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» robocop (Go to post)06-12-2008 @ 11:39 
wow legs yeaterday 5th of dec 2008
first time ever i have shocked myself in the gym i know that sounds cheezy but it was a cool day

front squats
60k x 4
100k x 4
140k x 4 paused
180k x 2 paused
220k x 1 this felt heavy and my core felt tiered from yesterdays deadlifting
got a slap from ken got the good tunes on the cd player
250k x 1 easy
was going to go for 265 for a 5k pb but thought f**k it 270k
270k had the gyms attention was worried about failling and was not in the mood to let the bar come off my shoulders
so took it off the rack felt not too bad kept it tight and boom 270k no problem
270k x 1 shocked at how fast it went up could have repped with it
both ken and i just had a we look at each other and laughed, just a little shocked
everything just clicked into place really please with a 600pound front squat

karlsen squats

60k x 10
100k x 10
140k x 10
220k x 10
220k x 10
260k x 10 really tough sets had legs pumpped up

leg ext
lv 7 10 x 10 x 10

lots of stretching
» robocop (Go to post)06-12-2008 @ 11:29 
here is my last two
was very tierd after work on wed so left the back workout to thurs
60kx 10
100k x 10
140k x 4
220k x 3
260k x 2
290k x 1 this flew up and felt f**k it ill go 310k
310k x f bas***d dont know what happened here got if off the floor not to bad but new form and stance fell away and just about knee level my legs where striaght and could not pull it another 2 inch to get it over knees with just back
still think its there but will need to wait a week or two still my raw deadlift has come on great last few weeks pulled the 290k like 190k
ah well s**t happens

deadlift desending set
did a rep with 290k then at lockout got two guys to take a plate off down to 260k then did a rep the another plate down to 220k and so on
was weird set felt diff think if i do it again i will clean the last 3 lifts
to be honest was doing it to get the weights off the bar easier !!!

did some big pull downs

then seated row full stack plus 20k plate for 20 reps
was blowing out my ass after

finished with dumbell rows
60k for 12 each side

feel like my grip is back to its best as the dumbells are thick handles and i had them right on my fingertips with no concern about hand going
» robocop (Go to post)06-12-2008 @ 11:18 
ed209 said:
hi andy very impressed with ur confident r u this year of finishing in the top 3 goose still the man to beat

hello "mate" goose is a good friend and a great strongman he will be the man to beat next year i am sure
lewis mclean prob best chance of beating him
we will see what happens
» Rebuild of The Bull (Go to post)03-12-2008 @ 14:48 
Post Edited: 03.12.2008 @ 14:48 PM by robocop
keep head switched on and take it one step at a time mate after shoulder injury could smith squat 180k and was ding side laterals with 5kg

just think 2010 the year of the bull
» robocop (Go to post)03-12-2008 @ 14:42 
JC said:
Very strong pressing mate. Your stone work sounds fun Wink Competed once against Lee Allan, and his stones were fast as f**k Eek

yes lee is a good friend is gonna make a big impact next year in scotland he is up to 18 stone and solid at uks they where calling him the mini oli thomson

when was that was that billy littles comp
» robocop (Go to post)03-12-2008 @ 14:40 
i think with the weight of the thing and a 180k stone that could be the death of your car
stu murray will be asking for it for the car walk at the qualfier !!!!!!!!!!!!!
try and got down for the scottish or the team event and we will catch up
you might be back 100% for the uksc ssm on aug
you never know i know you want to take year out but it is amazin how fast it comes back
ken looks like he has never missed a wrkout these days i think if we had anouther two months ken would do qual
» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)03-12-2008 @ 14:35 
the way i see it 210 for 3 sould work out about 230k for a single or there or there abouts so you should get up to arround 250k with wraps so 260k shuld be your ballpark fugure 260k is a good solid squat in just wraps

try the 220k raw at first then take it from there good luck and i am sure the big squatters will push you hard
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)03-12-2008 @ 14:19 
alrigh mate dont worrie you will got stronger as the hair thins its a fact
hair equals pussy lifting
how many world strongest men have had long hair (apart from capes)
look at joni strong as a f**k with his skinhead then he lets his hair grow and boom injury !!!!!
» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)03-12-2008 @ 14:10 
well done on the squats
its a great feeling when they fly up
210 for 3 raw got to be about 260k eq i think maybe more with a suit
» robocop (Go to post)03-12-2008 @ 14:03 
roosk stones are always heavier than the say apart from my 90 and 100 they are spot on

i am working areally hard at the stones this winter cause there is some great stone lifters in scotland and i dont want to get left behind

i would love a 190 but knowing roosk it would come in at 227 or something

you could bring me one down to next time your on the mainland !!!!!!!!!

