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» 2013 UKSC Midlands Qualifier (Go to post)28-05-2013 @ 20:38 
Here's a few more videos

Jay's DB Press

Waynes Log

Alex's Log
» 2013 UKSC Midlands Qualifier (Go to post)27-05-2013 @ 10:56 
Post Edited: 27.05.2013 @ 16:29 PM by PaulAmor
Truck Pull
Alex 22.63 sec
Ed 22.75
Karl 23.69
Wayne 24.41
Luke 24.47
Jay 24.63

145kg Log Lift (reps from chest)
Ed 9
Jay 6
Alex & Luke 5
Wayne 4
Karl 0

Max Deadlift
Ed & Luke 340kg
Alex 300 (in 2 lifts)
Jay and Wayne 300 (both in 3 lifts)
Karl 280

290kg Frame Squat
Ed 9 reps
Jay 8 reps
Luke 6 reps
Alex 2 reps
Wayne 1 rep
Karl 0 reps

85kg Dumbell Press (reps from the floor)
Alex 8 reps
Jay 6 reps
Luke 4 reps
Wayne & Karl 4 reps
Ed 1 rep (though ed did press it 10 times only one was from the floor)

Ed 23.5
Alex 22.5
Luke 19
Jay 18.5
Wayne 12
Karl 7.5

For the Midlands Qualifier (Ed and Alex's scores removed)
Jay 15.5pts
Luke 15
Wayne 11
Karl 6.5
» Elite strongman Midlands & south qualifier (Go to post)08-05-2013 @ 17:54 
Top 6 I believe.

And here's me snapping both triceps on the log
» Elite strongman Midlands & south qualifier (Go to post)01-05-2013 @ 20:50 
redsolo said:
Who did he come second to paul amor haha. Joking aside im Not trying to get out of doin the event but just my opinion is it naturally going to favour the beasts that are way heaveir than the majority of the competion. I have never done an arm over arm so either way its gonna be a first go at it for me.

Nope, Mikey beat me!!

Got alot more abuse from him after that LOLTongue

Remember Adam Townsend beating Cuddles at Englands 5-6 years ago too.
» Arnold Brazil (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 19:56 
Apollon's axle was meant to be another event (clean and press)
Don't know why it was dropped

Thor was penalised for a slide on the yoke. He was ahead of Shaw and finished it 1st, but Shaw complained. It looks like he dropped to 3rd in that event due to the penalty. Otherwise he'd have won that event, and the contest.

Overall Pts
Shaw 15 (2 events wins)
Thor 15
Radz 13
» Midlands Strongest Man U90 2013 (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 15:16 
Sandbag carry
Sam 13.22 sec
Tommy 14.69 sec
Eric 17.38 sec
» Midlands Strongest Man U90 2013 (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 14:50 
Sam 59.75sec
will 51
Ollie 47.78
» Midlands Strongest Man U90 2013 (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 13:56 
Farmers yoke medley
Tommy 15.83sec
Eric 17.13
Stuart 17.44
» Midlands Strongest Man U90 2013 (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 13:22 
Max Deadlift
Eric 305kg
Sam 280kg
Tommy & Stuart 270kg
» Midlands Strongest Man U90 2013 (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 12:36 
Axle press
Tommy 12
Eric 11
Sam 10
» Midlands Strongest Man U90 2013 (Go to post)26-04-2013 @ 20:46 
EDCLARKE said:And will the scales be at the gym before 10 , so if I turn up at 9.30 I can get an idea of how much I've sweated off

I'm leaving Rugby just before 9am so I should be there around 9:30-45. No weighs taken early will be official though.
» 2013 UKSC Midlands Qualifier (Go to post)08-04-2013 @ 20:15 
JC said:Shame we wont get to see the big guys running round...athletic & strong as an ox is always a great mix

Dave doesn't do moving events, just heavy and heavier! Really looking forwards to this and at the same time dreading it (bad events for me). And the line up is looking awesome :-)
» Britains Strongest Man U90 2012 (Go to post)10-11-2012 @ 17:21 
See you all there too, looking forwards to a play on the bouncy castle :-)

Good luck to all.
» WSM 2012 updates/results (Go to post)25-09-2012 @ 18:57 
From Marunde

"Viking Press - ATVs set on the apparatus. Very low pick, some of the competitors had trouble just picking it.
Kurek 3
Nagy 4
Jenkins 6
Thor 7
Best 0
Hall 8 - strict press! Just no leg drive whatsoever, and he had one disallowed for not coming below his ears. Very impressive"

Guess that was to prove a point to all the doubters!!!!
» Elite strongman Britains final qualifier for 2013 Arnolds (Go to post)06-09-2012 @ 19:32 
Post Edited: 06.09.2012 @ 22:04 PM by PaulAmor
elitestrongman said:Just had phone call confriming that the production team will be fliming this event, at present their have had little luck with TV channels, put at worse there will be a DVD or Net.

Hotel is booked, in the lovely seaside resort of Seaton Carew!!


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