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» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)23-09-2008 @ 15:30 
LMFAO. Thats right Andy. Grin Grin

Tue (Titians Gym)

Farmers walk
2 sets x 40 metre (1 turn) runs 70kg/per hand
100kg 1 small run
120kg 40 metres (1 turn) 2 sets (Best time 19.10)
120kg 2 sets 20 metres (best time 7.8)

Shin still sore but not to bad. Pick ups s**t-ish and the runs felt slow too, but the times look ok, so no complaints. Really f**ked after these from the sun and the cardio.

2 sets on some dead-lift machine
2 sets hamstrings 10 reps a leg

» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)23-09-2008 @ 11:43 
Believe me Joni, IT really does make a difference. LOL

You'll be very surprised how well the pic looks at 50"+ and it's totally worth it, IF you can get away with it. Grin
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)22-09-2008 @ 23:45 
YIPPY f**kING YE. My 50" TV has just blew up, right before Mulder and Scully were about to explain what the f**k was going on. f**ks knows when i will be watching porn again as i had the TV and my computer monitor too.

Mate says the TV has a warranty but f**k knows how long that will take to sort out. Mean while i've got to out up with the smallest monitor ever. lol
» inver stone (Go to post)22-09-2008 @ 23:42 
Big thing this for me. Really want to get up there and lift these. May becoming up Xmas and spend most of the time lifting Stones.
» Whey Consortium - Unliftable Atlas Stone 252kg (Go to post)22-09-2008 @ 20:11 
I'll say i lapped it, (But only of a sec or 2) as left leg went in a funny position and i had to dump the stone forward and jump my arse out the way. LOL

No-one has come close t lapping it yet. (to my knowledge)
But Loz and poss 1-2 others have had a little air under it.
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)22-09-2008 @ 19:38 
I'm not worrying too much about the weight, esp as strength is going up. It's just that i'm getting pissed that i'm eating f**k all at times and i want to make sure the lifting is fuled properly. Thanks though mate, alot of things you say tend to hit the right code for me.

Adders (Mon)

Thought i was in better nick today, but wrong, head wasn't there and neither was the body.
Made too a big a jumps (even when i know the weight is lift-able for me) and letting it f**k up my head.

Deads on Oly Bar

upto 240kg 3 reps easy
then Stupid c**t i am go's for 300kg (Head goes to s**t before and after this)
back to
260kg 1 or 2 reps (head and body wrong)
240kg 4 reps (just making it hard for myself)

Axel Clean
upto 110kg easy the 140kg felt wrong so back down to
120kg trying a different tec
Still Pissed i do 140kg-150kg for 3 conternetials
Then "MY" aim for the day 190kg Conternetial. (same again very cable of it but f**ked it with to may s**t attempts)

2-3 sets back squat 100kg-120kg for reps

Pissed off and going home. Plan for next 4 weeks is NO missed lifts. Few little goals for the next few months and want to hit everyone of them.

Also brokee my car seat on the way down, so that didn't help things.
» Whey Consortium - Unliftable Atlas Stone 252kg (Go to post)22-09-2008 @ 13:00 
» Whey Consortium - Unliftable Atlas Stone 252kg (Go to post)22-09-2008 @ 12:56 
For Andy and Co. and for anyone else interested in the Whey Consortium Stone. (Biggest + Heaviest) Stone in the UK.

» Marc Giles, English 21/09/2008. Video (Go to post)22-09-2008 @ 12:18 
LMFAO at not getting given that first squat.

Nice lifing mate.
» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)20-09-2008 @ 16:32 
I believe you mate. LOL

Not been to well this week and have eaten f**k all really, Tired from lack of sleep this week and not much food. Head wasn't in it properly today, so even though okish numbers and rep's ect, i still unhappy with my performance today. Great company as usual with the meal afterwards and great advice being passed. Thanks

Saturday (Adders)

Behind Neck Jerks (kept f**king up and pressing it)
60kg x 2sets reps
100kg x 1 set reps
140kg x 1 set 5 easy (But with wrong tec)
160kg 3 sets x 3 reps (easy-ish but head not with it and it showed, esp with the tec)
140kg x 5 super easy reps (slightly better tec)
120kg x 5 super easy reps (Tec better than previous set)

Axel Push Press (Front)
120kg 5 easy reps 2 sets ? (Can't remember)
160kg 3 close misses, (Tec really awful, not getting it right until last attempts)

Should be sorted for Monday and defo be trying to eat alot more.
Body-weight surprising 19 Stone 7 Lbs. Aim for next week to at least keep weight or gain another 1lb or 2.
» Which babe do you want to get yo ass whipped off??? (Go to post)18-09-2008 @ 16:16 

Girl Interrupted. Probably stab you though
» More to do. (Go to post)18-09-2008 @ 09:56 
Looking forward to Saturday mate. LOL

Lifting heavy s**t and food in good company, doesn't get much better.
» Whey Power Challenge 2008 (Go to post)16-09-2008 @ 19:01 
Whey Power Challenge 2008
Promoter - Nick McKinless
Venue - Whey Consortium HQ, Hopewell St, Gloucester
Date - Saturday 20th December 2008
Start - 11am


OVERHEAD from the floor - Anystyle (clean and jerk, push press, continental, saxon etc). Any lift (barebell, axle, log, inch etc). Belts, wrists wraps, knees, elbows allowed.

SQUAT - Any style (front, back, power). BELOW parallel. Any gear.

CURL - EZ Curl or Straight Olympic bar. Strict against the wall (back, head and butt against wall, feet 6-12" away). Wrist wraps and belts. NO ELBOW WRAPS OR SUPPORTS.

BENCH - NO SHIRTS. Pause at chest and wait for signal. Wrist wraps ok, NO ELBOW WRAPS OR SUPPORTS.

VULCAN GRIPPER - As per David Horne's rules (please see David Horne's website World of Grip. 3 attempts. You choose whether you are using the Credit Card set or the 20mm block.


It will be a rising bar for ALL lifts.

I wil send out applications via e-mail in the next few weeks which will have the list of events and if you are attending the meal afterwards. I will get a price for this ASAP.

Bring your cameras and be prepared for some BIG LIFTING!

» Shawn - Strongman - (Go to post)16-09-2008 @ 19:00 
Thanks Johnny.

Just be told the Comp is now cancelled due to sponsors pulling out. Think Joni is behind it (as i not meant to be doing any comps this year) lol

Oh well - AT least i've got the two Adder's Comp's and Poss the Whey HQ Power meet 20th Dec.
Be good if some of the sudgen lads could make it.
» A Lot of Not Very Much ! (Go to post)16-09-2008 @ 17:05 
another great dead-lifting session.Grin

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