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» Good books on powerlifting (Go to post)05-11-2012 @ 01:17 
Thanks for all the replys guys, some really good suggestions Happy
» Good books on powerlifting (Go to post)03-11-2012 @ 14:36 
brownbear said:
People often say good things about Andy Bolton's book.
Westside book of methods
Destroy the opposition- Jamie Lewis
Any others guys?

Thanks for the reply will check them out
» Good books on powerlifting (Go to post)03-11-2012 @ 14:16 
Am looking for some reading material, can any1 suggest some good books about powerlifting ?
» 190KG Bench at BPF raw comp (Go to post)22-10-2012 @ 11:38 
milsy said:Solid pressing

But what's the bpf? Is it a new fed ? And what's the rules etc noticed you can wear joggers and don't have to wait for start command

It was for charity so singlet wasnt needed , didnt know you had to wait to bench and Ive competed in BPC aswell
» 190KG Bench at BPF raw comp (Go to post)19-10-2012 @ 19:30 
Post Edited: 19.10.2012 @ 19:55 PM by jstar
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)06-04-2012 @ 21:37 
Hurt my wrist sleeping this week but feels like its recovering well now, hopefully it will be good for weekend. Not trained all week due to this.
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)31-03-2012 @ 14:15 
Yesterdays leg session


bar 5
60kg 5
100kg 5
140kg 5
180kg 5

Leg extensions

50kg 12
70kg 12
85kg 12

Lying ham curls

40kg 12
55kg 12
65kg 12
65kg 12

Donkey calf raises

150kg 20
150kg 20
150kg 30
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)26-03-2012 @ 10:01 
Some strongman training
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)25-03-2012 @ 10:56 
Deadlift session was crap again , had to use a crap bar and found out floor was not level , got to 260kg again and legs started to give, gona have a rest and start training legs heavy again to try combat this. I had a really good arm session yesterday , nice and heavy.

Leg session on friday was really good, did leg press , about 10 sets of 5 and maxed out the weight on it and then had to balance a plate on top to get a little extra weight. Then I did 5 sets of leg extensions upto 80kg at high reps.
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)21-03-2012 @ 07:28 
Trained hamstrings adductor's and calfs yesterday, went pretty heavy and for low reps 4-8 . The inside of my leg is killing now and was pumped really bad yesterday lol. Gona attempt a personal best on deadlifts this week.
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)19-03-2012 @ 17:20 
Decline bench

Bar 12
60kg 8
100kg 6
140kg 6
180kg 2
200kg 1 (pb)
220kg fail
210kg 1 (pb)

Incline bench

60kg 12
60kg 12
60kg 20
60kg 20

Pec dec

25kg 20
35kg 12
40kg 12
25kg 17
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)13-03-2012 @ 19:44
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)13-03-2012 @ 19:43 
Trained chest today

Dumbbell press

12.5kg 20
20kg 12
32.5kg 12
42.5kg 12
57.5kg 12
65kg 8
70kg 6 PB

Pec dec

20kg 16
30kg 12
35kg 12
30kg 17
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)11-03-2012 @ 16:06 
Trained legs on friday, nothing special just squats and ham curls then ab and adductor machines.

Part 3 of my road to becoming a strongman is nearly finished.
» I have the POWER !!! (Go to post)08-03-2012 @ 23:35 
Trained shoulders today , left shoulder still not 100%

Standing barbell press

40kg 12
60kg 12
80kg 8
60kg 22

Single arm dumbbell overhead press

started at 35kg and worked upto 60kg going up in 5kg increasements

Hammer press machine seated

40kg 4x 20


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