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» robocop (Go to post)01-10-2008 @ 14:50 
hello sugden barbell i am on here all the time but only quickly to check out kens and steve 3 journal and so on for the last 6 months been too busy to post my own journal
but since i have a new occupation
owning my own store
Better bodies glasgw
i have more time in front of a computer so i could start my journal again
as i love having one as you can look back at your training and it gives you motivation to train harder also so here goes again
i hope i can keep it up this time
come on the sugden !!!!!
» Steve's Training Journal: (Go to post)03-09-2008 @ 17:47 
alright since you have not replyed to my email are you training events on sunday
i have about 20 weeks of comp free training if your up for it
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)30-08-2008 @ 05:25 
"Andy from SCOT-ER-LAND and his wee Tablet broke the dead lift frame in the morning so the Deadlift was postponed to later on in the comp"

thats right i broke the deadlift frame in a fit of rage about how i manged to fall to peices in the last two events in day two and missed the final i was only 2 points behind jimi going into thors hammer and i had been getting big times in training but f**ked up big time

but stuped here had to go and test all the events for the final, so i kind of did do the final just it was against pretend strongmen, i won i beat poundstone, maruiz, big z, kazmire, and jon pall on countback
well it was no fun doing it yourself!!!

anyway well done shawn you did well mate excelent performance and some of they big gambles on weights paid off (yous scousers love a gamble)

you where fastest to flip that 450k tyre and i loved the rage on the stones demanding the guys get the stones to you faster

i hope to see you again next year mate and i look forward to watching your progress
and you should be prowd of how you went the whole weekend without knicking anything (scouse world record)

Eek Eek
» The Road To Scotland's Strongest Man Victory! (Go to post)02-07-2008 @ 22:45 
oh poor ken i was knacked from work your only 19 you bas***d when i was 19 i could train work and shag rampant on about 3 hours sleep a night pussy
if it was not for the fact you got your t-shirt more dirty than mine on sunday setting up i would take you out my top 16 on bebo for that statemnet
and stop doing so much axle press and cleans there is 5 other events you know
you will do well at van deadlift stones and so on but you should be working on the truck and drag if you wanna make your comp goal
god sake sometimes i feel like driving up to aberdeen and giving you a DAWC slap
Wink Wink Wink

also i am down to 127k again dont feel the need to eat like f**k cause big ken aint here to make the scales go round more than me
hurry up back down to uni before i end up in the 105's
Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
» SSM under 105kg (Go to post)02-07-2008 @ 22:35 
lee was 109 when he decided to do it went on a 48 bender week before was down at 104k on the day kicked everyones ass in the stones
» SSM under 105kg (Go to post)02-07-2008 @ 18:28 
How it went
The weather was terrible for the whole week before the comp and I decided to hold the comp inside the gym to avoid weather ruining the show
This meant that there could be no head to head battles with matching equipment
But the rotten rain could not affect anything
In a way I am glad it worked out that way as the comp was going at quite a pace even with one guy at a time, I think head to heads would have killed the competitors
It also made for a great atmosphere as the crowed where close to the competitors and gave a different ambience to an external comp

Event 1 axle press
Not just about big pressing here but big hands, big cleans and some heart and lungs
Only 1 guy did not get a lift Thomas but he would improve as the comp progressed
Big lifting from Frank the defending champ with 6 but the winner was a joint effort from best buds Lee and Junior with 7, lee almost nicking it but just ran out of time for that 8th rep

Thomas 0
Steve M 1
Craig 2
Mike 3
Stainless 3
Steve J 4
Allan 4
Mark 4
Frank 6
Lee 7
Junior 7

Event two was a tough lung and hamstring buster Keg walk of pain
First guy up was Thomas after his slow start on the axle and he put in a very strong effort of about 100 meters, which I thought would have won it beforehand, but the impressive runs just kept coming and the defending champ Frank came in again with a solid second place suggesting that his constancy would make him tough to beat
But this event was all about Mike Daly ridiculous effort of about 160 meters insane fitness and some serious balls I was knackered just following him, every bit as impressive as his stone carry at Fraserburgh last year

