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» robocop (Go to post)07-10-2008 @ 14:53 
Whats your diet look like now ?

i eat everything right now after all the weight i lost with the 3 weeks off lots of weetabix lots of milk lots of chicken lots of spuds lots of protein powder and the occasional beef hula hoop
» robocop (Go to post)07-10-2008 @ 14:34 
stephen said:
Brutal events session. Eek

cheers steven when you comming through to the craft to play sundays are the bo***cks right now
» robocop (Go to post)07-10-2008 @ 14:32 
What shoes do u use for legs then ?

Realy nice events sess.

i just use a set of hill walking shoes they have flat base and good support
when i am back squatting i use my addidas weightlifting shoes though
both much better than a pair of basketball trainers
» robocop (Go to post)06-10-2008 @ 15:54 
sunday 5th 10 08
events day
was still pissed off from friday so i brought the right shoes and the fire from the last workout

trained with stainless, steve johnstone, geo and ken was there for some support

70k - 60 metres
150k - 30 m
230k - 30 m
310k - 30 m
400k - 30 m pb was planning just to do one length of the gym but felt easy to turned and ran straight back
310k - 60 m this is the lung buster dropped the yoke with about 3 meters to go in the last length last week so i wanted to keep it on my back the whole, way glad i did

van deadlift
did two warm ups with the car for a few reps then went for some big sets

the car and stainless and steve in the back x 2

incline set
the car x 2 then the car and stainless in the back x 2 then the car stainless and steve x1
tough set the new frame is a low pull so hard but wanted to get 2 reps with car then 2 with stainless in the back then 2 with both for 6 reps in total
so went again and just missed the last rep again but still great work gripp felt solid had a lot of problems with it over the last 6 months as i damaged my hand but feeling back to its best

farmers holds
140k, 70k in each hand
2 min

chain dragg
i had cut my chain into 2 sections which i was going to use in last years under 105k for arm over arm so we came up with this idea where we attached both chains to each side of a ez curl bar and dragg them together

total and utter b**ch of an exercise legs where f**ked after a couple of runs managed a full backwards sumersault when my legs packed in had to lay down for about 10 mins we all where shattered then someone pointed out that we had to put both the chains back in the container !!!!!!

great workout
great training partnes
lovin events right now
» robocop (Go to post)06-10-2008 @ 15:16 
right here is how my last two went one ok one s**t hot

friday 3rd 10

legs with big ken
went straight to the gym from the shop to train at 3 cause this is the best time to train as the gym is jumping and the atmos is quality

normally i would just get out my bed and goto the gym but now i am working in the shop i have to go from there so i had prepped my gym back but forgot to pack the shoes i train legs with so i ended up training in my nike air jordans which where totaly a waste of time

this pissed me off cause they affected the whole workout
so the 4,4,4 reps i wanted did not happen

leg press
100k x 20
200k x 4
300k x 4
400k x 4 trainers where starting to flex and twist and felt heavy
450k x 2 not even close to the 4 i wanted, trainers where def affecting my confidence

karlsen squat
80k x 4
160k x 4
300k x 2 again trainers where twisting and i felt no ankle support and just did not fell in my groove
380k x 2 not 4 but i had at least that in the tank reps where stong just felt unsafe so left it

front squat
60k x 4
100k x 4
140k x 4
180k x 2 was well pissed off by this point just wanted to leave and let ken beat me up for forgetting shoes

leg ext
lvl 8 x 10 count to 10 x 10 count to 10 x 10

so the moral of the story dont forget your footwear !!!
» The Plan (Go to post)06-10-2008 @ 14:20 
buzz said:
Ben_F said:Good to see you're fully back on the competition trail Brian.

What is the team comp'. If its on Riot Training I ca't log on there, can't for the life of me remember my user name and password! Took me ages to remember what is was on here.Roll-Eyes

Cheers Ben! Team comp will be the same as was ran last year, one under 105, one open dude, but I'm pretty certain it's limited to Scottish mofo's only, as 'official' title is Scotlands strongest team. It was supposed to run as a qualifier to britains strongest team, but didn't pan out. Team comps seem to be getting more popular these days tho, will hopefully see more pop up. Event's and criteria aren't listed yet tho.

