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» Happy birthday sugden (Go to post)27-08-2019 @ 19:12 
Happy Birthday
» Britains Strongest Man (Go to post)16-01-2019 @ 15:28 
The_Lone_Wolf said:
I can see Hixxy winning this, and I hope he does!

» Englands Strongest Man U105 (Go to post)18-06-2018 @ 15:04 
little_a said:
I thought you had emigrated? Happy How's it going?
I still get asked about my Straight outta OSG T-Shirt. I tell folk if they don't know they'll never understand anyway. It seems to do the trick.

Its going absolutely average mate ..

or slightly below

hope you`re well, see you for our yearly drink
» Englands Strongest Man U105 (Go to post)12-06-2018 @ 06:17 
I just read this thread and thought it was from this year ...

Cheers Angry

I thought all the old boys had made a comeback
» Marko Clegganovski (Go to post)10-01-2018 @ 14:00 
Post Edited: 10.01.2018 @ 14:01 PM by MarkClegg
PeteHodgson said:
CNS still fried from this 2016 session?

Yeah ! Iíve not trained properly since ..

Good to see all my old brothers are still over here having a damn good time !

f**king Facebook !
» Marko Clegganovski (Go to post)09-01-2018 @ 14:36 
» Built my gym (Go to post)28-07-2017 @ 13:12 
nice looking gym pal ..

good luck !
» Just checking in (Go to post)11-02-2017 @ 18:59 
Thanks all I wanted "double bicep pose"

Just come her to see if someone still liked me ha ha

I may check in again in 6 months until then I will post some progress numbers on Facebook for my nan

My old training partner and true gentleman of the sport John Marsden goes in for bicep re-attachment next week and I'm sure you all wish him well ..

Good luck to everyone and I hope you all achieve your lifting dreams .

I'm absolutely retired out the game now but I miss it ! Enjoy it while you can guys
» Just checking in (Go to post)11-02-2017 @ 18:33 
That's my point of the post ...

I'm not involved anymore so my opinion is somewhat irrelivent - I'm just catching up ..

Say I start coaching a talented u105kg strongman .. He wants to compete, where do I send him ?
» Just checking in (Go to post)11-02-2017 @ 17:10 
Post Edited: 11.02.2017 @ 17:10 PM by MarkClegg
In answer to the other questions ...

It's a fair mixture of yes's and no's
LOLz "prick face"
» Just checking in (Go to post)11-02-2017 @ 17:08 
WILLSAN said:the sugden 'click' is dead.

strongman is so much better off without it.

Yeah the Sugden "Click" what a set of c**ts they were - who did they think they were ? Running around organising fair competition And making things fair and even !


I much prefer it when someone organises a comp tailored for his best mate to win

Facebook doesn't equal grassroots growth of SM ..

.... FB doesn't equal growth at all ... Posting a PB video for your mother in law, 12 year old niece and workmates to see is worthless ...
» Just checking in (Go to post)11-02-2017 @ 14:01 
Post Edited: 11.02.2017 @ 14:02 PM by MarkClegg
Just thought I'd wander over and check out what's been going down with the u105kg scene but can't find anything at all ...

I ask you if people dont use Sugden anymore to talk centrally about the diary, events and current affairs then where is this done ??

The only comp I can see is Craig posting about some Europes Strongest U105kg Deadlift event ... With the lack of information on that thread I'm going to assume it never went ahead .

Anyway it's a crying shame to see Sugden in such a state ..

Hope remaining members are all good and keep posting away
» Arnold's Australia (Go to post)20-03-2016 @ 12:36 
Post Edited: 20.03.2016 @ 12:39 PM by MarkClegg
Well what a dirty trick, He's purposely give it the whole throw your arm in the air like you made the lift technique !!

Thrown the poor jet-lagged referee right off his game - that's cheating !

And you know I hate that we live in a world where people don't step in when they see a crime being committed..,


» Arnold's Australia (Go to post)20-03-2016 @ 12:26 
chaos said:
God you're a f**kin joke mate, what you ever done? Drex is right, he knows his shizzle!
Wink Grin Eek Cool
You're the mark clegg o the strongman world

I was just having a glass of breakfast champagne and caviar when my "Someone's written Mark Clegg" app started buzzing !!!

What the f**k !?!?!?!?!?!?!!

Who's throwing me under the bus this time !!
» Brian Shaw calls out Savickas on FB (Go to post)18-03-2016 @ 11:21 
drex50 said:
Shaw's secret for pressing is Z PRESS

Its not a very good secret then is it ?

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