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» robocop (Go to post)28-01-2009 @ 13:21 
hello everyone here is my last two before qual on sunday

events on sunday

first event van deadlift emulator

worked up to 13 plates aside for 6 then did 13 plate and 3 guys (steve stainless and dave) for a couple of reps

second event medley
120k keg then 110k farmers then 150k sled dragg
then did
120k keg 150k farmers and 250k sleg drag

sled was tough for second set but kept it going
calves where pumped up big time

third event
grip to front
120k for 70 secs

fourth event stones

did some good work with stones pressed everything till 110k then shouldered the 130k then shouldred the 150k and finished with loading 170k

overall good events did not kill myself but got some good work done
really happy with medley was fast and mobile

lastg workout before rest

would have normally done this workout on sat but i wanted to rest up day before events as i wanted to be fresh for events to keep my confidence high

so i decided to go for the 666 challenge
just to remind people it is
6 reps with 450k leg press
6 reps with 380k karlsen sqauts
and 6 reps with 180k front squats
all raw

the best i have ever done is
6 reps
and 5 reps

so went for it with all guns blazing

the hardest part is the leg press and the best ever was 4 reps so i would have took 4 maybe 5 reps as i hade not done them in a while

worked up to the 450k quite fast as i was training myself
and i went for it got 3 pretty fast and took a rest for a second at the top
went for 4 and it went up not to bad
then a 5th which was right on my limit
though f**k it lets go for a 6th if i get mouse trapped i atleast i can say i went for it
went for 6th had to push as hard as i ever pushed burst all the blood vessels in my face
got up dizzy but pleased i hit my first target

had i think about it and thought hey i could get this here

ken came in from physio to give me a spot and some motivation

went for karlesens and felt good untill about 6 plates a side so though f**k it straight in for 380k as i did not want to waste anymore energy

got ken and other gym to spot me and i unracked the weight went down for first rep and it felt hard really f**king hard but i was not going to let it beat me as i had hit the target on leg press
just kept going slow deep reps had to let out a couple of screams to get me through 4th and 5th rep wanted to rack it at 5 as my breathing was struggling but i went for the 6th and had to use everything to get it
came off sweating and needing to lay down

that is only the second time i have got the 6 karlsens

so all i needed was the fronties
i was confident that i could get them as i have been front squatting well last few months
buit the min i took the bar off and went for my first rep my confidence was shot as my legs where fried from other two exercises
so had to dig deep and bust out the 6 reps last time i did them i failed the last rep but i stronger than that now and the 6th came up

i am really happy i did the 666 challenge as it clearly shows improvment in leg strenght and fitness

i finished off with bench press and i worked up to a nice 200k press

then home
» robocop (Go to post)23-01-2009 @ 17:00 
i will get some quality videos up no doubt me and ken will get some videos taken should be good fun
» robocop (Go to post)23-01-2009 @ 16:08 
hello sugden been mental busy again so not had chance to update journal

just finishing up before my week off before qual

did some deadlifts on wed night
pulled 300k the best i have ever pulled it very fast went down for another rep and nose bled put me right off bas***d

then when i went up to 330k it kept pissing out blood so left it there and just did some sets without belt and suit with 260k drop sets

i think my belt is too tight with suit on and is causing to much pressure and this is causing my nose to bleed
so i am going to switch back from my leaver belt to normal buckle belt so i can adjust it better

then yesterday has some f**king awesome pressing workout top top drawer

incline log press high incline with ifsa log
50k x 20
90k x 15
130k x 10
150k x 10 PB
160k x 3
170k x 2 PB

really happy with PB as i did a lot of volume there

seated barbell press
60k x 10
100k x 10
130k x 5 PB

seated log press (small log fully upright)
70k x 20
110k x 11 PB

finished with some heavy triceps

very happy with pressing should goto qual with a lot of confidence about pressing

just got legs tomorrow then events sunday and a week off to rest eat and relax
then its qual time
» robocop (Go to post)19-01-2009 @ 16:18 
Joni said:
hey was about to ask you about your shop and how is it doing?

