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» Tuns Training log (Go to post)26-06-2011 @ 07:28 
Post Edited: 26.06.2011 @ 07:38 AM by Tun
Terminator said:just noticed we have pretty much identical Squat/Bench/Deadlift bodyweight dude

Hello... On wed i will be going for a 170 dead. Happy
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)25-06-2011 @ 21:32 
All uperbody (my favorite) tonight Happy Happy Happy
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)25-06-2011 @ 21:13 
ALWEBB72 said:floor to oh 80kg is very nice mate well done

Thanx. I think its only lack of tecnique stopping me doing more.
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)25-06-2011 @ 21:11 
SAT 25.6.11

Super Set

Sit ups 3x20
Preacher Curls 31kg+bar 10,10,10
Tricep pull downs 35kg 10,10,10

Dumbell flys

3x10 @ 25kg each hand
Really like the stretch i get with these.

Also squated with an empty bar x20. Was getting pain in my groin yesterday, just wanted to see what like.
» My PL training log :) (Go to post)25-06-2011 @ 16:10 
Nice 100 for 7 mate Happy
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)25-06-2011 @ 06:16 
Leggiez said:great deadlift , and the overhead work went well , shame about the squatting but your progress has came on so fast in the 3 months we have trained together , im sure with a deload you will fly past those numbers in a few weeks m8 Happy

Well i aint giving up !!!!!! Happy
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)25-06-2011 @ 06:14 
littlemike69 said:nice big weights being shifted there tun, pb's a plenty Grin

Thanx Mike Happy
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)24-06-2011 @ 20:44 
Your Dead lifting was a treat to watch. 217.5kg @ 100kg body weight =Advanced. Well done you Grin
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)24-06-2011 @ 20:35 
FRI 24.6.11

Over Head Press

Bar x15 behind
40kg x10 behind
50kg x5 behind
65kg 5,4,3 front

Push press 72.5kg 2,4
Push press 80kg x1 PB

Floor to overhead 80kg PB


Bar x10
60kg x8
87.5 x5
110 x2
122.5 x4 (failed the 5th)
122.5 x2
122.5 x1 fail

I had nothing left, when i got down i just had no aggression to push tonight.

Dead Lifts

60kg x10
100kg x6
115kg x3
145kg x5 PB
167.5kg x1 PB (came up slowly, didnt stick at all and still good grip)

No accessories tonight, Tottaly shatterd.
» My PL training log :) (Go to post)23-06-2011 @ 15:24 
Wont be long before its 5 plates on the bar bigboi Wink
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)23-06-2011 @ 15:14 
Wiegieboard said:AW f**k aye nice squat PB! It feels like a much bigger accomplishment when it's a right fight! An 8 second long squat makes you look like much more of a badass haha.

Felt like 8 minutes weigie..
» Wiegieboard gets his grunt on. (Go to post)23-06-2011 @ 06:18 
30 x 67.5kg squats. Thats pretty tough work, super effort Happy
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)22-06-2011 @ 20:59 
Leggiez said:I could leave a cup of tea on your back when your bent over rowing Carl !! If only i didnt have "Esmerelda Syndrome" and had your form i would be a happy bunny Wink

Thanx Legz. Lets just clear something up though before you go climbing church towers and swinging on big bells. YOU HAVE A SLIGHT CURVE, NOT A HUMP!!!Grin You are a beast my freind, a beast.
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)22-06-2011 @ 18:04 
Well i have seen without a doubt tonight that a good training partner is a must. I would not have done as well as i did tonight if i had no encouragement, nice 1 mate Wink
» Tuns Training log (Go to post)22-06-2011 @ 17:52 

Bench Press

Bar x15
60kg x10
92.5kg 5x5
100kg x3


Bar x10
60kg x10
90kg x5
120kg 3x5 PB this was the hardest squat session i have ever done.
132.5kg x1 PB an absolute fight!!

Bent over rows

50kg x10
70kg 5x5 happy with strictness still

Super sets

Sit ups 3x20
Preacher curls 31.5kg+bar 3x10

Happy Happy Happy

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