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» Raw squats or raw anything else for that matter (Go to post)22-12-2012 @ 20:01 
davidhowarth said:
No it is not the same. one is called powerlifting.......
a belt and knee wraps worn by a weightlifter is not the same has a powerlifters belt and knee wraps.

Serious? You wanna split hairs over the difference between belts?
The point still remains the same though, weightlifter A can use "a belt" and "knee wraps" where as weightlifter B does not use either and both their totals are still held in same capacity. Is that not the case ? Please explain if I am wrong?
Now you are telling me this is very much different because a powerlifters belt and knee wraps are not the same?
So in essence if I only wore a "weightlifters" belt and weightlifters "knee wraps" that would be the same as squatting without either of them on?
Or are we gonna add another category to the stupid raw debate
Weightlifting raw
Powerlifting raw
Strongman raw

If you don't wanna use a belt that's up to you (I deadlift without one a lot) if you don't wanna use knee wraps that's up to you, if you don't wanna use straps that's up to you.
The whole thing is a farce, if someone puts a deadlift video up with no suit and pulls 800+ lb for reps with straps on for me that's not a raw lift but first thing I don't feel the need to say is bla bla straps no first thing i say is f**k thats incredible deadlifting.
If rhino squats 900lb in belt and wraps only I don't say bla bla monolift I think f**k that's incredible lifting
To much over analysis of trvial stuff and not enough big lifting going on

Picture the scene we are backstage at the Olympic weightlifting, weightlifter A has just clean and jerked 240kg and weightlifter B puts on his knee wraps and belt (which are nothing like a powerlifters) and clean and jerks you think weightlifter A goes over and calls him a cheating bas***d and that he lifted the most "raw" so he demands that there is different factions of weightlifting and starts a campaign for raw and equipped weightlifting?
RAW is anything up to equipment and from then on its equipped stop splitting hairs and go break some PBs
» Raw squats or raw anything else for that matter (Go to post)22-12-2012 @ 14:01 
Post Edited: 22.12.2012 @ 14:06 PM by robocop
davidhowarth said:Chris and Jordan I see what is being said but dont think you can match the two up.

raw is a mess made by powerlifters so the weigtlifting thing of saying they where knee wraps and belts is not the same.

well actualy it is the same
people are saying raw is no belt and no wraps but weightlifter A can lift against weightlifter B one can have a belt on and knee wraps and other can have nothing
so why does weightlifting (which powerliftings origins are from) not feel the need to class these lifts as different?

if someone does not want to use anything whilst lifting thats fair enough but IMO, no suits on is a raw lift, lifting with suits on is equipped.

when i did strongman in Scotland we had a guy who used to go round saying that all belts, suits and even neoprenes should be banned, he used to show up in a pair of boots and a sweatpants......and spent most of the year injured.
For me a belt is not an aid its protection from injury
» Your 2012 in Review (Go to post)17-12-2012 @ 13:01 
Post Edited: 17.12.2012 @ 13:02 PM by robocop
ben66 said:
That's quite a year! Well done Happy

Thanks very much sir
Can I also mention howproud i was to be involved in some amazing strongman comps this year as well, we promoted Scotland's under 105s again along with Scotland's strongest team and both comps where well received
I also MCed some fantastic comps as well, the highlight being the very slick and exciting Scotland's strongest man and Scottish open. I missed doing the mic at the British 105s cause of work and was gutted about that but I have really enjoyed my involvement in strongman this year much safer watching Grin
» Your 2012 in Review (Go to post)17-12-2012 @ 12:28 
2012 was the year I decided to stick with powerlifting and accept my motivation was not there for strongman any more

Scottish powerlifting champs - won my class 140kg, won best overall lifter, hit pb in squat and deadlift 340/ 332.5 pulled sumo for a bet and had fun doing it

British championships - won my class 140kg, hit elite numbers for first time, won best open lifter, won best overall lifter, hit pb in squat 370 pb in deadlift 335

BodyPower push pull - won my class by default (only guy) opened at my highest bench and deadlift and got pb in deadlift 340kg