Steve J
Steve M

Event 3 was to give the guys a chance to catch their breath and just stand still, well with about 300k in the hands
Van deadlift hold, one of my favourite events and this one was heavy, I tested it and it was as heavy as the open. Steve J was out first and the van burst out of his hands within 2 seconds, I think the other guys where worried about the same fate happening to them
Solid hands from Stainless and Mike saw them break the 30 second barrier
But Mark took the pain till 40 and Allan like the open destroyed everyone with a world class 45 seconds

Steve J
Steve M

At this point
Allan, last years runner up had a 1 point lead over defending champ Frank with Mark and Mike 2 and 2 and a half points off the pace

Event 4 Stones of strength, the stones where done next and with the stones not being last on the event schedule and the guys well rested from the hold we expected some great performances, we where not disappointed
Defending champ Frank fell off the pace here only able to get 4 stones over
Stainless was fastest with 4, but the big guns pulled out some great stuff to lift number 5. Junior knocked 5 in a faster time than Mark to steal 4rth place, then Allan was piped by Mike by less than a second for second place
There was no denying who was the stone king, as Lee threw over all 6 in an impressive 56 seconds

Steve J
Steve M

Event 5, after the crowed challenge (which the Project won again) to let the guys get their tacky off they had a 300k sledge to pull for 25 meters
All the big grips performed well here again, with frank, just like the stones piped by Stainless for 4rth, and at this point it would seem that his title defence was over
The times where close here with guys being separated by 100ths of a second and there was an equipment failure with Allan that caused the referees some problems an unfortunate circumstance for Allan but unfortunately these things happen

Going into the last event the scores where

Steve J 11pts
Steve M 14pts
Thomas 15pts
Craig 24pts
Junior 25.5pts
Stainless 33.5pts
Lee 35pts
Frank 38pts
Mark 43ptd
Mike 43.5pts
Allan 46pts

Final event Deadlift to the Death, this was a tough one to finish and the guys where all tiered after a fast running comp, but the big guns only had eyes for the title
Frank still had a shot at the final BSM place however; he would have fight hard with Stainless and Lee for that.
The top 3 though was going to be Mark, Mike and Allan but in what order, who had the strongest back would decide that
Allan had a good 2 and a half point lead over Mike and 3 over Mark but he fell off the pace and as his supporters screamed he needed one more rep he just could not find it
With Junior and Lee both getting 1 more rep than him, this opened the door for Mike and Mark to exploit. With the days 5 tough events still playing in their mind and the pain they had put themselves through etched in their eyes they both pulled the bar off the floor 13 times each, and nothing could separate them. But Mike’s half point lead just kept Mark at bay, to take the title he came so close to winning 2 years ago only to lose on the stones

Final Placing

1st Mike 54pts *qualifies for BSM
2nd Mark 53.5pts *qualifies for BSM
3rd Allan 53pts *qualifies for BSM
4th Lee 44pts (count back) *qualifies for BSM
5th Frank 44pts
6th Stainless 36pts
7th Junior 34pts
8th Craig 29pts
9th Thomas 17.5pts
10th Steve M 15pts (count back)
11 Steve J 15pts
» Steve's Training Journal: (Go to post)29-06-2008 @ 20:41 
alright steve just jumpt on there at half time at the footy
you did well the day mate you where only last on countback so remember that
there was a lot of positives you should take from that comp some guys spend a lot of time playing in micky mouse comps before they would even dare go near that standard
you dived right in at the deep end
your press was a piece of piss and when the first one flew up some of the big guys stood up and took notice but your lack of fitness got you after 4
you dug deep and never let the big crowed affect you
next thing is to target your next comp and lets get training for it
well done takes balls to step up to the plate just remember that

some comp though
mike mark and allan seperated by 1 point

the closest comp i have ever been to and when mc was announcing placings the tension was unreal
» SSM under 105kg (Go to post)25-06-2008 @ 19:34 
thaks guys just PM scott through SDF hopefully that will enable comunication between us
if i am promoting comps i need to get on more fourms and stuff so that i can keep in contact with all the right people

