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» robocop (Go to post)21-10-2008 @ 13:59 
JC said:
Awesoem events session mate. Very strong indeed!

thanks mate ill keep the vids comming any advice welcome
» robocop (Go to post)21-10-2008 @ 13:52 
Thing said:
great vid andy, but those karlson squats look nasty. events sounded like a fun day at stuarts.

yes mate we went down for two reasons 1 was to check his new gym out which is much better and second to find out events for scottish qualfier but they have not been finalised yet
only one i know thats a deff is the car walk
the same one they used at dumfries novice comp but heavier
should be finalised this week sometime ill let you know as soon as we do mate
its a bit weird training with no particular focus on events so i think we all want to find out to work on them over the winter know what i mean
» robocop (Go to post)21-10-2008 @ 13:48 
Joni said:
those karlsen squats look nasty man! Looks like you fold in half in the bottom of it...

na they are not as bad as they look its a tough movement but they will improve your leg power
never feel like i am not out my squat line too mch
» robocop (Go to post)20-10-2008 @ 12:31 
sunday 19th oct 08

went to stuart murrays gym down in dumfries with the crewe and we had some fun

log press
getting brave now back pressing with the log, only did a couple sets with the log as i am pressing monday
65k x 6
85k x 6
105k x 6
125k x 4
140k x 3
felt good went for a 150k but ken the retard actually put 160k on the log got the fright of my life so let it at that

farmers 15m then chain dragg 15m done it in 35 sec which was 10 sec faster than anyone else
being a fat 21 stone comes in handy

car walk
this was fun did loads of runs with this, the best being 15m then a 3 point turn then 15 meters with a hill start then a reverse park
will be tough though when it is fully loaded up for the scottish qualfier

not touched a stone in what felt like a long time and not had tacky on since the open in aug
so i was please with how the stones went
did first 4 stones without tack
then all 5 in about 15 secs, first 3 flew up,
after that i did the 150k stone for a couple of shoulders, then the 160k for a shoulder and felt i had done enough so got the tacky off and got my ass back to glasgow
job done
» robocop (Go to post)20-10-2008 @ 12:17 
right here is my last two workouts

friday the 17th oct 08

attempted the 666 challenge
i would write it all down but i think the video tells the story
» Rebuild of The Bull (Go to post)16-10-2008 @ 12:31 
i hope your improving joni on a regular basis
keep doing the best you can with what you have and dont loose heart mate

i know this is not quite the same but
when i was 16 i started training and within a year i went from 10.5 stone at 6'1 to 15 stone
i loved to train, just did bodybuilding stuff but it was good to have something in my life to channel my teenage agression into in a positive fashion, it became my whole life my diet was obssesive, people where amazed at how much size i had put on, going from skinny kid to 15 stone of sloid muscle

then when i left school at the end of the year i started work as an apprentice joiner and i was sawing all day and hammering all day then going to the gym and training chest and shoulders on different days and before i knew it i had really inflamed my shoulder tendon and my muscles at the front of the shoulder where over developed in comparison to the rear delts and this caused the shoulder to hunch froward and cause great pain, everyday even to sleep on it was pure pain
and at 16 this was tough to comprehend as everything that i had based my life arround was taken away from me
whent to see doctor, he said shoulder was fine, sent me for an xray and they said it was fine and that i should just stop training
so i decided to train around my shoulder injury the best i could, as i was not going to just stop training i started training legs and evereything i could arround injury
eventually after a lot of depression i decided to quit my job and goto pyhso
the pyhso new what was wrong with me within mins
after about 9 months of hard work and pyhso i was back benching and pressing (something that i thought i would never do again) and i never looked back

so the moral of the story is this, i hold my pressing and leg power as my best strengths
i was only able to develope one through lack of chioce because of injury and the other developed after serious injury

so joni, so can you mate keep it up dont get disheartened
» robocop (Go to post)16-10-2008 @ 12:02 
14th oct 08
nothing too mental last two workouts, been carefull letting bicep and shoulder tendon heal up
just some slow pull downs light deads some bench
and last night was the first time i have pressed a bar overhead for two weeks
barbells and logs been hurting it

after playing arround with the natural stones on sunday i decided to give pressing a go
warmed up with some very light bench and then some 100k keg overhead, as any unusuall pressing does not bother tendon just barbell and log
after good warm up i did some seated log still quite light 70k for 20 reps
then went for some rack pressed
worked up to 130k and got 4 reps i know its not huge pressing put to get some stress on the delts after two weeks off was sexuall shoulder felt ok with 130k so was very happy

finished off with some triceps
some big pressdowns and dips

went home very happy and looking forward to getting back to some heavy pressing

bicep was fine and i feel confident about doing stones on sunday now shoulder was ok deff on the road to recovery
» robocop (Go to post)16-10-2008 @ 11:52 
shawn said:
Great looking events sessions mate. Even liked the Peter Kay (DAD) run to the last stone. LOL

siera's gone siera's gone !!!

hey mate thats me full pelt !!!

that was a good 60 meters the reason is ken had to run with me with the camera with his s**t leg so i could not go too fast

» robocop (Go to post)16-10-2008 @ 11:49 
Excellent sess.
Loads of hard work being put in Wink

thanks mate gonna keep the vids comming it gives me extra incentive to push it knowing the sugden boys will be watchin
» robocop (Go to post)13-10-2008 @ 17:28 
Post Edited: 13.10.2008 @ 17:33 PM by robocop
sunday 12th oct 08

events day

still feeling stiff from my leg session on friday but lovin the evnts right now so a bit of lactic acid not gonna stop me

changed yoke, stones, farmers to
van dead, shield and natural stones

was cold out but the dawc boys love the cold

started off with frame and big ken sitting on it then dropped the weight down to a car !!!