hello ben i promote the scotlands strongest team event

it was supposed to be the qualifier for UKs strongest team event run by tom jones aka viking power from sdf
but he changed his format to just open teams but we had already started taking applictions for one over and one under 105kg so we stuck to that format

next year it will be the same under 105kg and one over as i feel with the strength of 105kg athletes in scotland that this is a better and more balenced format
rather than say the top six guys from open team up and the rest are just making up the numbers
i think the top teams could still patricipate at uks but at a disadvantage
the tittle is for "Scotlands Strongest Team" so unless you can prove your a scot or permanatly reside in scotland people will be unable to participate
i might actually be planning a Britains type format for the following year
» robocop (Go to post)03-10-2008 @ 12:27 
JC said:
f**ke me that looks punishing, good luck with it Andy

No way you are waliking properly tomorrow Happy

you know it mate ken is a bas***d too he will push me till i show him what i had for breakfast

i will get my 666 challenge in the next few weeks then back to back squatting
» robocop (Go to post)03-10-2008 @ 12:23 
Whats your shop called ?
Any links ?

alright guys joni, chester the shop opened last sat
the web site is getting finished as we speak but here is a link to the bebo
got my good friend big glen over to cut the ribbon
we also had graham park mr univers
andy mushy jnr mr universe
paul mcvay cage rage world champ
douglas black director of extreme nutrition
bernie mckindly BSW
brian turner former WSM competitor
and many more great people
check out the pictures hope you guys like
» robocop (Go to post)03-10-2008 @ 11:49 
got my leg training today the 666 challenge awaits
ken is comming with me for support so time off + ken = pain
not done legs in 3 weeks with shop opeing hope i can hit some good numbers i would take 444
4 on the leg press 450k
4 on the karlsen 380k
and 4 front squats 180k
any normal person would cut the weights back after 3 weeks off but f**k it
no belt no suits no nothing lets do it if i can walk tomorrow i have failed
Grin Grin Grin
» The Plan (Go to post)02-10-2008 @ 14:38 
Post Edited: 02.10.2008 @ 14:43 PM by robocop
buzz said:
stephen said:
If you nail all the comps next year how you going to fit training in between them all? Tongue Why not nail 1 more novice, U105's and maybe an open (team comp is classed as open level I think??). Although you could just stick to the plan and be a comp junky and nail everything! Eek Tongue

Hmm, training eh... Happy True, will probably just wait to see what comps are announced. If i had to limit it a wee bit I'd do Fitlike, Dumfries, and Orkney... and Sugden comp. Couldn't do team comp actually, as I would have done it with Garry, but neither of us meet the criteria. Ach, 105's as well actually. That'd do it.

actually brian
i think gary would meet criteria after top 3 in both dumfries and fitlike comp and as it is only 1 team member as long as one of you is under 105k your fine
once the event choices are announced you can let me know you intentions
» robocop (Go to post)02-10-2008 @ 13:30 
cheers guys for the support always great spport on the sugden

wed 1st oct

back day

low pull deadlifts
100k x 4
140k x 4
180k x 4
230k x 2 felt hard
260k x 2 hard as f**k must be still sore from al the van dead and yoke from sat

working up to full stack for 8

"any way 21" we like to call it, got to get 21 chins reguardless of sets or hand placement
at arround 21 stone chins are a b**ch
i managed 6, 6, 5, 4
(chins are great for that upperback strength you need for stones)

seated row
full machine 150k x 10
full machine plus 20k plate x 20 reps (i hate this set more than any other in the whole workout week)
seated row is great for arm over arm

dumbell row
50k dumbels x 10
65k dumbells x 10

streatch out back on chin bar and hold for as long as grip lets you got 2 mins

with the back well and truly f**ked from top to bottom i left !!!

happy with upper back stuff but deadlifts where a little off prob cause of all the lower back work from events

also i have to remember that i have had vitually 3 weeks off setting up the shop so i should be a litle rusty
» robocop (Go to post)01-10-2008 @ 15:41 
buzz said:
Good to see your log resurrected Andy, about time! Happy Have you stoped working security now then? Will notice a difference with training eh, no crazy late nights etc, and even though you'll be putting in the hours at the shop, at least you can sleep normal times, and sit on your arse and eat plenty at work Grin

alright my fave vegan
no wait thats joni

alright buzz
i have jacked in the nightclubs just doing some security at a barr for extra money untill the shop is up and running and i can take a wage out

training is one of the big reasons i want to jack in the security you know full well the state i have came through to your gaff and tried to train with 3 hours sleep in the tank

i will be in the shop but i plann to eat all my products sit on my arse then get to my bed early and grow like f**k just like you said
i am lovin it i had 8 hours sleep before events on sunday and i did not know what had hit me
i will be through as much as poss to unit 20 to train with lee and the rest of you guys over the winter

i have heard you have a viking press !!
also did you nictice i have you in the top 16 on the shops bebo

what do you think of the events i posted for the 105s for next year
natural stones look awesome you up for it buzz boy
» robocop (Go to post)01-10-2008 @ 15:34 
JC said:
Quality session mate, yoke looking very strong in particular, along with stones

whats the goals for next year? You competed @ BSM didn't you this year?