World Powerlufting championships - won my class 140kg, came second for best overall lifter of tournament, broke all time British total and hit PBs in squat 390, bench 247.5 and deadlift 345 also as captain team GB won gold in best team

Won best squat if the year shield, best deadlift of the year shield, and lifter of the year

I have been rewarded with my hard effort in gym with some good fortune and an injury free year

Just missed 400kg squat and 250 bench a few times and i got a lot more in deadlift, just grip has given me problems a few times this year
next year I want 420 squat 260 bench and 370 deadlift to brake all time European total
» Andy Bolton and Terry hollands (Go to post)02-12-2012 @ 19:43 
Do any of you guys remember when sudgden was the best strength forum on the Internet and it was a pleasure to exchange views with some of the strongest guys in the world?
Now it is just a graveyard filled with idiots, filling the place full of terrible threads, posting absolute rubbish, and use it as an outlet to compensate for their own inability to do anything close to the achievements of the individuals they criticise behind the safety of their keyboard.
just like SDF before it, a forum is victim to its own success, growth in popularity equals a larger contingent of members who inevitably lower the quality of subject matter, this causes people who joined for the forums intended purpose to no longer paticipate.

aspiring strength enthusiasts should be thankful that modern technology allows them to have the ability to converse with people who could give them information and motivation to improve their own ability, yet they find it a more useful resource to criticise and post derogative pointless drivel
» Not allowed to lift in BPO ??? (Go to post)24-11-2012 @ 22:39 
Rico said:
On a different note Andy, had the shop moved?

Yes my good friend old address is 251 Dumbarton road we have now moved to the bigger location of 378 Dumbarton road 2 blocks away
» Not allowed to lift in BPO ??? (Go to post)24-11-2012 @ 22:12 
Wes for what it's worth I am confident I can speak on behalf of the BPO and say you would be more than welcome to lift and you lifting under any other federation drug tested or non would not be as issue
I hope you get similar treatment fom whatever federation you chose to lift raw with
» Not allowed to lift in BPO ??? (Go to post)24-11-2012 @ 17:11 
Steve said:
What's the story regarding the BPO records? Many of the British Records are very significantly higher than the relatively modest (in many cases) World Records.

Steve can you give me an example of this?
and whilst your at it could you tell me what your interest is in BPO and WFP records? i take it you lift or intend to lift in these feds?
» Not allowed to lift in BPO ??? (Go to post)24-11-2012 @ 17:08 
there was as falling out at the annual agm for the WPF in bath back in 2010 and one person spat the dummy as a motion he forwarded was unanimously rejected. proceded to leave the AMG and behind the scenes spent the next 2 years starting a brekaway fed with same name and asked a rather nice gent called marcus to start a new british fed called BPF to affiliate with his "new" WPF
so its kinda all a mess and not doing powerlifting any good what so ever.

if you cross reference both comps you will see the original had a far higher number of lifters and far higher level of lifting but either way the WPF is weakened by the whole thing
» Not allowed to lift in BPO ??? (Go to post)24-11-2012 @ 13:43 
Post Edited: 24.11.2012 @ 13:48 PM by robocop
can i add my 2 pence to add some clarity

BPO it a non drug tested fed, but i can assure you many a lifter lifts in this fed drug free.
Also to lift in a non drug testd fed you dont need to have been banned from a drug tested fed
The BPO have been around since the early 90s, pretty much same time as GBDFPA and are a single ply fed.
They have links with EPC in europe and WPF in world level
They use both mono lift and squat racks, the rule book states that the definition of a good squat is hip crease below knee, there is world records that still stand from the 90s from lifters such as ed coan, andy bolton, Scott Cartwrite, Lance Karabell and so on.
so there is no 7inch squats and not every lift is a WR like some ignorant trolling c**t suggested.
IMO they have a good balance between all the variables in modern powerlifting, its a great bunch of lifters that support each other and try to keep it about lifting and enjoying your lifting rather than politics.
its a shame that a drug free fed wont let you lift as i can see your logic.
» Andy Bolton & Dave Carter Deadlifting (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 00:16 
JohnGym said:Ive just read it.

