-2011 @ 18:51 

Front over head press

Bar x10
40kg x8
50kg x6
70kg x1 x1 x1 2nd fail


Bar x10
60 x8
80 x6
102.5 5x5 PB

Dead lifts

60kg x5
100kg x5
135kg x5 PB
160kg x1 PB

Super sets{/b}
Situps x20
Pullups x10 (leggiez helped me with 7 of these)
Preacher curls 29kg +bar x10 (5 all me and then spotted the rest)
Triceps pull downs 32kg x10

3 sets of these. (thought my arms were going to explode and went a wee bit dizzy)

» Leggiez training log (Go to post)06-06-2011 @ 13:46 
Saw the vids, How much do the tomb stones weigh?
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)05-06-2011 @ 08:21 
Leggiez said:well done on the squat PB yesterday , although to be fair there is far more to come ... nowhere near struggling yet m8 Wink

It feels like i am just about at all my max weights (maybe a little more to come).
This is where the real work begins and PBs become an occasional thing.
» My PL training log :) (Go to post)05-06-2011 @ 08:13 
I really like the whole de-loading idea. I have only being training at this level and this system for about 3 months now. I noticed that if you keep failing it has an effect in your head (not very nice eh!!!) So to de-load and build back up by 2.5kg every time i think helps the mind set too. I also totally get how important rest time is and what we shove down our necks. Pretty sure you got all the basics coverd though reevesy man. Happy Happy Happy
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)05-06-2011 @ 07:55 
Leggiez said:
I hope u spied Gingy's complex Carl!! looks like 1 to try out next week haha.

Yeah just had a look at Gingys log. Some intresting looking stuff on there. (and if i am honest some stuff i havent a clue but sounds good lol)Confused
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)03-06-2011 @ 22:03 
Nice squat leggiez, looking fwd to monday tooooo Happy
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)03-06-2011 @ 21:57 

Bench press

I have de-loaded

Bar x10
65 x8
85 5x5 pretty managable but going through the prosess of building up again.


Bar x10
60kg x6
75kg x5
100kg 5x5 PB
115 x1 PB
Also took leggiez bar with 130kg off the rack and walked it then put it back.

Bent over rows

Bar x10
60 x6
75kg 5x5 Strictness on last set was starting to fade

Super Sets

Tricep pull downs
35kg 3x10 and close grip at 70kg 9,7,5

Also managed a clean and press at 75kg
» Wiegieboard gets his grunt on. (Go to post)03-06-2011 @ 06:16 
The haircut vidio is class weigie. Properly laughed out loudGrin
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)02-06-2011 @ 20:28 
ALWEBB72 said:squat pbs and deads well done mate going well

Cheers for that.
» My PL training log :) (Go to post)02-06-2011 @ 16:04 
Reevesy said:currently at 430 total, aiming for 517.5 this year with a 217.5 dead, 160 squat and 130 bench, any thoughts or comments?

Target set. Go for it Reevesy. You seem fairly determined.
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)02-06-2011 @ 06:14 
Nice squat pb leggiez. You are looking at 165 170 i rekon bud before you failHappy

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