alright mate i did
scottish qualifier feb

then scottish in may came 4th (was the worse day of my life had a terrible day it will neva happen again)
i was told after scottish that i was going to BSM then i was told they where giving my place to eddie elewood gutted cause i missed out on 3rd by half point sore so sore

then i did scotland's strongestg team 1st
then luss highland games 1st
then UKSC scotlands strongest man 1st
then fife open 1st
then UK's

so apart from scottish i had a good year
beating everybody in the viking press at UKs was the highlight of my year though

next year i am going to be at a new level though
» robocop (Go to post)01-10-2008 @ 15:25 
i will also make a point of noting my goals for the winter

day 1 pressing

log press 8inch want 175k (at the mo with 165k)

incline log want 200k (sitting at 180k for 2)

decline bench want 220k (sitting at 210k)

day 2 back
deadlift low pull want 280k no belt (sitting at 260k for 4)
(do this to work on my weakness which is the start of the deadlift this is done off 5inch block a lot higher than powerlifters recomend but i figure the lower the better)

deadlift normal pull want 330k (sitting at 310k)

deadlift high pull 18inch want 380k (sitting at 360k)

day 3 legs
love training my legs and i have set me a challenge it is called the 666 challenge
it involves
6 reps with 450k leg press (sitting at 4)
6 reps with 380k karsel squat (sitting at 5)
6 reps with 200k front squat (sitting at 6 with 180k)

all done with no belt wraps or anything else
this one keeps me up at night cause it is a killer

day 4
some of the stuff i want to improve is
yoke well over 400k
stones 170k for 6 reps
walk with 190k farmers
work on shield carry as i have a 200k one that is getting dusty
improve fitness with lots of medleys and loading

weight sitting at 20 stone 8 was up at 21 stone 2 at uks but with setting up my shop i have not been eating to good missed workouts and so on so i want to be sitting at 22 stone for next year
with close to a 900k total
340k squat
330k deadlift
210k bench

so now i have
oct nov dec and jan to get bigger stronger and fitter than this year
» robocop (Go to post)01-10-2008 @ 15:07 
Post Edited: 01.10.2008 @ 15:28 PM by robocop
sunday 28th sep

events day
trained with legend that is stainless steve murray and steve 3
just the 3 of us as big ken still out with injury hurry back lady boy humiliating you feeds my darkend heart !!!!

with no comps for the winter i have been just covering the basics of stongman and teaching steve 3 the little knowlege i have so that he can make a big mark on scottish strongman next year

exercise one

270k warmup
2x 15 meters

320k 2x 15 meters

390k 1x 15 meters

320k 4 x 15 meters

was happy with yoke could have walked over 15 meters with the 390 but we where doing it inside the gym and thats the run we have
the 320k for 4x 15 was tough 15 up turn then 15 down twice
nearly neva finished it legs like jelly
steve 3 done well also good form just needs more time with it
going to do a nice round 400k next week

exercise 2

van deadlift

broke out the gyms new van deadlift frame it is solid not tubing like most so it is heavie on its own it was made in the famus yarrows shipbuilders so there is no chance i can bend it like the one i bent at uks
Grin Grin

did 3 sets 3 reps 4 reps and 5 reps
it was a hard pull stainless did not fancy it and steve 3 only got one with straps so i was happy to rep with it going for double figures next week

exercise 3 stones
no tacky just one stone each steve 3 had 100k stainless 110k and myself the 130k
and we did run to the stone pick it up shoulder it then run back to start and repeat
with no tacky it is pretty tough to do any more than a set of 5
i was rusty with stones also as i have not done them for a while

exercise 4 farmers holds
we where all f**ked after yoke van deadlift and stones so we just did farmers holds with empty farmers
i managed just under 2 min with 140k (70 each hand)

not bad was sore after i tell you

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