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» Are we ruining our sport in trying to get too many people involved?? (Go to post)16-06-2011 @ 13:15 
I thinks its great that there are more people showing an interest and competing.
For me, when people ask what I train for, and I say I lift weights, and wanna do strongman, I find I have to justify what I do and why I do it.
The more people that show an interest and compete, the better, I dont have to justify what I do as much, as they have a greater understanding of the sport.

Aswell, I am due to do my first comp soon, BECAUSE of these "lower level" comps that are being put on. So i think its a good thing that more and more people are making the effort for the sport.

I dont always like strongman being refered to as JUST "big strong guys", whats wrong with being athletic in the sport, Times change, and we are in a more health conscious world. better diets, more emphasis put on health, not just how much you can lift now. Its about longevity, both an as indiviual, and as a sport.

These small comps create a change, a pathway to the top, so you are going to get more people getting involved, believing they have chance, and why shouldnt they believe it.

Ive gone off on a few other points there, but I dont believe we are ruining the sport. We are just opening the doors on what is a changing sport, we are going to get fitter, leaner, faster stronger guys each and everyyear,setting the standards higher and higher, and thats a not a bad thing, the sport will progress.

Now all these newbies are coming in and overtaking. thats a good thing, so much information on training and diet is available at our fingertips now, As a sport, we need to move away from the steriotype of big fat hairy guys that lift stones. We need to introduce more people into the sport, to continue to shape it. We need athletes represneting the sport, AS ATHLETES, as sports people, not freaks of nature, to allow the sport to become sustainable at a high level.

» Daves Training Journal (Go to post)08-02-2011 @ 13:14 

I update this at work, so depending on how busy I am, i might get all my work outs posted, but then again might only manage 1

The next 2 sessions i did were Legs and cirucit

Squats - 100x5 140x5x54
Leg Press - 200x12, 250x12, 300x8
Leg Extensions - 90x10

Stiff Leg Dumbbells
60 x 8x4
Hamstring curls 80x10x4

Calve Press - 150x10x4
Calve Raises 50x10x4

Clean and jerk - 60x10
Chins x 10
Upright rows 60x10
DB snacth 50 x(10 each arm ) x10
Dips x 10

I did this 4 x times, with a minute rest between sets

I then did an abs circuit

Crunches x 15
Oblique Crunches x 15
Hanging leg raises x 15
Iso Hold x 60seconds

I did this 4 times with a minute rest between sets
» Daves Training Journal (Go to post)03-02-2011 @ 11:02 
I did Pull on monday but didnt have the figures, so i will start with push

Incline DB Press - 60x12, 70x10, 80x8, 80x8
Bench press - 100x8, 120x8, 125x8
Military press - 60x12, 80x10, 100x8, 100x8
lateral raises - 25x8 x 4
skull crushers - 60x12 x 4
push downs - 90x10 x3, 100x8
» Daves Training Journal (Go to post)02-02-2011 @ 12:16 

Just joined the site,

Gonna start a training log,

Ive clicked to attend yorkshires strongest man with very little prep, I think just to chock myself into it.

Bit of a background if anyone fancies a read.
I was a javelin thrower from a young age, competed nationally in that, did alot olympic lifting for that, then went into bodybuilding, didnt compete, was more for vanity if im being honest. took time out of training as ai had a little boy, started smoking like an absolute idiot, god nows why. Now ive stopped and looking to take it serious again. So ill see how it goes

Ive a passion for intense training really, both cardio and lifting, I like to do alot of powerful stuff, like short sprints etc

So Ide start a journal leading up to my first small competition and see how it goes, Enjoy.

Im open to all advice so please dont hesitate to rip my training routine apart once i start if needed
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