Even some people from this forum are commenting saying what a c**t I am. WTF?

I commented on andy's post before I knew it was on sugden, he did not mention what forum, he just referenced your first post so when you read that you can see why people would agree with him tbf
» Who Has Been to Las Vegas and Where Did You Stay? (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 00:09 
My fave to stay at was the trump right beside fashion show mall, place there called strip burger outside resteraunt proper amazing burger, the trump had the best rooms, every bathroom had a massive hot tub and the bathroom mirror turned into a tv
The other benifit was trump has no casino so you don't have to trape through a big smoky casino to get to your room at night.
Stayed at the vadara last time which is the new bit of balagio was stunning but it was a pain to get onto the strip from it
There is a great wee place 2 min from strip right behind Paris called Tuscany suites that you can pick up a room for like 15 quid a night big massive room and spotless
If you are going to Vegas go and see some shows they are fantastic cris angel is good and terry fator, most casinos will give you free drink if you are gambling if you give the waitresses tips they will come back more often
Fremont street is the kinda Blackpool of Vegas a bit cheap but good fun
don't go and see the grand canyon unless you really wanna see it as its a long day by any other transportation other than helicopter and that cost a f**king fortune and they won't let you take pictures on sky bridge
Best breakfast is the Wynn amazing food
And last you need to go to the gun store you can fire any gun in the world they ave ww2 guns bazookas, ak47 loved it pump action shotgun is something else
» Question for yee expereince sugdeners (Go to post)24-10-2012 @ 10:16 
Shane I don't really know you so maybe I could offer some 3rd party advice as I feel I am gonna say what some of ther other guys on here are thinking but are too nice to say.
Not trying to offend and if I get a sudgden backlash so be it
You have been done up like a kipper by some proper sneaky cow, who obviously thinks the best place for you at the flat would be on your arse at the front door so she can walk over you like the door mat she is taking you for.
There is no point telling you to "make her life a misery" as if that was in your nature she would have never got you to pay 80% of the deposit and the first months rent up front, knowing full well she had this other guy on the horizon about to play happy families in the flat you will be paying for?
But trust me you moving in there would be the worst thing you can do, if you don't move in you lose your money and prob f**k up your credit rating, but if you move in your life is gonna be a misery and you will enevitably leave anyway thus f**king up credit history as no doubt the horrible cow will prob not be able to pay rent when you leave. So you are just delaying the enevitable.
I would tell the cow to f**k off, take the hit with the money and accept your credit rating has been f**ked since the day you singed papers with her.
Money comes and goes and your credit rating clears after 4 years but the pride you will lose moving in to a flat with some cow who is using you to pay her rent whilst another guy bangs her will last a life time
» Efferding squats 410kg with ease (Go to post)07-10-2012 @ 22:18 
Great display of strength yes, was it a legitimate squat no
That simple
Stan is an incredible lifter but looks like mark bells influence has rubbed off on him
» WSM 2012 updates/results (Go to post)02-10-2012 @ 14:56 
Post Edited: 02.10.2012 @ 14:56 PM by robocop
i love big Z, i went to sleep in my big Z bed sheets last night looked up at my signed big Z picture and worked on my lithuanian accent saying such legendary statments as "this is my best event" "that was heavy" and "I like deadlift".
i tipped jenkins cause i thought if i picked Z i was doing it out of sentiment!! Never been so happy to have been wrong in my whole life

WSM 2002 - 2nd
WSM 2003 - 2nd
WSM 2004 - 2nd
2005 ifsa worlds - 1st
2006 ifsa worlds - 1st
2007 ifsa worlds - 3rd
WSM 2009 - 1st
WSM 2010 - 1st
WSM 2011 - 2nd
WSM 2012 - 1st

in the last decad only pudz, misha, shaw and vassile have beaten him at the main strongman comp of the year

for me the greatest ever

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