here is my journal from yesterday case i forget

tue 2 dec

seated log press

70k x 10 x 3 good warm up
100k x 8 x 2
120k x 6 nice good reps
130k x 4 nearly 5 bas***d
140k x 1 nearly 2 just got a bad clean for set up but a PB none the less happy with that 140k log standing is good

barbell press
60k x 10 strict
100k x 6
120k x 4
140k x 3 wanted more but shoulders where f**ked from log

decline bench press
100k x 20
140k x 15
180k x 6
200k x 2

pressdowns full stack and 15k dumbell x 8
dumbell ex x 60k x 15
dips bw x 20 x 3

fried upper body felt good was happy with the 140k seated
» robocop (Go to post)03-12-2008 @ 13:17 
cheers thing i have been wanting to get the big boy on the shoulder for a couple of weeks now
still only 3 guys lifted it
and lee allan
and lee is the only person to have lifted it in comp

going to get me a new one would love a 190 stone that would be cool
stephen M will make me one i am sure of it just needs to improve his formula

also i am switching to stone runs not week so we will see if it goes up easy after 4 other stones
» Musical gift from MrSolace(normal shit) (Go to post)02-12-2008 @ 00:40 
hey you can see me all the way through it i am the bald bas***d in the white
i almost missed the 400k dead cause glen ross called me about my first year at uks and i went out to get call
i was like f**k glen ross on the phone misha deadlifting sitting in front of doug edmonds was in strongman heaven

i had to baby sit misha with his mate in my nightclub the two of them where pissed and trying to explain the smoking bann to two drunk russian monsters with broken english was fun

we got them to try on the doorman's jackets and took a picture of them on the door funny as f**k

great night

still talk about the 150k muscle snatch
» robocop (Go to post)01-12-2008 @ 16:51 
alright guys here is the videos showing what i have been up to last couple of weeks hope you guys like

» robocop (Go to post)01-12-2008 @ 16:02 
thing, millsy, jc, thanks for the complements your all very kind
sugden boys great for pushing me

alright here is a rundown of sundays events session
where we saw the rebuilding of the beast (aka ken)
great day all the boys done well

big ken back lifting some big weights its like he had not been out injured at all, just needs to stay sensible and listen to his body

stainless lapping the big daddy stone and doing the 130 in 1 motion

steve johnstone big deadlifts and first time ever 130 stones

the youngsters dave and ben having some great fun

and with steve M and so on next week should be a great atmosphere

here is how it went

side handle deadlifts

worked up to 13 plates a side for 6 then steve j stainless and ben on top for a set of 5

front bar deadlifts

like cage deadlift at bsm
started at 7 plates a side then worked up to 11 nearly got 12 but for some reason the jump from 11 to 12 is massive

second set was reps with 10 plates a side got 9 reps should have got 10 but stopped at 8 for a breather and lost momentum

70k x lots of meters
110k x about 40 meters turn at 20
150k x 35 meters plates on farmers locked together at turn and screwed my set going to use 15k plates from now on so dropped it 5 before finish
170k ken tried them got about 5 meters so i finished them for him think it was about 8 meters or something


80k x pressed above head
90k x pressed above head PB never done it
110k x pressed above head massive pb
130k x one movement to shoulder
170k x tried to shoulder almost
170k x tried to shoulder agian closer
170k x shouldered very happy but forgot to film it so---
170k x shouldered and second hand removed for a second

overall good day to cold to go out and run about but getting some good stuff done
» The Road To Scotland's Strongest Man Victory! (Go to post)30-11-2008 @ 21:10 
rebuiding the beast
i have the power to rebuild him

ken was like a kid in a candy shop today all the months of sittin watchin now he is on the way back with stronger pressing to boot

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