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» 2015 GBPF 'All England' Powerlifting. (Go to post)17-08-2015 @ 19:09 
Where can I find the results ?
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)12-07-2015 @ 10:43 
How much was Terry weighing yesterday ? He looked as big as a house !
» Flash A-ah (Go to post)29-03-2015 @ 15:52 
Post Edited: 29.03.2015 @ 16:37 PM by Mike_Neale
It was an absolute pleasure competing with you buddy. My mind checked out of the comp two weeks ago but the only reason I stayed in was I knew we'd have a giggle.

You blasted the a real solid workman like performance, just solid graft all the way thru, and consistency.

You were very deserving of second place, it just put a nice cap on all the work you put in for your arnolds performance.

I owe you 3 or 4 on our bet too, depending on the stones results. Someone told me I came second, but either way, you did me you bas***d

Hard work pays off, boys and girls !

(edit: Just seen Erics stone run, 4 in 20ish, so deffo not second, but just have to wait and see the score sheets to see how minted you are lmao)
» Flash A-ah (Go to post)08-03-2015 @ 11:44 
When are we going to get a comp write up (of the whole experience) ?
» East Midlands strongest u80 u105 and open comp thread (Go to post)04-03-2015 @ 19:25 
THE BEST comp video I have ever seen, bar none !!!
» Flash A-ah (Go to post)03-03-2015 @ 21:56 
Glad to mate. I cant wait to see you smash it. I'm not going to say good luck cos you dint need luck when you've trained that hard !
» Flash A-ah (Go to post)03-03-2015 @ 21:49 
Flash said:
Cheers for the kind words Mike, what you mean about the dumbell being loosened, I thought it was a big solid dumbell.

I only know that the dumbbell used in previous years was an enclosed, 5kg plate loaded dumbbell, with a cap on. When Arram went, he was (one of) the first up, he cleaned it and realised the plates weren't tightened inside, which they then were after he mentioned as he came off the platform, if any of that makes sense :-/ lol
» Flash A-ah (Go to post)03-03-2015 @ 21:12 
This is the best shape I've ever seen you in mate. You are the dark horse in any lightweight comp mate, this times no different and the perfect stage to show it. Everything just looks solid, consistent and well grafted.

Your drop & turn on the yoke looks awesome and so well prepared. Your dumbbell is looking set for some major points, just careful of making sure you touch the dumbbell before the lift, cos it really screwed arram over, being loosened before his go and just be aware of the long ass down signals.

4th place or higher, will set you as the highest placing lightweight Brit at the Arnolds. I hope you nail it.............. It'll make whooping you at mids u90s more spectacular Wink lmao
» Ed hall (Go to post)02-02-2015 @ 15:25 
Seriously ??? A 450+ deadlift video, and the main topic of the discussion, is his language ???

Un-f**kING-real !!!!
» THE DRAGON 2.0 (Go to post)16-01-2015 @ 09:55 
If Shane goes to the Arnolds, I will bet 100 with whoever that wants to take it, that Shane will WIN.
» THE DRAGON 2.0 (Go to post)15-01-2015 @ 20:03 
I've said this repeatedly, you are the best u80 in the world EVER. To not have a world title is not a true reflection of the competitor you are. I think it would be a crime not to do it. You are young, heavier weight category's will always be there waiting for you, but the chance to win a world title at such a sporting event may not (either as a result of it not being held again or you not being able to make the weight as you continue to grow).
» MAX POWER STRONGMAN (Go to post)27-12-2014 @ 08:47 

What total do you have to make the next day to qualify Mark ?
» MAX POWER STRONGMAN (Go to post)24-12-2014 @ 12:42 
Mark, 11 weeks ??? Am I miscounting ? I thought it was 8 Unhappy
» MAX POWER STRONGMAN (Go to post)23-12-2014 @ 21:58 
Niiiice ! So is that the venue then ?
» MAX POWER STRONGMAN (Go to post)23-12-2014 @ 10:18 
Is the deadlift just a 2" bar and normal plates or a specific set up from a raised height ?

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