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» For sale in Herts/Essex/Cambs? (Go to post)29-07-2018 @ 19:47 
I have a set of bumpers and some steel plates. Probably about 240kg but il need to count them up. I'm in hatfield and willing to sell, also have a squat stand an old bar and an axle, would want it all to go though. Let me know if interested
» Equipment for sale (hertfordhire) (Go to post)07-09-2017 @ 17:42 
Would rather get rid of the lot of possible
» Equipment for sale (hertfordhire) (Go to post)31-08-2017 @ 19:32 
Looking at selling all my gear;

150kg strength shop bumper plates (black)
Strength shop bar - slightly rusty but can be cleaned up easy enough
Strength shop axle
Strength shop Squat stand
Duck walk - again rusted a bit but still good
4x20kg plates
Few 10kg, 5kg, 2.5kg plates all included.

Great for someone setting up at home.

Looking for 500
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)17-06-2017 @ 08:31 
Friday 16th June

Bench upto 120x5
Incline dumbell press
Machine flies
Cable flies
Tricep pushdowns
Seated tricep extensions
Lying hamstring curl
Standing hamstring curls
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)16-06-2017 @ 11:37 
Wednesday 14th June

5-a-side football x 1.5 hours

Thursday 15th June

100m x 1
200m x 1
300m x 1
400m x 1
300m x 1
200m x 1
100m x 1

Total 1600m (1 mile) all done in front crawl
» Training journal - Powerlifting (Go to post)10-06-2017 @ 16:11 
Boar said:she is an absolute delight , but daddy aint putting his feet up anytime soon !!

in similar news...... our dan had an epileptic fit at 3am , f**ker rolled out of bed into a very painfull looking gap next to the wall !! anyhoo ...I had to try and yank him out (in my undies) and strained my back a bit , he is a big f**ker .... not sure if I will train today , have the option of doing it tomoz.

Oh bloody hell. Hope all is ok? Some things are worth getting a bad back for.
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)10-06-2017 @ 12:51 
Saturday 10th June

Loaded a 12 yard skip full of rubble from my house this morning. Took 3 hours and was a killer.

Swimming x 1000m
Did 1 length front crawl and 1 length breast stroke for 30 lengths
Furthest Iv swam non stop, now to reduce the amount of breast stoke till I can do it with front crawl only
» belly or face dilemma of a 40 something (Go to post)08-06-2017 @ 22:07 
Ed, any chance you can upload your video of the home made stone platform incident?
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)08-06-2017 @ 22:02 
Wednesday 7th June

5-a-side football x 1.5 hours

Thursday 8th June

Swimming x 1 mile front crawl
Pyramid up to 8 lengths (25m pool) and back down again
64 lengths

Easiest that the swimming has felt, cramped up near the end so need to drink some more during future workouts
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)05-06-2017 @ 20:30 
Monday 5th June


1x100m Front crawl
1x500m (200xfc, 100xbs, 100xfc, 100xbs)
1x500m (did 1 length front crawl followed by 1 length breaststroke until I hit 500m)
1x100m front crawl

Total 1200m

Really not in the mood so happy with the distances.
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)04-06-2017 @ 00:45 
EDCLARKE said:looks like a fun workout.

To be honest mate, Iv completely lost all motivation for lifting weights at the moment. I only went as the mrs wanted to train. Enjoying the swimming a lot more. Been eyeing up doing an ironman next year. I need to train for something and I want to push myself and prove a few negative people wrong. We will see, will work on fitness up to the autumn, see where I am and make a decision.

Hope your well mate? Back ok?
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)03-06-2017 @ 22:07 
Saturday 3rd June

Bicep curls
Machine curls
Tricep pushdowns
Tricep rope pulldowns
Lat pulldowns
Machine rows
Incline machine press
Cable flies

» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)31-05-2017 @ 20:08 
Wednesday 31st May

Weighed in at 21.1 stone this morning, about where I expected after the weekend.

Played 5 a side football for about an hour and twenty mins.
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)30-05-2017 @ 21:57 
Back from boozing all weekend at the drag racing. Now to get back to it!

Tuesday 30th May

Swimming at hatfield pool. Everything done in front crawl.

33m x 1
33m x 2
33m x 3
33m x 4
33m x 5
33m x 6
33m x 7
33m x 6
33m x 5
33m x 4
33m x 3
33m x 2
33m x 1
33m x 1

Total 1650m

Furthest Iv swam in about 20 years but it felt ok. Took about 1 hour 5 mins. On to the 2000m mark soon.
» Strongman to Athlete (Go to post)25-05-2017 @ 21:57 
Thursday 25th May

200m x 4
300m x 1
Total 1100m

All done front crawl. Getting into a nice rhythm when doing the longer distances now so hopefully try and increase it next week.

Off drag racing for the weekend so beer and crap food, will try get back to it straight away on Monday.

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