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» robocop (Go to post)09-01-2009 @ 14:09 
alright did some pressing yesterday 8th
training with stainless as he wants to improve his pressing power and i told him i would kill him trying

seated log press
70k x 10 two sets to get warm
100k x 10 feeling good for a pb i was thinking
120k x 4 normally do a couple more but wanted to stay fresh for next set
140k x 2 matched pb almost got a 3 rep but foot slipped forward and lost form, think i would have got it aswell but feeling strng so happy

seated barbell press

60k x 10
100k x 10 feeling strong again looking for pb again
130k x 3 almost went for a 4th so good pb on that

dumbell press
50k x 10 then dropped back to 32.5k for 6

worked up to full stack plus 15k dumbell for 8

behind neck dumbell
50k x 20 reps

skull crushers
70k x 15

rope extensions

full stack x 20

hit the pressing muscles hard and hopefully stainless will come back for more
» The Road To Scotland's Strongest Man Victory! (Go to post)07-01-2009 @ 17:09 
i was not going to go that heavy but ken
» The Road To Scotland's Strongest Man Victory! (Go to post)07-01-2009 @ 16:54 
alright JC cage was used in 2005 and 2004
might get a we outing in the final
but qual just barbell opening weight 280k then 10k additions
» robocop (Go to post)07-01-2009 @ 16:11 
JC said:
Quality deadlifting mate. Cant belive you can get as much as 30KG out of a suit!! I am definitely going to invest

alright JC the reason i get so much out of a suit is that my dead form is really bad and i use all back
i have tried everything to get my form right spke to experts changed stance everything but cant get legs into it which is a shame cause a got some good strength through my chicken legs

so because of my bad form i am really slow too the knees then once its over the knees i am strong

with the suit it gives me good pop off the floor and my natural strength finishes movement but if you are like most deadlifters who will fail lift at lockout you wnt get as much say 10 or 20k
but still great thing to have in strongman if your allowed to use them why not
» robocop (Go to post)07-01-2009 @ 14:06 
alright sugden
broke in my dead suit yesterday with big ken
he had inzere fusion and i had metal viking

totally wierd suit never used anyhting like it before but it felt good some good power off the floor

did 220k raw then 270k suited this one flew up
then 300k was fast but grip was opening
the bar i picked was way too smoothe and grip was a problem
did 310 and my gripp failed so i got some straps but i cant get them to work right for me so i just sucked it up and pulled it without

then went for 315k and i pulled it fast but hands went after knees i know i had that as i never fail deads after the knees
i felt like i could pull 320k no problems with a good bar with some grip on it
i have been pulling 300k raw so 330k is there from this suit
will pull on wed night again and video it

overall good suit break in mine is a little loose at shouldrs but not too bad kens fits him perfectly
so we should pull some big numbers at scottish qualifer
» The Road To Scotland's Strongest Man Victory! (Go to post)07-01-2009 @ 13:54 
straps are for girls

ill get 320 before you ken and ill be in the 700pound club haha


well done ken good fun yesterday 310k for a 15 year old is amazin
» Scotlands Strongest Man Qualifier 2009 (Go to post)05-01-2009 @ 11:29 
any sugden boys comming up to watch the scottish members would be great
and iam sure we would welcome support

some come up to dumbfries land of torn hands and rain
» Deadlifting Suits (Go to post)05-01-2009 @ 11:26 
i got metal viking for christmas got it the other day going to break it in tomorrow with ken and his inzer fusion
mine is not fitting too good mental tight in legs and really loose at waist and shoulders it is a 56 which is right in the middle of my weight but i think i will have to take the shoulders up or something
» robocop (Go to post)05-01-2009 @ 11:21 
JC said:
I`m getting Robo withdrawal.
Whats happening big man ?

LOL Grin

Nice total mate. Do you get much from the deadlift suit?

alright chester mate i get a bit more out a suit than most guys as i am relly slow off floor as i use almost all back when i deadlift and suits give you some speed off the floor
i am strong at lockout and normally if i can got the bar over my knees i will get it
» robocop (Go to post)05-01-2009 @ 11:18 
Tony said:
One monster session there. How high is the bar on the silver dollar deadlift?