but i am lasy bas***d at times cant even keep a training journal going

this sunday should be the best under 105ks yet in scotland as the strength in the field is the strongest ever with about 6 guys got a genuine chace of wining
» SSM under 105kg (Go to post)25-06-2008 @ 19:20 
alright someone told me it was jonathon bolwes or some thing i will try and get a hold of that guy on sdf cheers will
» SSM under 105kg (Go to post)25-06-2008 @ 19:07 
just wanted to let everyone know that SSM u105 is being held at dumbarton DAWC this sunday at 1pm
sat nav g82 4bg
if anyone wants to come and spectate
i have a question for the fourm members
i only really go onto riottraining and this fourm to slagg off big ken and steve but i have heard various stuff about BSM u105 and i was wanting to know if anyone knows who is running it so i can get in contact with promoter reguarding the scottish guys entry
big Al who used to run the 105's was a lot more internet adventurious and i am sure had a beter level of contac with the english guys so with it being my first year at promoting can someone in the know please give me info please
» Da Shetland Plan (Go to post)19-06-2008 @ 15:56 
ill see you in perth shetlander
looks like some poll needs taken down a peg or two
he better hope there is no farmers walk in it or iam gonna kick his ass

Eek Eek Eek Eek
Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink
Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
i hope that was enough smilies to show that last statment was not 100% serious
» Steve's Training Journal: (Go to post)16-06-2008 @ 02:55 
well done steve again today mate i told you your stones would improve very fast once you pick up the tricks
you would have got that 130k stone today but you could not get a good contact
some nice warmed up tacky and they will fly up

your doing well, just three sessions and your improvments are fantastic
this is because of the solid foundation your building from, with a good level of gym strength
and you will improve the more time you spend learning the skills of strongman

we have one last session next week and we will go through all the events we will do some work on arm over arm as we have not had the chance

next week is the one you go mental and everyone will leave nothing in the gym sunday
you thought you have had it hard next week is a new level of pain

then the following week you rest up, carb up, keep busy and dont think to much about it
keep your mind clear

Come the day you show up on time, grab your shirt, listen to the reff, make sure your clear on all rules
when your name is called, you give it hell, everything you have done in training and more you did not even know you had
you walk away with no regrets, clear in your head that you gave it your all
and where you place is not important
just that you did the best you could

not many guys enter a national strongman comp for their first comp, not many guys enter after only a months event training, so your right in a the deep end, up against in my opinion some of the best of 105 guys in britain, not just scotland

so just having the balls to compete is good enough for my respect
you will do well steve and i am sure you can take a few scalps on your stong events
i will do my best to make sure you have a great event to make your strongman debut and make sure all the guys have a well run comp
i think it is going to be a cracker of a comp mate
it could be the comp of the year in scotland
i just wish i could dropp 30kg for the day and play - jammy bas***ds

» BSM 2008 (Go to post)12-06-2008 @ 14:55 
na he is not that short about 5'10 maybe 5'11
they say he is 6ft when he is on telly though
it does not suprise me that he is wining he is some athelte
he never gets the credit he is due
after competing with him at UK's 06, i went to BSM last year and when we where all talking about groups every one was like "holding or felix" and i though to myself jimi is getting overlooked here and he was
winning squat press and fingers
then he should have been third in final but for injury to calve

wins englands strongest man for the second time

then went to UK's and but for a miss understanding about brickdeadlift should have won that
then he was half a point away from making final of wsm

then he beat oil in the bsm qualfier a month or so ago and everybody was saying "what was up with oli" "is his bi still hurting him" "is oil not 100%"
now he will win BSM and everyone will be singing his praises, only about 2 years too late

Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused
» The Road To Scotland's Strongest Man Victory! (Go to post)02-06-2008 @ 15:05 
jelly legs hahaha (in the style of the jerry springer show) jelly, jelly, jelly
hope your examm went well
just remember ken you where only one of 2 guys who flipped that tyre 6 times
no slackin off now that my legs partner has f**ked off and left me for the whole summer
you better come back donwn in sept fit and fast jelly springer
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style - The Year of the Deadlift (Go to post)28-05-2008 @ 14:39 
Joni said:
thanks guys!

Robocop, the plan is to come to watch the team comp on sunday! Unless Buzz bails out from that one as well Wink See you there man!

hd better not bail cuase i am borowing his car frame if he does not show up i can make an excuse about how someone stole it and i dont have to take it all the way back to edinburgh

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