car x 5
car x 5
car + steve x 2

incline set
car x 1, car + stainless x 1, car + stainless + steve x 1, car + stainless + steve + joe x 1

here is the video

tough set but grip was strong as f**k back to its best

after about 20 min of working out how to get it off ground and onto barrel we started, it cuts in deep to the arms so used some wraps
it weighs 200k and is smaller than most shields so the weight is all on your chest tough piece of kit killed us all
first set turned about 15 meters say 30 in total
here is video

second set was closer to 50 meters but it was tough with legs still sore from friday
think i have 60+ in the tank but have to have crazy head on to go for it

natural stones
these are the stones i have picked out for the scotlands strongest man under 105kg next year
done a lot of work with them had sme great fun really awkward to get the hang of

here is a vid of the natural stones

overall great events
done some farmers holds but nothing worth going on about
was good to do some overhead work as shoulder has been bothering me for the last 2 weeks
great training partners also make for great sessions
lovin events
next week going to dumbfries to train at stuart murrays gym so should get an idea of the events for the scottish qualfier and final which will give me somthing to focus on
» robocop (Go to post)13-10-2008 @ 13:48 
friday 10th 10 08
the leg session
666 challenge take two
this time i brought the right shoes

leg press
120k x 20 still a little stiff so made sure got the blood pumping
200k x 10
280k x 8
360k x 4
410k x 4 these where tough 450 was going to be hard
450k x 3 one more than last week felt like my eyes where gonna popp out there was that much pressure for 3rd rep, 6 reps with 450k will be hard as f**k but ill get them

karlsen squats
100k x 10
180k x 8 these felt good felt confident of a good total
260k x 4
320k x 4
380k x 5 matched pb !! these where tough ken said i had the 6 reps to hit my first target of the 666 challenge but could hardley brethe at 5th so let it there will hit 6 next week

front squat
60k x 6
100k x 6
140k x 6
180k x 4 these where good i think i have 6 in the tank stopped at 4 cause i was sweating so bad the barr was slipping

so 3 on the leg press
5 on the karlsen
and 4 on the front squat
think i can hit 6 on the karlsen and fronties but leg press is going to be hard

very happy with workout focus and intensity
whole workout done in 50min no belt no suits all raw
» robocop (Go to post)09-10-2008 @ 13:28 
stephen said:
robocop said:
stephen said:
Brutal events session. Eek

cheers steven when you comming through to the craft to play sundays are the bo***cks right now

Planning to come through a few times during the winter but got a couple of powerlifting comps to do 1st, too hard to train for powerlifting and strongman at the same time. I might give the scottish qualifier ago in feb for some more experience and i'll be doing the u105's and the uk's scottish qualifier for sure, if I can con/bribe a heavy weight into pairing up with me I'd like to do your team comp also, with all that in mind I better get alot of event training in this winter. Tongue

that quite a selection steven you better get the finger out for 2009 then
as you know the 105 events are up already
the team events will be 5 from 20 using votes from applicants
the scottish might have eliminators again
and the uks always fun

the natural stones overhead is good fun we have been testing it a lot and its going to look s**t hot
we have stones from 50kg to 150kg not all will be used right enough but some collection
» robocop (Go to post)09-10-2008 @ 11:58 
wed 8th 10t

i pulled my bicep on sunday doing the 400k yoke when i lifted it at the start i felt a little sharp pain in it as i started to walk but my head was that switched on about yoke that i did not really register

after the set i could feel a little tightness but for van deads and farmers holds it was fine switched stones (which it was bothering it for) for chain dragg and i went home and iced it

rested it up monday and rather than train on the tue i went to see gym phys ronnie the "butcher" simson
evil evil man who gets pleasure in others pain
but he is quite god at what he does

told me the bicep was just badly brused and tendon and so on was fine got some tissue work then some ultra sound and it felt better

so yesterdays session was just trying to work round it
would have just trained legs but they where still f**ked from events on sunday

decline bench press
60k x 40 reps
100k x 20 reps
140k x 14 reps
180k x 4 reps (s**t dont know what happened here did not feel in my grove maybe bicep or something)
200k x 1 reps, ok i suppose felt like i had a double in me after 14 reps with 140k

tricep press downs
40k x 10
80k x 10
100k x 12
100k + 15k dumbell x 6 tough tris worked hard
drop set 100k x 8 80k x 6 40k x 10

tricep circut
dips bw x 20 then stright bar press dwns x 10 then rope behind the neck extentions x 10
done this twice non stop

pull downs
bicep felt warmed up so tried some pulls
lv 12 x 10
lv 16 x 8
lv 18 x 6
left it there

dumbell rows
50k x 10 each arm done twice non stop

streched out

good workout, working round little niggle

got legs on friday so should get some more rest untill sunday
» robocop (Go to post)08-10-2008 @ 14:33 
Joni said:
when you are working at your shop, how do you stop yourself eating all the protein bars?

i havent i have just ate them all just had to order another 6 boxies
i have been putting money in the till every time though
i have got to keep ken away from that side of the counter when he is in visiting
its like a kid at the checkout at asda !!!
» robocop (Go to post)08-10-2008 @ 14:29 
BigKen said:
Andy, dont forget the occasional meal of 2 chicken burgers and chili! Grin

yes that was a good day trained like a beast on sunday went for a steam/sauna then out for some quality junk food if only all days where like that ken eh
dont forget i had to help you with the goujions little girl
saying that you still eat more than girlie geo who struggled with a salad !!!!
what a ladyboy !!!
gota eat big to get big right, what about that group accross from us, the faces they pulled when the waitress brought 7 meals for us !!!!
also for the rest of the board members ken goes to the sauna with bright blue speedos
very small speedos maruis style

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