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» England's Strongest Man u90kg 2014 (Go to post)03-04-2014 @ 16:47 
shanejer said:I think Rob will win depending on his axle. Unsure how he will get on with no belt clean.

His axle is good.
Rob will win. N probably won't finish outside the top 3 in every event.

Good luck to everyone, see ya's on Sunday
» England's Strongest Man U90kg Southern Qualifier (Go to post)09-03-2014 @ 18:51 
Sent message to Craig but no reply so I will just pay on the day for myself and rob ward. T-shirts size large please
» u90kg News (Go to post)07-12-2013 @ 15:56 
Are you gonna run England's events similar to worlds events then Ben ?
» u90kg News (Go to post)07-12-2013 @ 14:57 
Is this date definite ben? Wanna get hotel sorted early. Even if I fail to qualify will still wanna watch. Always an amazing atmosphere.
» James26 training log (Go to post)28-11-2013 @ 22:00 
Post Edited: 28.11.2013 @ 22:06 PM by Rutledge
James26 said:Decided I'm not training anything that might aggrevate the back until its better and I'm going to religiously do my stretching and core work everyday! Time to get back fit and lifting heavy!

Lol, since when was u ever fit or lifting heavy ?
» British Natural StrongestMan 2013 (Go to post)11-09-2013 @ 18:27 
Michael Rutledge. U90 (2nd last year ) IN
» Englands Most Powerful Man Under 105s 2013. (Go to post)09-06-2013 @ 13:49 
1st Shane
2nd Chris bundell
3rd Karl grant
» This Will Probably Only Last A Week... (Go to post)01-05-2013 @ 21:56 
Sounds like you gave 100% mate. Nice pb. Keep doing what your doing and hopefully you will qualify next year
» U90kg southern qual (Go to post)21-04-2013 @ 21:15 
Only 5 ppl turned up and the 4th and 5th guys were first timers. They did great for there first comps but il just give details of top 3. Events slightly different then listed. So from memory =
First event 110farmers 15m and back
1st place rob - 12.86
2nd Michael - 13.06
3rd Tom

95kg log from chest
Rob 13reps
Michael 12reps
Tom 11reps

Deadlift. Max
Tom 180,200,220,240,250,260
Michael 180,200,220,240,250,withdrew
Rob 180,200,220,240,

250 yoke 15m and back
Michael 18s
Tom 21s
Rob 23s

320tyre 5 flips

115anvil + 200drag

Michael 26
Tom 24/23
Rob 22.5/21.5

Think this is accurate enough, enough to show what a battle it was for me, rob and Tom anyways
» James26 training log (Go to post)18-02-2013 @ 16:37 
The fight on that 135 was amazing mate. Could tell you wanted it badly. Great work!!!
» time to get off my arse! lots of catching up to do! (Go to post)03-02-2013 @ 20:46 
The stone is there mate. Get on ya tiptoes next time lol
Well done on completing ya working sets on log aswell
» wendler 5/3/1 excell template (Go to post)31-01-2013 @ 16:48 
There's a great app I use to track all my training. 'Big lifts' go to settings and change it to 5/3/1 and it sets all your % and reps
» James26 training log (Go to post)15-01-2013 @ 20:52 
180 farmers for 3m would be nice pb for ya. Only went 2m in the video. Can't believe ya not tempted to keep going til ya get the 200's
» pictures... (Go to post)09-01-2013 @ 19:36 
Theres been loads of warnings about uploading to facebook and that they can then use your pictures for whatever purpose. They see you uploading the picture in the first place as the consent.Might come under the same kind of thing?
Unless the picture causes offence or upset to you would it really be a bad thing to be their 'poster boy'
» Rope for sale?? (Go to post)06-01-2013 @ 16:26 
There's some on eBay. 1.75 per meter.
Also there's some selling at set lengths 25m , 35m , 50m that work out cheaper


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