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» Brandon Lilly (Go to post)28-01-2014 @ 22:57 
Horrible to watch, brought back some nasty memories
I detached both my patellers, snapped my pcl and detached my right calve. My patellar detachments where worse than most as mine did not come off at shin or knee cap but they actually snapped mid tendon.
Tbh honest though I feel I got lucky in comparison to Brandon's list.
I sent him a message on FB wishing him all the best and to make smart choices, but tbh after my own recovery I spent a lot of time researching the knee joint and hand on my heart I honestly can't see him squatting again. He will be doing well to be walking freely after all that.
And I must say everyone is right about NHS god bless it but honestly I don't feel I would have made anything close to my recovery had I not got surgery in US. I went from wheelchair in March to pulling 320kg deadlift idec in comp.
They used a procedure that when I came back to Scotland no one had saw before and where baffled by it to the point that it took 3 different experts to assess when it was time to take staples out.
I had some fantastic physio under the NHS though.
I guess I was lucky too and made smart choices, you only have to look at big rich smith he did exact same injury at bsm and his progress has been nothing close to the speed of mine
I honestly think if Brandon is walking this year it is more impressive than anything he has done on a platform
» 2014 Aronold Classic Strongman (Go to post)21-01-2014 @ 12:52 
i like how the list on first post mentioned that shaw won in 2011 and big Zs victorys but failed to mention that lalas was defending champ
shame big jenkins is no longer with us as i am sure he had a desire to win back the title he was unable to defend
from what i have been told the dumbell is a lot smaller in size which will suit big Z and no stones as well but after speaking to Ken shaw has already won it haha
also the yoke thing IMO sounds just as s**t as axle clean for reps.....just saying
» Scotland's Strongest Man 2014 Qualifiler & Final (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 22:10 
Events look great Stuart doing a fantastic job as always
The qualifier offering a place a bsm and esm is fantastic news
I will be there to MC and looking forward to the battle
on the other point raised
I do a lot of incline log in my bench assistance and 130kg is a good weight I am sure double figures will be hit by a few though
» Scotland's Strongest Man under 105kg (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 19:15 
Post Edited: 12.01.2014 @ 19:17 PM by robocop
Hello sorry about weight confusion on silver dollar I just noticed it said 10kg not 20kg increments it's axle that goes up in 10kg
And I am just off phone with the organisers of alba west and I cam confirm date is 28th June please see I have fixed original post to include both of these
» Scotland's Strongest Man under 105kg (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 18:31 
Post Edited: 12.01.2014 @ 19:00 PM by robocop
To answer early questions
1 this is the events for Scotland's strongest man under 105s not Briton's
2 there might be a possibility of bsm being held in Scotland but it's a bit away from being set in stone
3 Ian had to pull same amount of lifts to set record as anyone will have to beat it and it will prob go 270, 290, 310, 330, 350, 370, 390 410 so 8 lifts to break record just like junior
4 all events apart from cylinder load and stones are head to head, so max axle and silver dollar will be lifted in pairs
5 sheild carry and frame hold will also be in pairs so time won't be as big an issue as you would think
» Scotland's Strongest Man under 105kg (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 13:14 
could anyone who is a member of simons site pleas ecopy and paste details there to please
thank you
» Scotland's Strongest Man under 105kg (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 13:13 
Post Edited: 12.01.2014 @ 19:13 PM by robocop
hello Sugden people
As some of you may have know last year i announced my retierment from strongman promotion.
After 8 years of being involved with the 105s with my own business expanding and my own lifting i felt i was really strugging to find the time to dedicate to the comp.
After speaking to my good friend Stuart Murray we where concerned that no one had came forward to take the reigns.
So we had a chat about getting other people involved to help with the running of the comp.
Wullie and Louise Blades who are heavily involved in Strongwomen promotion offered to help out and keep this comp alive.
we also decided to kill 2 birds with the one stone and move the 105s to the venue of the scottish team event and the 105s will be held at the alba west bike show in ayrshire.
there is also the possibility of BSM under 105s being held in scotland this year but details not confirmed but i will keep everyone informed

so here are the details of the comp please, please, please keep your questions to a minimum and any questions please message Scot65 as this is louise's username
there will also be a facebook page made up shortly and i will paste the link on here when its up

Scotland's Strongest Man under 105kg
Andrew Cairney
Louise Blades
Wullie Blades
Stuart Murray

Stuart Murray

alba west bike show 28th June


1. Maxel Press (floor to overhead, last man standing, head to head)
Starting weight 105kgs (10kg increments), no pass on weight
hoping to set a Scottish Record
belt resting ok

