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» Leggiez training log (Go to post)19-07-2014 @ 20:11 
My logging has seriously became low priority recently , really really need to get this bad habit sorted.

Recent work includes....

Squatting up to 215kg x 1 , 190kg x 5 , 140kg x 10.
Dumbell Press up to 81.5kg
Strict Press up to 100kg x 2
Bench Press up to 140kg x 5
Sledge Drag up to 150kg x 24
Deadlift up to 140kg x 5 * think i have a tear in my lat , any more weight than this and it causes too much pain ... so avoiding rows , log cleans and deads for now , and had to pull out of the British u105kg final.
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)05-07-2014 @ 10:34 
WED 2.7.14

Bench Press
1x10 @ 20kg
1x10 @ 40kg
1x10 @60kg
1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @100kg
1x5 @ 110kg
1x5 @ 120kg
1x5 @ 130kg
1x15 @ 82.5kg
1x30 @ 60kg
1x30 @ 50kg

1x10 @ 20kg
1x10 @ 40kg
5x10 @60kg

20km on bike

THU 3.7.14

1x10 @ 20kg
1x10 @ 40kg
5x10 @52.5kg

Bent Over Rows
5x10 @ 50kg

FRI 4.7.14

Log Clean and Press
1x10 @ 40kg
1x5 @ 60kg (lats/lower back = OOOOF)
1x5 @ 70kg
1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 90kg
1x5 @ 100kg (pushpress,felt crap)
1x5 @ 100kg (strict,better form)
1x5 @ 100kg (press is fine , cleans are painful atm)


DB work , flys on machine etc etc ...

Hopefully next week get back into some heavier stuff , for now my lower back , where lats would tie into back is very unhelpful and complains at any opportunity i give it !
» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 22:32 
Squat beast Happy Awesome m8.
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)01-07-2014 @ 11:27 
Cheers Neil , Jamie Happy
The plan now is light stuff this week and heal up , and then next week try some of the BSM events and see where i am.Lower back is still in bits , and the old intercostal injury seems to have been aggravated but i wont bother testing that for now.The rhomboid seems good though , the sports massage on Friday must have helped with that.

MON 30.6.14

Strict Press
1x10 @ 20kg
1x10 @ 40kg
1x10 @ 50kg
1x10 @ 60kg
1x10 @ 70kg
3x5 @ 80kg

20.5km in 39mins (easy pace,trying to sit at 35km per hr and get good blood flow)

light db work , fly machine etc etc

TUE 1.7.14

1x10 @ 20kg (aargh save me)
1x5 @ 40kg (lower back is soooo tight!)
4x5 @50kg (1st rep is so tight , eases up slightly every rep)
1x10 @ 50kg (last rep easier than 1st)

Strict Press
1x10 @20kg
1x10 @ 30kg
5x15 @ 37.5kg (training a friend , just pressing his weights for some blood flow)
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)29-06-2014 @ 21:31 
SAT 28.6.14

Scotland's Strongest Man under 105kg 2014

Event 1 - Max axle
fail 142.5kg
2nd place

Event 2 - Cylinder carry and load
130kg all loaded
140kg carried to platform but failed to load
5th equal?

Event 3 - Silver Dollar Deadlift for max
fail 380kg
joint 1st

Event 4 - 150kg Shield Carry for 30m
5th place?

Event 5 - 300kg frame hold for max time
1st place

Event 6 - 130kg 150kg 175kg atlas stones , arnolds style
failed the 175kg on the lip (if it went over i was Scottish champion)
150kg for 3/4 reps?
unsure of position (mid pack)

Overall 3rd place out of 18.

