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» 3 way training! (Go to post)05-04-2011 @ 12:33 
Post Edited: 05.04.2011 @ 12:34 PM by oldgit
baldy-thanks for your inciteful reply-i was rather hoping this was a forum for proper wlifters and not the sarcastic t**ts you get on other sites-seems i was wrong
» 3 way training! (Go to post)05-04-2011 @ 12:32 
drew-what dont you understand-the technical training terms or what? cheers
» 3 way training! (Go to post)04-04-2011 @ 11:59 
Post Edited: 04.04.2011 @ 12:00 PM by oldgit
i am training to compete in an old style olympic lifting event with IAWA-so standing press 1st, then snatch and c&j-also to enter 3 lift unequipped plift comp and do a 500m indoor row on concept 2000 machine!! it can be done! keeping it simple i am doing 3 non-consec days a week-day1 squat,bench and deadlift, then day2 500m rows and 1x2000m row for endurance and a lying triceps/ez bar curl superset, then day3 standing press,snatch,c&j-in 4 week blocks-3 weeks increasing kg and 4th week deload. for plifts 5/4/3/3 reps deload reps in block1 then 4/3/2/2 reps deload then 3/2/2 reps deload and finally wek12-1 rep x max! training %-70/80/90/60 then 75/85/95/60 then 80/90/60/100% max-just doing 2 work sets after warm-ups. same sets/reps for standing press-but for snatch/c&j-i do cluster sets. 1st 4 week block-2+2,1+1+1,2 then 2 rep deload-next 4 weeks-1+1+1,2,1+1 then 2 reps deload and finally 2,1+1,3rd week delaod 2 reps and week12 1x max. same training % as plifts. for arms superset i do 10 reps 1st blcok then 8 reps then 6 reps in 3rd block. for rowing i do 3x500m at 80% race pace-trying to drop 2-5 seconds each week-then 2x500m at 90% race pace-similar race pace increases and finally last block go as fast as possible for 1 set at 100% race pace-i just look to get a bit quicker over the 2000m during the 12 week block. anyone else do plifting and wlift comps?
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