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» Cheshires Strongest Man u105 (Go to post)24-08-2011 @ 00:04 
Interested... I really shouldn't be considering I'm crap at overheads, farmers and yokes, but I am. I'll get back to you Embarassed
» My Toilet (Go to post)13-08-2011 @ 19:19 
I used to live in a 1-bed flat that had 2 bathrooms. Its the way of the future!
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)13-08-2011 @ 18:44 
Well done today Jon, great performance! Havent seen the final scores, but must have been close between you and Shane.
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)12-08-2011 @ 12:04 
The town square on a regular saturday afternoon is PACKED at best, so with half the square cordoned off, spectators and regular shoppers having a gander, the crowd will be massive.

Andy's done an amazing thing organizing an event in such a high profile place.

See you tomorrow mate Happy
» Coan/Phillipi 10 week Deadlift Routine (Go to post)08-08-2011 @ 19:15 
I really liked the program.. it's pretty intense with the ridiculous volume in the earlier weeks, but it's enjoyable and covers most bases in improving a deadlift imo.

I tried to put 30kg on my deadlift (270-300) and failed on week 9. The week after failing, I dropped the weight from 292.5kg to 290kg and got a good lift. I stopped there, but I'll likely go back to it in September just for a 10-15kg increase. Happy
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)07-08-2011 @ 19:33 
I'm competing in the open this Saturday too, here are the events (I've edited and added comments in bold 'cause some of them have been changed slightly but the note was never updated):

MAIN EVENT. 1400 - 1700hrs.

1. Clean and press medley. (reverse order I think/hope....?)
- 120kg Axle
- 110kg log
- 100kg Axle (2nd)
- 70kg sandbag.

2. 'Riot Van' Pull.
- Hand over hand Police personnel carrie for 20 mtrs. Has been swapped for a mini-bus or transit of some sort...

3. Load and carry.
- Water barrel carry for 15 metres. (barrel has a 90kg sandbag in it and is too big to carry, so it's a tip/lift/thrust movement)
- Carry and load 80,90,100kg sandbags.

4. Van Deadlift (laden) - Astra van and it's LIGHT
- max reps (90 secs) (lift/good lift commands from ref)

5. Farmers walk. - 120kg farmers for distance (with turns) - using railway sleepers..

Looking forward to being completely outclassed by you on Saturday mate! Grin
» How much can you 1 arm deadlift? (Go to post)06-08-2011 @ 16:11 
Never maxed out on 1 arm deadlifts, but I've had 200kg relatively easily with chalk + hook grip. Excessive wanking is definitely the best accessory training you can do, as my "stranger" hand can barely lift a 32kg kettlebell Tongue
» where did it all begin? (Go to post)03-08-2011 @ 16:02 
when did you start training?
Nearly 2 years ago... wife paid a month's gym membership for my birthday. Weird present nowhere near as good as a Transformer, but I loved it!

when did you start strength training?
About 6 months after I started and realised I was just pissing around with the same weights making no progress.

what made you want to train?
Being 17st of fat, borderline alcoholic mess/not having a hobby other than drinking vodka/rum/smoking.

why did you choose strength over looks?
..I look amazing. However, I chose strength because I find competing with numbers more interesting than competing with abs.

what did you lift when you started?
140kg deadlift, 80kg squat

whats the most import thing you have learnt?
Always wear the right shoes!

what would you say to yourself if you went back in time
and met yourself the day you started?

Train your arms from day 1, else you'll look like a tank with frigging spaghetti arms.
» EQ vs UN-EQ (Go to post)29-07-2011 @ 06:22 
I like to say I pull better raw than suited. The real reason is because I'm a pussy that doesn't enjoy having his testicles being destroyed for the sake a few KG. Tongue

As above though, best bet is to borrow either a squat or a deadlift suit in the relevant size and try it out for a few sessions. If you get on well with it and your lifts go up, then have at it!
» OSG push and pull (Go to post)24-07-2011 @ 19:42 
I had a great time even though I was shy as a mouse Grin

Was good to be part of such a well organized event and among so many talented lifters.

» Come and try Strongman for Free (Go to post)22-07-2011 @ 14:03 
Posted on fb... think a few bolton lads might be interested Cool
» OSG push and pull (Go to post)21-07-2011 @ 11:47 
James_94 said:Can't wait for this!

I may be around 30kg off my current deadlift PB at the moment in training, but i'm hoping for atmosphere induced miracles on the day..

Sniff of nose tork, a slap on the neck and you'll smash it fella Grin
» ROPE. (Go to post)29-06-2011 @ 20:19 
Mo yacoobali on facebook is selling some thick rope. Might be worth sending him a message.
» Tennis (Go to post)28-06-2011 @ 23:32 
Martin1956 said:That's not Lisicki, that the one that was playing Sharapova. Definite hottie!

It is Lisicki... I've been perving on her all week, I should know!

You're quite right though, Dominika Cibulkova is also rather tasty.
» Tennis (Go to post)28-06-2011 @ 17:08 
Already got dibs on Lisicki. Sorry fellas. Grin


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