Cracking day and some amazing efforts from all.
My preparation had been pretty much ideal right up until weighin.Made weight no problem (103.9kg) , went for breakfast with my friend and fellow competitor John Pollock and then left him to return to my hotel room and opening a fire door i somehow managed to aggravate an old knot in my rhomboid that caused me a lot of grief last year , which decided to lock up my entire upper back and neck to such an extent i couldnt rotate my neck to the right at all!
I tried all the usual stuff like manipulation from my other half , deep heat , cold , massage seat etc but nothing would cure the spasm so we hunted down a sports physiotherapist in Kilmarnock and luckily she could fit in a walk-in appointment !!!
Her 30 minute estimate to sort it turned into a 90 minute marathon session on her bed and i came out a broken man haha.
I was told to ice it every 15 minutes for the rest of the night , and ice it after every event the next day. I had been given declafenec for the inflammation , which i discovered around midnight was not a painkiller which agrees with me , and caused me to spend the next hour on and off the bloody toilet.Next morning my stomach was still in bits , and i was not fit for any breakfast (half a croissant and a half bowel of cereal was all i could get down!!) , perfect preparation for a competition was now blown out of the water haha.
Axle was 1st event , i had been hitting 135kg regularly in training so that was the goal , i managed to sneak in a 140kg axle which got me 2nd place , happy with that and a good start.
I tried to get in some calories at this point as i really felt below par already , and a gel and some lucozade seemed to help a little ...
Event 2 was the cylinder carry , an event i had been doing well with in training.The 1st 2 cylinders went up no problem , on the 3rd i could feel my right shoulder pulling a bit and it scared me a little. I picked up the 4th and it felt okay , but when i got to the platform and started the loading movement it was really pulling tight and i was scared it was going to tear so i dropped the weight and tried to take a second to recompose, but i had very little energy left and knew it wasnt going to happen so i abandoned the attempt.
Event 3 was the silver dollar deadlift , the event i had torn intercostals with last year that kept me out of the Europeans! I had trained this event only 3x in 12 months because of this , but i knew i was good for a reasonable number as it had been going well. 270-310 went up no problems ,but the knot went really tight after 310kg and scared me a bit. But after the 330kg attempt it seemed to pull it out and i didnt feel it for all the other attempts. 370kg gave me a 3 way tie for 1st place.I did try a 380kg but it felt a bridge to far with the intercostal so i bailed.
Event 4 was shield carry for around 30m. Everyone was posting similar times around the 8-11 seconds. I was given a time of 8.4 which was good enough for 5th place? the winning time was something like 8.2 so it was a very very tough event to split the guys with.
Event 5 was the 300kg frame hold for time.Andy Cairney was saying to the guys that 30 seconds would be a good time for the hold , and many guys were getting around the 30 second mark , and someone got near 35 secs before i went head to head with Dhanni Moar in the second last pairing.Anyways Dhannis grip gave out around the 25 second mark and i tried not to make the mistake i seen some other pairings make and relax because you had won your head to head and i pushed on for a time that would make the last pair really work if they wanted the win. I managed to hold until 46 seconds until i felt my grip start to go on the left side and i put it down at that point.The last pairing tried so hard but both fell short so i got my 2nd event win of the day.
Event 6 was the atlas stones , and i went into the event with a 2.5 point lead.Stones in training had been going really really well , i had hit 6 reps at 175kg to 45" and as it turned out i only needed 1 rep at 42" to retain the title.But my lower back was absolutely pumped by this point , and i had absolutely nothing left. I managed to lap the 175kg stone after my initial attempt to grip it failed and my abs cramped up massively, but i knew 1 rep was all it would take so i pulled through that. i stood up , tried to load it over the yoke and my legs just gave way and i fell sideways with the stone teetering on the top of the yoke !!! It fell back onto my side and i knew there was no chance i could lap it again with cramped abs. I tried to load the 150kg stone for reps instead but even after 1 rep i knew i was running on fumes , so my title challenge was over . I dropped big points on this my favourite event and ended up in 3rd place overall.
an amazing competition and some great consistent performances from the top 4 guys especially , and some great one off performances from the other guys in the 18 man field .

