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» The Assassin (Go to post)03-09-2008 @ 21:38 
Great pressing mate. esp the 13 reps on 120.

56" too ? Roll-Eyes Roll-Eyes Roll-Eyes May i be able to have one session in it sometime ? Might be the only time i could get someone to get a shirt on me right.
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)03-09-2008 @ 21:34 
I'll use the scales in Adders Saturday and use them only from then.

Checked weight tonight and weight is upto 19.6 so near enough put that stone back on in the last week. Happy now to get to 21 and beyond........and stay there LOLGrin
» Next Adlington Comp ? (Go to post)03-09-2008 @ 12:03 
Looking forward to this. Body-weight over head suit's me better i think, just Ste is a press monster both ways. lol
» Ano Turtiainen biceps pop (Go to post)03-09-2008 @ 12:01 
Madjock said:

The point about people on gear getting more tears is possibly because the extra aggression makes them not give up, when they should let go and maybe even attempt heavier weights than the non-user would (probably good sense to)
What do you think?


Did Bill Kaz ever tear a Bicep ? Not that's one c**t who never gave up ?

Also Big Loz did his bicep last year in the BSM Finals and had very small Biceps (from Sven point of view LOL) but he still managed to tear it. Natural too, said it was due to jerking the tyre with bent arms (if i remember right)
» 2008 IS IT TOO LATE ? (Go to post)03-09-2008 @ 08:11 
so you did get into the lock up eventually. Did you find out what t**t parked the van there?

as Johnny said nice floor presses.
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)02-09-2008 @ 16:20 
Thanks Rick. Going to get back on the insulin soon as for nice short bursts, that'll get the weight on. just need to find some one with some as every t**t here hasn't got any. Angry

Tuesday (Titan's Gym)

Quite a few BB and Hammertone Back exercises.
Was doing shurgs but ended up leaving them as wasn't really into it. Looking forward to Saturday's Pressing and Chippy Dinner.
» The Assassin (Go to post)01-09-2008 @ 22:33 
Missed the rain this side too. LOL

Looks good work on the squats mate.
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)01-09-2008 @ 19:58 
Monday (Adders)

Feeling goodish but soon to be very f**ked and very hot. LOL

Deadlift (Tec)

60kg 2 sets
140kg 1 or 2 sets 8 reps ?
180kg 5 reps
220kg 3 reps
230-240kg 3x3

Hamstrings and Arse were cramping to f**k after Deadlifting right. LOL

Front Squats (With Andy)

60kg set or two 8ish reps
100kg few reps?
140kg 5 repx3 while Andy did 5X5 with each set and rep looking easier than the last.

Stiff Leg Deads
110kg ? 2 set's 8 reps

Leg Curls 2 set's full stack 6-8 reps

Felling better now had alot of fluids ect and hamstrings are well and truly f**ked. Great. finish back off tomorrow and a very light event for a few sets. Training Adders again Saturday and hopefully Alan Andy ect can help us with behind neck jerks.

Think i may also start weighing myself regally to make sure i get the extra weight on for next year. Think i need to be a solid-ish 21 stone and sit at that weight comfortably
» logpress lockout power (Go to post)31-08-2008 @ 12:31 
SPEED and More work on triceps esp floor presses or overhead lock outs in a rack.
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)31-08-2008 @ 12:30 
Sunday (home LOL)

20 mins worth of Forearm and Grip work.

Orbi-Grip (Dave Horne's Amazing Grip equipment) few min's each way on each arm

Grippers upto HEavy Grippers 350 R and 300 L

Then Some Over-crushers with 250 and 300's 30 sec's each

Some Dumbbell Wrist curls Light 12.5-15kg ish.

Think Adders is on the cards for me tomorrow. Deadlifts and Front squats. Get there 3:30-4:00 ish
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)29-08-2008 @ 19:56 
Day 3 UK's final

Woke up again feeling pretty fresh, and really twitching to get the Comp started. Got to wear my Man-kin again for the 3rd day in a row and wasn't looking forward to the chaffing after-wards. LOL

Andy from SCOT-ER-LAND and his wee Tablet broke the dead lift frame in the morning so the Deadlift was postponed to later on in the comp. First event PRess Medley in the rain. Went out 7th, so really looking forward to this event as i knew what i had to do to win it. Out of the i wanted to win or at min be top3 in the Press and Stones.

