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» Rob Palmer's Road to 900 (Go to post)09-09-2011 @ 18:29 
robpalmer1 said:In the middle of my deload week did a bench session to see if the mojo was really back or if it was just a fluke the other day!
The mojo is back in full effect

Sick lifts man! Isn't 170 Tom Martins new bench PB?! You should rename the video Rob Palmer benches Tom Martins PB x5 part
» Rob Palmer's Road to 900 (Go to post)26-08-2011 @ 00:07 
robpalmer1 said:Yesterdays Training
Incline BB Press 1x5@130 1x4 @ 137.5
DB Shoulder Press (Standing) 2x5@40kg
Paused Box Squat Tekkers!! 3x3@145 (Stood on eleiko 10kg discs for this today, felt good going a touch deeper to the box)
Deadlift tekkers suit bottoms and belt 3x1@250 (not bad 2nd 2 reps better than the first)
Pulldowns 3x5
Face Pulls 2x12

Nice Session Big Man! Get the scram into you and you will hit 93 in no time! I will help you get fat......its what im good at!
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