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» Technology of Weightlifting (Go to post)09-04-2013 @ 20:49 
Cheers I enjoyed that
» Strongman Season 2012/13 (Go to post)08-04-2013 @ 17:50 
You've come a long way since the pl comp in sc**thorpe mate, bet you can't get into that squat suit now though.
Well done tbh have no idea what half the stuff in your log means, but I can tell your a beast of a lifter now!
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)26-03-2013 @ 20:03 
Doing sessions us mere mortals can only dream of when your dying.Eek
Your a freak but in a good way keep grafting not long til the worlds now mate.
» MattD's Journal (Go to post)19-03-2013 @ 19:47 
Looking good Matt should have some tasty pbs when you do max in 7 weeks or so, you need to be on the platform for the classic mate.
» Kit for sale! (Go to post)14-03-2013 @ 21:49 
Post Edited: 14.03.2013 @ 21:52 PM by bash69
I'll have them for that mate that seems good to me.
What model is the squat rack is it a power rack just re read and not sure if it is.

Just need to find transport to lincolnshire will I need transit van size vehicle or do you reckon will go in estate if all dismantled.
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)13-03-2013 @ 19:02 
Jabba said:Hi Ash, Didn't realise it was you mate. It was great to meet you. Congrats on the performances by you and your lass!

Cheers big man looking forward to next time we lift/chat together.
» cyber warrior (Go to post)12-03-2013 @ 20:00 
He used to play for grimsby town, decent player for us quite a classy midfielder not overly aggressive though.
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)10-03-2013 @ 21:49 
Well lifted at nth mids mate enjoyed the chat backstage with you jabba,john and millsy. Best of luck for worlds.
» ACTIVATE: BEAST MODE (Go to post)05-03-2013 @ 19:30 
Yeah ill be there fella, forgot about British bench good luck with that too.
» ACTIVATE: BEAST MODE (Go to post)04-03-2013 @ 21:07 
Well lifted Saturday can see your total being significantly more come the classic. That bench was close mate, nice to have afew chats and all the best with your run in. Smash it and enjoy the worlds.
» Ursus GBPF Brit bench record (Go to post)29-09-2012 @ 21:39 
Cheers big man, looking forward to seeing you post some big numbers full power.
Exceptional strength athlete hope to see you lifting at ipf worlds classic, is that a future plan?
» Ursus GBPF Brit bench record (Go to post)29-09-2012 @ 20:27 
ursus said:Thanks a lot my Sugden brothers! exhausted now ,mentally, more than physically ! Really pleased that i got the number that i went there for ,the third lift would have been a bonus but a 2 and a half minute f**kup with a misloaded bar meant i was struggling to get in the zone and those who train with me know i can only lift big when angry and full of adrenaline ,neither did i have on my final lift by the time i got to lift .
Save that lift for next time !

Got to be honest I was loading/spotting and there was a enquiry about the fractional plates. So we unloaded and checked plates with centre ref who verified correct plates and we reloaded.
Had to be sure I suppose with setting another record, sorry for delay and well done today great pressing.
» GBPF Records (Go to post)13-09-2012 @ 20:42 
ursus said:
youve got to remember that we have the toughest judges that there are , no belly bouncing or soft lockouts and the squats have to be deep too. I think the standard is fantastic.

i agree wholeheartedly
» Looking for strength @ 40 Plus (Go to post)10-09-2012 @ 08:26 
Well done les good to see you Saturday.
» Am I squatting high? (Go to post)07-09-2012 @ 20:36 
I think it would get whites off most reds


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