Press - 110kg Barrel, 120kg Stone block, 60k-ish Dumb ell (both arms) 130kg Wooden Log, Glenn's Axel 150kgish.

Barrel, Stone and dumb ells all flew up quite fast and very very easy. Went to the log and as i was going to 1 motion it to press my Level Belt popped open. (NEVER WEAR THAT TYPRE OF BELT AGAIN WHEN PRESSING) took two more attempts from chest but couldn't set myself. (Log was trying to roll forward) (Another note always clean the log first before buying it in the event. Dropped the log and the end broke (time still counting) Took another two attempts but f**ked up.

Really f**ked off with this event as i's pretty sure if i press the log 1) i would have won the event on time and 2) i'm 100% i would have cleaned the Axel and 90% certain i would have pressed it. Felt so fresh and strong after the dumbbell but failed completely on the Log. Some very important lessons for me.

Back Lift
Thought i was gunning for anything over last place, after watching the rest of the lads doing it. Could have got second but had my first few lifts with the back thing to high. (thanks to the Scot's telling me to lower it) nearly got the final lift of 600kg ? with Glenn, but a few mm off. Gutted as i thought i was so close.


135kg 145kg and 165kg 1 pt, 3pt, 5pt and in order get bonus of 12PT.
Did two full runs real easy with one stupid little mistake. the 135 and 145 stones were one motioned the 165 was in two movements but still quick. NOW think there may have been a mistake but have to wait and see. After the 2 full runs i sure i did the 135kg the 145kg stones over the yoke and then screaming at the spotter to hurry the f**k up and give me a stone failed as i tripped over the yoke. But according to the points i only got given 25pt ? I may be wrong but hopefully find out soon. Thought i was joint 2nd with Dave Warner but not according to the scoring.

Dead lift 300kg ?

Got to knees and failed, left it as didn't want to f**k back/hip up. Also knew i need 2 reps to catch up with Adam and thought it wasn't going to happen.

Medley Tyre 400kg ? and Drag Tractor thingy ?

Pissed the Tyre in quicktime 3 flips. and then failed like a c**t on the drag. Just too much for me and usually i good on Drags ? LOL

1 PT away from 5th which may poss change if the Stones scoring changes, but may be wrong like i said. James fully deserved to be there and putting in great performances on Dead lifts and Trucks Pull which were very impressive.

Looking forward to seeing how much of a t**t i look or come across. LOL
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)29-08-2008 @ 18:26 
Friday Adders

Not feeling to good but still had a okish train.

Chin up's x 20 reps

Strict Press (Axel)
60kg x 2 high rep sets
100kg x 6-10 reps easy
120kg (aiming 3x3)
Did 3x2 sets and 1 set of 10 push presses.

Close Bench

140kg 10 reps (few paused)

Joints really sore and head wasn't in it.
» Woman asks and receives (Go to post)28-08-2008 @ 19:48 
Post Edited: 28.08.2008 @ 19:49 PM by shawn
http://www.crazys** Tongue Tongue Grin Grin Grin
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style - The Year of the Deadlift (Go to post)28-08-2008 @ 12:31 
coming Adders tomorrow mate ?

also have you a contact number for Stewart Cosgrove ?
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)27-08-2008 @ 22:33 
day 2

Woke up fresh as f**k, Very suprised.

Truck pull -
WET, WET, WET. f**ked up and failed 2nd last.

Human Link

Had to set the time and made a good-ish performance 52 sec's. Spencer beat me on 57 and rob on 1 min 2.

Thor's Hammer
really made a c**t of myself, should have done alot better.

Bicep Curl (Strict ?) soon see. lol
Hard to do this event not being in front of a mirror. Grin (Just for you Joni.... bas***d LOL)
10 reps and won. was out of final day but due to winning this event and others placings beat Adam Townsend in Group and he went out.

DAy 3 Later

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