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» Midlands strongest man u105kg qualifier (Go to post)05-04-2018 @ 18:17 
Apologies Wayne I just dont use this site anymore mate. Yes its going ahead mate and youre more than welcome to attend .
» Midlands strongest man u105kg qualifier (Go to post)03-01-2018 @ 23:09 
Post Edited: 05.04.2018 @ 18:15 PM by ursus
8th April 2018

Universal gym , 40 Cyprus rd Leicester , LE2

11am start, all competitors to arrive by 10am latest

All weights, event order,and distances subject to change .

24hr weigh in available between 9am and 13:00hrs Sat 7th April

EVENT 1 . 120kg Log, 125kg axle , 70kg dumbbell medley (60secs, straps allowed)

EVENT 2. Car deadlift 250kg for reps 60secs(straps allowed . NO SUITS)

EVENT 3. Farmers walk 130kg 10m into Yoke 320kg 10m (60secs multiple drops allowed no straps)

EVENT 4. Tyre flip weight tbc 20m (60secs)

EVENT 5. Stone over yoke 135kg reps (75secs)

20 to enter (paid via bank transfer)All competitors will receive medal and tshirt , top 3 will win trophies.

First come first served ,maximum 20 competitors so be quick , payment assures place.


Owen John Hill OUT injured
Rob Lewis xl paid
Thomas Grant L paid
Ross Thorpe L paid
Shaun Blairs xl paid
Dale Smith L paid OUT injured
James Gregory paid
Nathan King paid xl
Max Zurex paid
Aaron Ellison paid xl
Richard Minney xl paid
Paul Smith xxl paid
Mark john Turner xl paid
Phil Angell Manning xl paid
Ivo Briekmanis xl
» Midlands U105 qualifier 2017 (Go to post)09-04-2017 @ 19:43 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Any results for this?

Apologies for the late reply , had a very busy weekend. The four who qualified were Nathan Clarke 1st place , Rob Ward 2nd place, Glenn Luff 3rd place and Richard Minney in fourth.
» Midlands U105 qualifier 2017 (Go to post)09-01-2017 @ 17:44 
dane said:Could you please put me down for 105 s and payment details thanks.

soz mate just seen this , ive PMd you
» Midlands U105 qualifier 2017 (Go to post)06-12-2016 @ 12:53 
Events now in
» Midlands U105 qualifier 2017 (Go to post)29-11-2016 @ 20:46 
Post Edited: 19.03.2017 @ 20:53 PM by ursus
Midlands U105kg 2017 qualifier for ESM u105

8th April 2017, 11am (athletes must be at gym for 10am)

Universal gym Leicester, 36 Cyprus Rd, LE2 8QS.

Contact myself URSUS, Jay Pateman to pay 20 (first come first served)
Tshirts, Trophy, medals, wrist wraps, Protein, supplements, and some other awesome prizes such as tattoo vouchers, boxing tickets,and more TBA !!!

Event 1 Deadlift medley
Oly bar standard deadlift 260kg , Axle deadlift 240kg , Sleeper farmers 160kg per hand, fastest time wins , straps allowed, no suits, (60 secs) Weights TBC

Event 2 Barrel load over yoke
Load an 80kg , 100kg , 120kg over yoke 15 m run in with each (75secs)

Event 3 Maxle squat
Max axle squat, all must complete opening lift of 220kg then start rising bar Increments of 10kgs. No suits . knee wraps and sleeves are allowed. Athletes may skip lifts.

Event 4 Overhead medley
1 rep Axle 120kg FTOH , 1 rep Log 120kg FTOH , Dumbell reps 80kg (75secs)

Event 5 Tyre toss 20 mtrs


Paul Smith XXL PAID
Mathew Anthony Illife XL PAID
Ben Penswick XL PAID
Jonathan Lewis Koston XXL PAID
Nathan King XL PAID
Oli Cadogen PAID
Thomas Grant L PAID
Richard Minney L PAID
Ivo Briekmanis XL PAID
Rob Ward XL
» John Clarke killing the squat at Mids (Go to post)01-06-2016 @ 17:09 
James26 said:Cant see the video but the way he has been squating 300 for reps recently, this doesnt surprise me.

Anyone know where videos of the qualifier can be seen?

John has a couple on his FB page mate
» John Clarke killing the squat at Mids (Go to post)01-06-2016 @ 17:07 
samue1son said:
Haven't seen the vid but that sounds exciting.
Knowing little outside of televised big events, is John a young'un? Sounds like some serious numbers are ready to be challenged.

hes 29 I believe , deffo going to see a 400kg squat to go with his deadlift. His weakness was his overhead but he won the axle press so you can tell its not that bad lol
» John Clarke killing the squat at Mids (Go to post)31-05-2016 @ 19:58 
Big John Clarke beating the Mids record in the 280kg squat for reps held by Ed Hall/Dave Meer @ 10 reps , this was the last event of the day after 6 hours of competition and a missed 411kg deadlift attempt. As you can see in the vid he could probably have done another 5 if he wanted . Was a pleasure to ref this event.
» Pritchett with the American deadlift record (Go to post)08-05-2016 @ 22:23 
BigMacca said:
The deadlift has been a staple movement for a very long time.
The loglift has only really become popular in the last 15/20 years.
The recent increases in the loglift record have been a direct result of it becoming a more popular moment and the fact we now have professional strongmen

very valid point mate but i am still a believer , 3 years max and we will see a 500
» Pritchett with the American deadlift record (Go to post)08-05-2016 @ 21:00 
samue1son said:Nobody will get 500. Not in the next 10 years at least, if ever.

Going up a kilo or 3 after 463 is a year of training, dedicating almost entirely to that. Adding over 30kg to the best in history will not be done.

If anybody did do it, they wod literally keel over on the platform, vomit insulina and drop dead in front of spectators.

you say that but look at the progress of the log world record. 28kgs in 10 years aint bad , no reason it cant be done on the deadlift
» Europes strongest man VIP tickets ? (Go to post)11-04-2016 @ 16:27 
oh ok lads no worries , cheers for letting me know. Its a pal of mine who needs them hes a huge strongman fan and I was gonna get him a couple . If anyone hears of anyone selling any can you let me know please . Also was gonna book him in the same hotel as the athletes if anyone knows where they stay ?
» Europes strongest man VIP tickets ? (Go to post)11-04-2016 @ 15:36 
Any idea when details on the VIP tickets for Europes strongest man will become available? On line booking is saying prices for all other seating but "no tickets currently available" regarding VIP package ? Is it just a case of sitting it out and waiting ? Cheers lads
» 2016 Arnold Strongman Competitors? (Go to post)04-03-2016 @ 23:19 
I don't understand why the athletes are allowed to drop the weight in this comp? I'd like to see some consistency in the judging over the comps
» Midlands u105 England Qualifier (Go to post)01-03-2016 @ 20:15 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:

This will officially be the last time I ever abuse my body.


Tongue yeah I bet Tongue youll still be abusing it on a daily basis Wink

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