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» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)06-06-2013 @ 12:33 
Event 6 Silver Dollar Assending weight

Martin Bundy and Craig out through injury

Ozi 270kg 22.1 sec 4pts
Leon 270kg 6.9 sec 5pts
Ian 270kg 5.2 sec 6pts
Lee 290kg 16.6 sec 7pts
Larry 290kg 9.9 sec 8pts
Lewis 290kg 8.3 sec 9pts
Shaun 290kg 6 sec 10pts
David 310kg 18.2 sec 11pts
Benvie 310kg 12.7 sec 12pts
Dhanni 330kg 18.2 sec 13pts
John 330kg 14 sec 14pts
Stuart 350kg 24.9 sec 15pts
Leggies 350kg 19.3 sec 16pts
Junior 370kg 32 sec 17pts
Nick 390kg 36.2 sec 18pts
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)06-06-2013 @ 12:24 
Post Edited: 06.06.2013 @ 12:27 PM by robocop
Event 5 Sand Bag Carry and Drag
Martin and bundy out through injury

Craig 0pts
Leon 9.52m 4pts
Lee 17.5m 5pts
David 60.2 sec 6pts
Benvie 59.5 sec 7pts
Junior 53.4 sec 8pts
John 53.2 sec 9pts
Ozi 49.6 sec 10pts
Shaun 47.3 sec 11pts
Stuart 43.9 sec 12pts
Ian 41 sec 13pts
Nick 35.7 sec 14pts
Larry 32.8 sec 15pts
Dhanni 29.7 sec 16pts
Lewis 29 secs 17pts
Leggies 28.2 secs 18pts
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)06-06-2013 @ 12:18 
Event 4 Farmers Medley

Martin - injured
Leon 120kg 8.54m 2pts
Bundy 120kg 10.9 sec (injured) 3pts
Junior 140kg 2.65m 4pts
David 140kg 4.95m 5pts
Benvie 140kg 7.92m 6pts
Shaun 140kg 56.9 sec 7pts
Ozi 140kg 47 secs 8pts
Ian 140kg 42.2 secs 9pts
Larry 320kg frame 0.23m 10pts
Dhanni 320kg frame 5.14m 11pts
Lewis 320kg frame 6.55m 12pts
Craig 320kg frame 75 sec 13pts
Lee 320kg frame 62.2 sec 14pts
Nick 320kg frame 55.9 sec 15pts
Stuart 320kg frame 55.5 sec 16pts
John 320kg frame 40 secs 17pts
Leggies 320kg frame 39.4 sec 18pts
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)06-06-2013 @ 12:09 
Event 3 Super Yoke for max weight

Shaun 285kg 1.40m 1pts
Martin 285kg 1.41m 2pts
David 305kg 2.95m 3pts
Ozi 325kg 2.28m 4pts
Leon 325kg 3.36m 5pts
Larry 325kg 8.30m 6pts
Ian 345kg 9.55m 7pts
Craig 365kg 0.10m 8pts
Dhanni 365kg 2.20m 9pts
Lee 365kg 3.75m 10pts
Bundy 365kg 6.87m 11pts
Lewis 365kg 7.80m 12pts
Nick 385kg 3.03m 13pts
Junior 405kg - 14pts
Stuart 405kg 0.41m 15pts
Leggies 405kg 8.26m 16pts
Benvie 405kg 9.23m 17pts
John 405kg 9.41m 18pts
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)06-06-2013 @ 11:57 
Event 2 Dumbell Medley

Ian 2 dumbells in 16.09 secs 1pts
lewis 3 dumbells in 15.7 secs 2pts
Junior 4 dumbells in 48 secs 3pts
David 4 dumbells in 44.6 secs 4pts
Martin 4 dumbells in 30.3 secs 5pts
John 4 dumbells in 29.3 secs 6pts
Larry 5 dumbells in 81.4 secs 7pts
Bundy 5 dumbells in 68.6 secs 8pts
Ozi 5 dumbells in 67.9 secs 9pts
Dhanni 5 dumbells in 52.8 secs 10pts
Benvie 5 dumbells in 48.7 secs 11pts
Stuart 5 dumbells in 44.6 secs 12pts
Craig 5 dumbells in 40.8 secs 13pts
Leon 5 dumbells in 36.5 secs 14pts
Lee 5 dumbells in 35.5 secs 15pts
Leggies 5 dumbells in 35.4 secs 16pts
Shaun 5 dumbells in 35.3 secs 17pts
Nick 6 dumbells in 43.5 secs 18pts
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)06-06-2013 @ 11:41 
here is the scores from sunday

Event 1 Conan's Wheel assending weight

Martin 4pts 3/4 turn
lewis 4pts 3/4 turn
Benvie 4pts 3/4 turn
Bundy 4pts 3/4 turn
Nick 4pts 3/4 turn
Leon 4pts 3/4 turn
Lee 4pts 3/4 turn
Ian 8pts 3/4 turn + 1.2m
Leggies 9pts 3/4 turn + 2.25m
Shawn 10pts 3/4 turn + 5.7m
Craig 11pts 90 secs
Stuart 12pts 74.3 secs
Ozi 13pt 73.9 secs
David 14pts 71.06 secs
Junior 15ts 57.3 secs
Larry 16pts 56.1 secs
John 17pts 51.01 secs
Dhanni 18pts 47.07 secs
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)04-06-2013 @ 19:40 
Alright guys just spent a good hour going ove the points with a fine tooth comb and there was one tiny mistake Larry wood placed 6th ahead of junior with 1 point I shall post the complete points up shortly
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)03-06-2013 @ 12:33 
well done everyone crazy high standard
haviest conan's ever used in scotland, final quarter was between 350 and 400kg!
biggest dumbell ever used in scotland 78inch which nick looked good for reps with!
athletes got up to 900lb in the super yoke!
120kg 140kg farmers and 320kg frame in the one medley!
and guys got from 270kg to 390kg in the silver dollar deadlift!