2. Cylinder Medley
Cylinders 80kg, 100kg, 120kg, 140kgs loaded onto 52" platform, 15mtrs from platform
Time allowed: 75 seconds

3. Silver Dollar deadlift (last man standing, head to head)
Starting weight 270kgs (20kg increments), no pass on weight
corrent record 405kg by ian plews

4. 150kg Shield Carry for distance
15mtr turns

5. 18" Frame Hold (last man standing, face to face)
Weight 300kg no straps its a grip test

6. Stones over Yoke
Arnold style stones over yoke for reps, 130kg, 150kg, 175kg
Time allowed: 75 seconds

Weigh in either 24 hrs before competition or on the day of comp (2 hours before)

A new competition post will follow on Sugden Barbell by "Scot65" and a link will follow for an Event page on Facebook by "Louise William Blades" with the equipment details and rules.
» Dr. Nerenberg is back... (Go to post)10-10-2013 @ 09:17 
Post Edited: 10.10.2013 @ 09:24 AM by robocop
If he did not take so much power sugar he might have got himself a bit leaner for his bodybuilding comp!!
He was holding more water than the hoover dam
I love his thinking 'invent new movements no one has ever done before......instant world record"
» WSM 2013 on Channel 5 (Go to post)24-09-2013 @ 16:00 
i think you have a troll
» Is suited lifting pointless? (Go to post)16-09-2013 @ 12:54 
big Z is my hero I consider him to be the strongest man to ever walk the plannet I even named my pet fish after him but my heart is brokem as i have been told that in the final of WSM the suit he wore was actually a powerlifting suit used for not very strong people for ego pump rather than just a strongman suit that gives no power and only protection and the suit actually worked against him and this is why Brian shaw beat him. some not very strong powerlifter must have switched his suit for badness as he knows strongman is stronger and he had just realized that
» Is suited lifting pointless? (Go to post)16-09-2013 @ 12:27 
Savolainen87 said:
For confidence and protection I believe . Just like Hixxy said it .
Can Donnie do this with his wide open high squat . NO ! So who has the power and who has the skill with eqipment . Top powerlifters has nothing on top strongmen . Realize that . The real strongest are the strongmen .

So just to confirm your input into this conversation
1 in you opinion the point of reference for all powerlifting is Donnie Thomson
2 big Z said suits are only if you are too weak to lift the weights and the reason he wore one in the final of this years WSM was for protection and confidence
3 powerlifting suits is for not very strong people for ego pump but strongman suits are for protection and give no help
4 The strongest powerlifters have nothing on the strongest strongmen and the real strongest are the strongmen
5 and I need to realize that

Thank you savolainen87 I can't really argue with they points fair play
» Is suited lifting pointless? (Go to post)16-09-2013 @ 12:06 
Savolainen87 said:
Absolutely ! Terry Hollands wrote that Z would have been better without suit in the final. I believe he's right .

So in your option sir why did he ware it?
» Is suited lifting pointless? (Go to post)16-09-2013 @ 12:04 
martinb said:
What you've never seen an inzer strongman suit? Tag line "Adds zero kgs and is nothing special"

Mike Jenkins had on meal double ply briefs at WSM 2 years ago for the squat event but this was just for protection and did not ad power at all but if a powerlifter puts on same briefs he is not very strong and he is only putting them on for ego pump
» Is suited lifting pointless? (Go to post)16-09-2013 @ 11:55 
Savolainen87 said:
hixxy1985 said:i like my deadlift suit. Doesnt give me anything other than the feel of more support. Like a belt.
Can we say more ?!

Am I right in thinking that "the king" big Z had a deadlift suit on in the final of WSM this year?
So just to confirm the suit he had on was just for protection and gave him no assistance?
» Is suited lifting pointless? (Go to post)16-09-2013 @ 11:47 
Savolainen87 said:Just wathced Donnie Thompson fail 800 raw squat . No depth at all from a guy considered as the strongest powerlifter . So yes suited lifting is a crap . I know at least 10 guys who beat Donnie at raw deep squatting and at least 20-30 guys who beat him at raw deadlift . So equipped powerlifting is a joke . I'm shure Zydrunas will kill everyone so called top powerlifters in a raw meet . And just like the king Z says if u are not strong enough u can use suits for lifting big weights. It's an ego pump sport for not that strong guys .
And the suits they use in stongman are nothing special . Just protection . Don't add power at all .

I am actually regretting this before I finish typing it but....
Savolainen87 if you don't mind could you tell me the difference between the suits used in strongman and powerlifting please?

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