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» Brownbear's log (Go to post)24-03-2011 @ 15:04 
likesadeadkf said:
Did you actually chalk your legs or did you use baby powder? Ive seen someone do this in my gym but the chalk will only increase the friction and makes things harder. The white powder on guys legs in comps and so on is baby powder as this has the opposite effect.

Well, i didnt have any baby powder as i didnt anticipate it being an issue. My legs were quite sticky and i was just having a guess at the fact my legs were sweaty and hairy being a reason for the bar sticking, so tried chalk. You are quite right, the chalk didn't help. Live and learn. Happy
» Brownbear's log (Go to post)24-03-2011 @ 14:36 
Thanks guys
» Brownbear's log (Go to post)23-03-2011 @ 23:09 
23-03-11 Trained with VanillaGorilla today, was good.

Clean and Press - 80x3, 85x3,3,3- happy with these, i can count on one hand the times ive cleaned or push pressed.
Wt. Chins +10kgx8,8,8,8
Seated DB OH Press- 30kgx8,8,8,8
BB Rows, 60x8, 100x8, 120x8

Overall, a pretty awesome session.
» Brownbear's log (Go to post)21-03-2011 @ 23:32 
21-03-2011 Long day at uni today- 830 am until 730pm. Not all us students are dossers lol
Push Press- first time doing these properly- got some good technique tips from Vanilla Gorilla

210x3 - no straps- had problem locking the last rep out and thought it was due to my shots and the bar getting caught, so rolled the shorts up.
210x3- straps - again, problem locking out, hitch came in to play here. So, chalked my legs.
210x3- straps- again, problem locking out, massive hitch.
180x2 and left it, was going to do 2x6 here, but i think i like my back in one piece.

Either I have a very weak upper back or push presses destroyed my lockout. Seeing as i've never had to hitch a deadlift before, have done 240 without a hitch, i think the push press took its toll.

Chinups BW x8,8,8,8 easy peasy.

That was it for today, felt happy about the push press and learning the technique better, 90 should fly up effortlessly for 3x3 next week.
» Picking shit up without falling over (Go to post)19-03-2011 @ 00:10 
Those 140 squats were not just ATG and PAUSED, they were also RAW!
» Picking shit up without falling over (Go to post)18-03-2011 @ 18:43 
great session, fantastic lifting. Good job we didn't curl today, could have injured a shoulder :s
» Brownbear's log (Go to post)18-03-2011 @ 18:33 
18-03-11 Friday Squats n Bench- feeling a bit under the weather, have done for a few days
155x3 - add wraps
190x3 PB - felt good
190x2- first rep was good, second ok, felt like i was going to faint, third not a good idea.
120x6,6 beltless

105x3,3,3 Grin
Paused Bench

Some curlz for dem bicepz
» Picking shit up without falling over (Go to post)18-03-2011 @ 00:37 
VanillaGorilla said:You're as bad as tintin

I'm creasing up atm
» Picking shit up without falling over (Go to post)18-03-2011 @ 00:16 
As your training partner, it may well be time to finally post in your journal, not that i have anything useful or coherent to say here....
» Brownbear's log (Go to post)17-03-2011 @ 16:57 
Post Edited: 17.03.2011 @ 23:55 PM by brownbear
13-03-11 Feeling broken down and tired
Went in with the intention of deadlifting 220 3x3, didnt go to plan, called it at 210x1, did some rows 100 3x8 and some t bar gay.

14-03-11 Bench
wanted 110 for 3x3, got 2- this means i am tired and need to deload. Inc DB 45x3, Inc BB 90x5, some gay tricep s**t.
all in all im f**king knackered- no deload for 4 months and im tired!

So, took a couple days off and did some messing about today
Strict Press 62.5x5 some more sets lighter,
Chins 3x3 w/15kg (going to work this up to 3x5 and go heavier, these were a pile of piss. PLus about 10x3 BW
Dumbell Press OH 25x15, 22.5x15- nice and light.
Alt DB curls 22.5x5 strict, cross hammers 20x8
Rev Pec Deck 2x20

Training with Vanilla Gorilla commences tomorrow!
» First year in strongman (Go to post)17-03-2011 @ 16:49 
Nice lifting big D, keep it up
» Brownbear's log (Go to post)11-03-2011 @ 17:33 
11-03-11 Press
Push Press 85x3, this did not feel nice, so strict press 70x3,3,3
Chins BWx3,3 +20x2, +40x1,1 +20x3, BWx3,3,3,3,3 3,3,3,3,3
Some curls
» Brownbear's log (Go to post)08-03-2011 @ 20:08 
Squat 182.5x3,3,3 beltless pause squats 120x3,3,3
leg press 4/sidex10, 6/sidex10, 8/sidex8->6/sidex10->4/sidex10
some leg curls

pretty good session. Couldn't find my strengthshop knee wraps, so had to use my sk sports ones, felt ok, but not great. Vanilla Gorilla was helpfultoday with wrapping, but i felt neglected when some females appeared Unhappy lol
» Picking shit up without falling over (Go to post)07-03-2011 @ 21:16 
nice deadlifts, good work.
» Brownbear's log (Go to post)06-03-2011 @ 13:20 
06-03-11 not a great session despite some pbs
warmed up a lot cause my shoulders are killing me- first sign i need a f**king deload.
incline bb- worked up to 105x2, 112.5x1 technically both PB but nothing to write home about.
weighted chins +20x2, +35x2 PB
strict press worked up to 70x1, 75x1, missed 82.5x1, GAY
some swiss bar incline supersetted with bw chins- 60x3/3, 60x3/3, 70x3/3 70x3/3 70x3/3
some more chins 5 sets of 3 twice
Incline Bench Kroc Rows 55x10
some curls

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