really well mate much better han i expected are you comming up for qual hows injury comming along
» robocop (Go to post)19-01-2009 @ 16:05 
Post Edited: 19.01.2009 @ 16:18 PM by robocop
thanks guys
goose is back he will be there did not take a year off just a couple of months

really happy with 150k stone just another 30k and i am arild haugan

loking forward to qual to show my new tools
» robocop (Go to post)19-01-2009 @ 14:11 
alright team sugden not been able to post last week been mental busy in shop and so on

traning has been going well very well

went to dumfries yesterday to get a shot of kit for qual one last time before qual

went well

log press with big diam log

95k x 4 all one movement
115k x 3 all one movement
120k x 4 all one movement (did a rep then jogged away and came back to log and did another rep and went back to replicate log medley
130k x 3 all one movement
140k x 1 one movement
left it there feeling strong on the press looking forward to doing the event now
will be good to use the logs that have been used in the final of the worlds looking forward to pressing same logs as my hero ahola

it is 235k duck 290k frame and 300k chain
was pissing down so left chain
did fastest time with duck and frame 13 secs could be a little faster maybe 12 or 11 and that gives me over a min to do chain

car walk
had lots of shots at this i really like it should do well at it was up at 360 and felt light

did a run with no tacky on arms and did 90k 100k 110k 135k 150k the 150k was soking so could not lift it dried it off and lifted it onto shoulder
then i lifted it onto barrle one motion (never done a 1 motion onto barrel that high) then i one motined it onto shoulder

really really happy with stones, that will give me massive confidence with that set for next sunday

gonna hit it hard all this week then rest up next week for sunday

plan on deadlifting 330k on wed then incline log pressing 150k for 10 on thurs then front squatting something big n sat then sunday big yoke strong stones and then rest
» Fraserbrough Comp 2009 (Go to post)17-01-2009 @ 12:20 
as previous winner of fraz
and sponsor
i will say you get a good crowd and venue
the guy who started fraserburgh was scott bell craig and his wife tif
scot did a great job but he moved back to east cost and a guy called steve evans took over running it
i am sure it will be a good comp for novice to get there teeth into
» Scotlands Strongest Team (Go to post)14-01-2009 @ 14:31 
JC said:
Some quality events there Ken Grin

i value you opinion jc what events would you pick just out of interest mate
» Scotlands Strongest Team (Go to post)14-01-2009 @ 14:30 
its my baby but lots of help from fellow promters both myself and ken have been working hard to make some great events that are different from last year heavy as f**k and some thatr have never been done in sctland ie natural stones and fingers and so on
» robocop (Go to post)12-01-2009 @ 16:05 
JC said:
Nice few sessions mate, massive fronties are per usual

Looking forward to a deadlift PB video later in the week Grin

cheers mate it think i have it in me might get 320k but you gotta think big so 330k is the number on my mind

will post vid and get my yoke one up from sunday
» robocop (Go to post)12-01-2009 @ 16:04 
Joni said:
good work there man, all the best for the deadlift PB!

cheers joni i hope your coming along well stop by your journal and its getting there slowly so a strong 2009 for you mate i hope you make it up the scottish in feb 1st as it would be nice to catch up
» robocop (Go to post)12-01-2009 @ 14:58 
hello i trained sat and sunday this week as i am working late in a fri and cant make it

front squats
60k x 4
100k x 4
140k x 4
180k x 4
220k x 4 belt on and wraps
260k x 1 wanted double but could nt breathe
260k x 1 again went for two but no air in for second lift

felt good though not done them in a couple of weeks and did not feel rusty at all

only had about 30 min left before gym shut

so did some flat bench

my shoulders and tri where still fried from last workout 48 hours before but something was saying have a go at bench

100k x 20
140k x 4 paused
170k x 1 paused then anouther 3 touch and go
180k x 3 easy

wow not relly done bench in along time but f**k i felt really strong could have done over 200k


events with big ken

started off with new grip machine in gym its kinda like human link at uks where you hold weight both hands overhand and to the front

first set

150k beat ken cant remember think it was min and 7 secs

170k much heavier did 30 secs


did 220k to warm up couple of times
310k x 30 m
410k x 30 meters hav vid will post
i tell you 900 pounds felt very heavy day after front squats but i moved ok with it

cage deadlift
worked up to just under 8 plates a side then did the adding weights
worked from just under 8 plates to 11 wanted 12 but back was fried from yoke

both myself and ken where f**ked at this point so did stones without tacky and just went for speed

110k x 5 no taky all one movement stone very slippy and cold
110k x 5 faster than first set

that was us done

good weekends lifting

260k front squat twice
180k x 3 bench
410k yooke 30 meters
happy with that

but looking forward to attempting 330k deadlift on wed night so i will video it see if i can get well over 700 pounds
» robocop (Go to post)09-01-2009 @ 16:30 
hey hey hey kenith
when you can squat 250k for 10 you get the knee wraps off and start a conversation
your on your ass after a couple of sets of karlesens
lazy boy
wait till i pull 330 on wed night then you will have to bow down before me
» robocop (Go to post)09-01-2009 @ 15:53 
i dont like to train anymore than hour and a half or i go flat as f**k unless its events then 3 hours no probs

but hour for pressing is plenty
» robocop (Go to post)09-01-2009 @ 14:43 
cheers guys all that took just 55 mins
dont mess about with the pressing
get in get it done

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