alright sorry for late reply silver dollar in 18inch its a pain of a hight for me unless the bar is felxable like arnolds

i can pull much more for 15 inch as i can get my legs in a we bit or 20 inch where i can pull some big weights as i am stong lockout
» robocop (Go to post)05-01-2009 @ 11:12 
alright sugden happy new year and all that stuff
sorry chester been mental busy with working at night and shop during day but the training has been good

i have took some time off over the last two weeks to let little niggles heel up and so on so i am feeling great and ready to show my new tools at scottish qualifer in feb

i went down to stu murray's gym last week and had a go on most of the kit for the qual

log press medley went well looking to win that one
did medley that was good fast with duck fast with timber frame and chain i am getting better and better with

car walk was fun it is a lot differnet than a yoke than most people think the straps really digg in and it affects your breathing its kinda like a cross between a yoke and shield carry in one but good fun

farmers holds did best time but i still feel inflamation in bicep tendons is affecting my grip so thats why i have taken some time off and some physo work on them so should be back to best this season

trained shoulders in the last day of 2008 and this was great also

hit 3 pressing pbs did 140k seated log press for a double and seated strict press 130k for double then 50k dumbell press for 12 reps

then trained at unit 20 yesterday events again with the east coast boys went well
did a great log press medley with a horrible log and then knocked out a few reps with 140k with one movement cleans

finished medley in 30 seconds but the chain was inside so it pulled fast on the slick floor

did over a min with thick handle farmers we are using at qual

then finished with stones
did not use tacky or belt
pressed 100k over head then shouldered 127 135 142 and then shouldered 160k stone
been doing a lot of work on the stones over the winter so i hope this should put me up with the best in scotland as we have some great stone lifters and i want to realy run witht them

so overall only 3 workouts in about 10 days but i am feeling great no niggles and i feel fit static strong and hungry to do well in 2009

going to try my new suit on tomorrow both me and ken got new deadlift suits for christmas and we are going to break them in
i got metal viking deadlifter and ken got inzer fusion
i think the afternoon will be spent with me and ken trying to reach barRoll-Eyes Roll-Eyes
» merry christmas from dumbarton (Go to post)29-12-2008 @ 12:01 
thanks guys thank you very much the dumbarton crewe will be making some quality videos in 2009 for your viewing pleasure
just want to say thanks to all the guys from sugden who always give support and motivation
pleasure being a member of the best strength fourm on the net
» The Road To Scotland's Strongest Man Victory! (Go to post)23-12-2008 @ 11:54 
well done partner
go 280k for a double
then week after 287.5
then week 3 270k for 5
then 290k last week and it should come up easy
» robocop (Go to post)20-12-2008 @ 15:57 
powerlifting comp

never done a powerlifting comp before so did not know what to expect but had fun


opened at 260k to get a figure on the bord did not feel good at all been doing a lot of fronts and my back squat form felt rusty

so went 300k for second lift felt better than first lift but still not in the groove

went 330k for my last lift and this felt the best of the 3 was not as deep as first two but still in, but it flew up

happy with that, thats me going back to back squats after my 280k front so i think i have 800 pounds early next year

bench press

i have not really flat benched in over a year i do some bech from time to time to finish off triceps but thats it so did not know what to expect

opened at 160k and i was getting the piss took out of me for my pause i might have overdone it with pause but i have never done it

second was 180k this flew up also

went for 200k for last lift but bicep tendons scremed out in pain and i bombed it shame

this ment i only needed to get 290k for my 800 total on dead

was going to use a suit so ken gave me his and it was not even close to fitting so just settled for raw

opened at 250k felt nice gave me some confidence for other lifts

second 270k again not to bad

third 300k pulled it was slow but never any doubt

so i got 810k total with only knee wraps no dead suit or bech shirt so ok

i think when my new dead suit comes 330k minimum squat had room for improvement and bench was rusty s i think i can get close to 900k total next year
» robocop (Go to post)20-12-2008 @ 15:43 
hey everyone been mental busy in the shop to get on to keep up journal

thanks very much for the complements on front squats very nice of you guys

i have took a couple of days off to rest up to make sure i can hit it hard in jan

trained events on sunday then did a powerlifting comp on wed with big ken

here is how it went


log press
from shoulders
warm up
100k x 6
120k x 6
140k x 6
160k x 1 wanted 2 not my best form been doing a lot of seated press and i have lost a bit of my leg drive
but still 160k log i supposed

silver dollar deadlifts
worked up to 320k left it there

farmers holds
110k each hand x 65 seconds
70k each hand 110 secs

did the 100k 110k 130k 150k 170k stone run again and i managed to shave 7 sec off my time from last week done 35 sec happy with this as i can improve more

lifted 150k one moton
then 170k onto shoulder

really happy with stones they are improving fast

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