top placings where
danni (best new comer)
larry wood

18 athletes, took a while to do super yoke but rest of events where quite fast, great sunny day for it crowd where big and vocal, crew worked hard, and athletes took the comp to a new level this year
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)20-05-2013 @ 19:33 
nick said:Thanks Andy sounds fair. Snatches allowed on the dumbells?
Martin bunyan to win the crowd challenge !

O ye whats the weather forecast looking like?

I will leave snatches up to reff maybe the guys at rules can have a vote
To early to have an acurate weather report but I hope it's as nice as it is today
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)20-05-2013 @ 18:37 
Post Edited: 20.05.2013 @ 18:40 PM by robocop
Event running order and rules for Scotland's strongest man under 105kg

Event running order
1 Conan's wheel
2 dumbell medley 
3 super yoke
Break, crowd challenge
4 farmers 
5 sand bag carry and drag
6 silver dollar deadlift 

1 Conan's wheel increasing weight 
Athlete must pick up and carry Conan's to quarter turn position and load more weight, then load half turn position, and again at three quarter position then cross finishing line.
If Conan's is taken further than markers without additional weight loaded athlete must take Conan's back. 
Time limit of 75secs to finish full revolution 
If revolution is not finished distance will be measured 
Multiple pick ups allowed
No resting on belt 

2 Giant dumbbell Medley 
Athlete must lift and press each dumbell overhead and wait for down signal from referee before moving onto next dumbbell
Time will be taken when all dumbells are pressed
If all dumbbells are not pressed in the time limit, time will be taken from last pressed dumbbell
time limit of 75secs 
Dumbbells can be lifted to shoulder height with both arms but must be pressed overhead with single arm
Dumbbells are 45kg 50kg 55kg 60kg 64kg 78kg  

3 Super Yoke for max weight
Athletes must carry super yoke 12 meters from start line to finish line, yoke must only break finish line. They will then move on to next weight and this will continue until there is a winner
Athletes are allowed 1 drop per round, more than 1 drop and they will be eliminated 
Distance will be measured at heaviest weight carried to split points
Athletes will have 10 seconds to re lift yoke after yoke has been dropped, failure to lift within 10 secs will cause elimination and distance will be measured from drop
It is last man standing and every athlete must take all weights
Opening weight is 280kg

4 farmers medley 
Athletes must take all 3 farmers implements over the 12m distance within 75sec 
Multiple drops allowed 
They must be carried in the correct order
No straps 
No tacky
First implement is 120kg low pick up farmers
Second 140kg high pickup farmers 
Third 320kg frame 

5 Sand bag carry and drag
Athletes must pick up 150kg sand bag from stand, carry 15m down, turn and bring it back for 30 meter total distance, after distance is covered sand bag will be dropped and athlete can continue on to 200kg drag for 15m 
75sec time limit
If sand back is dropped athlete can re lift
If carry is not finished distance will be measured
If drag if not finished distance will be measured

6 Silver Dollar  Deadlift increasing weight 
Straps and suits allowed 
Opening weight will be 270kg, after athlete gets a good lift signal they will return the implement to the ground in a controlled manor and more weight will be added.
Time will be taken for all lifts completed, failure to lift all weights a time will be taken from final good lift
Lifts will be 270kg, 290kg, 310kg, 330kg, 350kg, 370kg, 390kg, 410kg

Hope that helps with any questions 
Stuart will go through the rules with competitors 1 hour before competition starts
Referees have final say in rules and can change anything they are not happy with, this will be done at the rules briefing at 12pm 

I want to wish all the guys the best of luck and may best man win and be crowned Scotland's Strongest Man under 105kg 2013

» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)20-05-2013 @ 18:37 
nick said:Andy, I'm driving down to Glasgow first thing on the Saturday to drop my brother off at airport, do u know of any local saunas that you can buy a day pass for?

Nick sorry for late reply there is a good sauna at Scotstoun leisure center that is open fom 7am on a sat
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)08-05-2013 @ 10:22 
Also if there is any one wanting to use any of the kit please let me know
I am at body power next weekend the following weeken I am at NABBA British and MCing a comp in Ayrshire so I won't be at the gym at all over the next couple of weekends but if someone wants to come down during the week I will try to accommodate them
» Scotland's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2013 (Go to post)08-05-2013 @ 10:16 
Hello guys sorry I don't come on as much as I should, so sorry for wait on questions, the silver dollar deadlift is for increasing weight not max, so every lift the more weight gets thrown in to skips
I hope you are all are training hard and I have taken note of all guys wanting to lift
See you all on the second of June
If you need questions answered please message me on FB as I am on that more regular
» knee surgery advice (Go to post)20-02-2013 @ 00:21 
Knee surgery is not fun, double knee surgery that really ruins your weekend
» who is britains greatest historical figure? (Go to post)17-02-2013 @ 00:07 
James logie Baird
Alexander graham bell
Alexander Fleming

Without these guys there would be no sugden, no TV to watch strongman and a lot of people would be a lot less alive

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