Thanks to Scott for making the video for me.
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)20-05-2014 @ 16:30 
MON 19.5.14

Axle BTN Press
1x5 @ 40kg
1x5 @ 60kg
1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 90kg
1x5 @ 100kg
1x1 @ 110kg
1x1 @ 117.5kg

Atlas Stones to 51"
1x5 @ 64kg
1x3 @ 82kg
1x3 @ 100kg
1x3 @ 120kg
1x3 @ 132kg
1x1 @ 145kg
1x1 @ 160kg
1x6 @ 175kg (45")
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)16-05-2014 @ 22:40 
FRI 16.5.14

1x5 @ 40kg
1x5 @ 60kg
1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 95kg
1x1 @ 105kg
1x1 @ 115kg
1x1 @ 125kg
1x1 @ 135kg
4x1 @ 145kg (1 fail clean , 3 good clean only)

DOH Axle Deadlift
1x5 @ 145kg (seen as it was loaded)

Farmers Pickup and Hold
1x10sec @ 75kg per hand
1x10sec @ 115kg per hand
1x max time @ 150kg per hand (happy with this , only put it down as we didnt have the frame on tonight and was scared if i went longer i might hurt myself if it slipped)
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)14-05-2014 @ 21:29 
Terminator said:Awesome deadlifts and pressing Happy

Cheers Jman,appreciated.

Your training has been going quite well yourself , even though i don't comment much i always pop into your log still to see how your coming along Happy
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)14-05-2014 @ 21:13 
MON 12.5.14

Axle Press
1x10 @ 40kg
1x5 @ 60kg
1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 90kg
1x3 @ 100kg
1x3 @ 110kg
1x2 @ 120kg (right arm grumbling)
1xf @ 130kg (tricep didnt want to play ball)

1x5 @ 60kg
1x5 @ 100kg
2x5 @ 140kg
1x10 @ 140kg

WED 14.5.14

1x5 @ 60kg
1x5 @ 100kg
1x5 @ 140kg
1x5 @ 180kg
1x3 @ 200kg
1x3 @ 220kg
1x1 @ 240kg
1x1 @ 260kg
1x1 @ 280kg
1x1 @ 305kg (felt really good)
1x1 @ 312.5kg PB (i actually pulled this badly , away from my legs but still got the lift locked without much fuss , pretty sure there is a 320kg pull there atm if i didnt do the 305 first and kept the bar nearer my legs)

Loading Medley
2x75kg,100kg,125kg barrel (15m run in)

» Scotland's Strongest Man 2014 Qualifiler & Final (Go to post)10-05-2014 @ 16:53 
Wow Happy Congratulations Luke.
» 2013- IT'S TIME TO GET IT ON! and other such motivational mantra. (Go to post)10-05-2014 @ 16:53 
shortandmighty said:
Cheers. Not really sure, I might but I've got a bit of stuff to do because I'm away working next Sunday for a week so I've got stuff to sort out.

AAh. Well i will be down to watch , if am sober enough come morning Roll-Eyes Darts night tonight in town , so could get a bit messy !
» 2013- IT'S TIME TO GET IT ON! and other such motivational mantra. (Go to post)10-05-2014 @ 16:47 
180 for 10 is solid work Dave .

Are you heading down to watch the blue light competition tomorrow ?
» Scotland's Strongest Man 2014 Qualifiler & Final (Go to post)10-05-2014 @ 16:25 
Hutton won the deadlift so its all to play for on the stones it seems Happy
» Scotland's Strongest Man 2014 Qualifiler & Final (Go to post)10-05-2014 @ 15:08 
Any updates ?

I seen on facebook Stephen Cherrie had won the car flip and yoke events but thats all i have seen so far ...
» Leggiez training log (Go to post)10-05-2014 @ 15:06 
Rober_A_Hunter said:well done with the pb on the axle press Happy good to see the hard work is paying off!

Cheers Robert Happy Enjoying all the press work tbh , at least its pain free!!

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