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» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)14-01-2013 @ 21:56 
Anybody weigh in on these questions for a friend?

"I'm looking at replacing my old knee sleeves, which are slowly falling apart. I could buy some more 2 chinese ebay ones, but i'm looking at something nicer too, just to weight the options. I like the look of the strengthshop range (i am also pondering some wrist wraps for pressing), but i can't decide which ones i want - really i should go for the softer wraps liek the Hercules or Zeus (although stiff ones would be fine for pressing, since the wrists aren't an active joint so it wouldn't be 'gearing' the lift), but also the Thor wraps just look sexy, and i should look sexy even if i lift alone in my garage! Also also, they make some half n' half wraps and some crazy hybrid material wraps which aren't well explained on the site, so if any of you own or have used these previously, what were your impressions? "
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)25-11-2012 @ 17:28 
Home from Caerphilly. Good comp, although lifting in the afternoon was a little unnerving. It was a long morning.
Weighed 66.4, and got:
squat 90, 97.5
failed 3rd at 105 due to upper back rounding.
bench 47.5, 52.5(meet PR)
failed 3rd at 55, just too heavy
deadlift 125, 140(meet pr, equal anytime pr), both hook grip
missed 145 just over the knee.

There's my 3 plates then. Next stop 3 25s...
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)12-10-2012 @ 11:31 
I'm going to the 4 Nations. Scottish Powerlifting has rejoined the GBPF, and we're sending a team. Shall compete as a 72kg currently 65kg, so I get to eat everything for the next 6 weeks.

Well then.
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)10-09-2012 @ 18:39 
I think I should stop posting here. Last time I did I immediately cricked my back, and last night I think I broke my toe...

Hook grip is OK for me, as strong as alternating, but I don't know if it scales. It hurts, and I imagine it'd hurt more for higher weight regardless of how strong your grip is. But then I have small hands. Give it a go, and see.
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)09-09-2012 @ 22:40 
Had something off in the SI joint and one of the facet joints in my back decided to readjust under 85kg. That hurt. Still have a tender spot in the muscle. Hips have been aching a lot too, not entirely sure why.

Did a comp today, so thought I'd check in:
102.5, 50, 137.5 at 67kg.
303lb deadlift, with hook grip.

Can't wait to get back to squatting, and to finally DL more than 120 for 5. Close to a 55kg bench too. And would like to drop a few kgs, back down to 64-5.
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)02-08-2012 @ 16:15 
Wow this has been a while.
Got up to 95x4 squat, but only 122.5x3 dead. Also 130 dead for almost 2 reps: soft lockout on the second. Then hiked the ring of Steall, 5000ft ascent/descent, in the week we had 25 degrees and blazing sun. Went to Alaska, which was awesome. Sea kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, moose. Ran a 5k in 31.56 the day after getting back.

Back on the previous programming since return, but having issues with the squat again. Currently working on the knees out problem. OTOH, tonight should be 120x5 DL again, for PR territory next week. Bench sucks due to the 3-4week enforced break.

Loving the Olympics. although it only took about ten minutes to realise I cannot watch while working, and actually get anything done.
» London 2012 - Weightlifting (Go to post)01-08-2012 @ 12:41 
Is she fainting, or is it something worse? Left knee keeps collapsing on her.
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)16-05-2012 @ 13:21 
Bit of outdoor climbing recently, nothing big but the first time I've been in charge. Nobody died, nobody even got grazed.

Squat 92.5x5 and DL 120x5 all hooked last week. squat 80 5x5 on Monday. Bench 51x3. Lifts going nicely, trousers getting a bit tight.
» Neil's Journal (Go to post)16-05-2012 @ 13:16 
Thing said:
i think at my local pool there is an jour of public swimming every weekday evening.
but when you resemble the Fat Human Bender from Futurama then the mind get in the way of swimming with folk around. so i was going to do it at the weekend when nobody goes.

Aww bo***cks. Nobody cares, and even if they did why should you. Just don't wear 3 sizes too small speedos.

Good luck with the rehab!
» Slob's Training Log (Go to post)10-05-2012 @ 20:23 
georgec said:
First set on 50, went light headed durin the second rep so didn't take any chances

First shoulder session in a while so wasn't expecting much, but quite disappointed on how difficult I found the push press.

Might just need to watch how you rack the bar: it's easy to press on the carotid artery in the neck, and that can knock you out within seconds. I'll bet it's more the technique making it hard too, give it a few sessions to get the coordination, you'll be surprised.
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)04-05-2012 @ 17:01 
New PBS: 90 1x5 squat, and a 117.5 1x5 DL, consecutively. Deads were hooked. Squat is technically an equal pb, but it was much better than that one.
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)26-04-2012 @ 12:49 
My grip strength has gone through the roof recently, I can climb things I wouldn't think possible (there's one fingery, bridgy 6c at Ibrox I have done twice with a single cheat hold), and can hook grip my DL work sets at 110x5, I think I've pulled 125x1 with hook. Starting to prefer it over alternating.

Back on a TM setup, with 5x5/1x5 squats, 6x3/1x3 bench/press and 6x3 PCs/1x5 dl. Enjoying it, but so very busy with PhD work that I'm permanently knackered. Hoping for 115x5 DL today to be squarely over the 250lb mark again, got a 72.5 5x5 squat Monday, and am at about a 50x2-3 bench.

Also, I will be going to Alaska in June. This is totally awesome, and I have a week of free time to go kayaking, go and see Denali etc etc. It will be two weeks without training so I'm planning to run hard up to then and take it as much needed time off.
» Jordans training log (Go to post)26-04-2012 @ 12:41 
Have you tried linear progression? For your squat in particular, I would squat twice a week (it's a lift that benefits from frequency for me), go up 2.5 kg each time doing says 3 sets of 5. I went from 60 to 80 for 3x5 in 5 weeks like that.
» Pull 3 plates, learn to bench (Go to post)06-04-2012 @ 10:12 
It's a bas***d, finally get back to training and coughing green stuff. I'll just keep hammering through it until it goes away or I get pneumonia.

I'm going to miss the SP open in June, but I'm intending to do the Seniors in Sept. Ought to smoke 140 DL by then, and really hoping to be benching near one plate. Might look into something from one of the other Feds for the interim.
» Super Log of Joy (Go to post)06-04-2012 @ 10:02 
One of the Werksans has been taken out 'cos it's bent. The two old ones with ridged ends are about, and the eleiko. So 4 plus the womens. I have no idea if they're planning to get another.
In other news they've installed f-ing mirrors in front of the racks under the TV. ar****les.


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