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» Test booster (Go to post)07-02-2011 @ 14:07 
mikex101 said:
Ease of purchase
No needles

Legality is correct. Ease of purchase is also a good point. No needles,well not a concern as I prob use to inject every 2 days when i was younger. Naivety,, not really. I have around 10 cycles of actual steroid use under my belt from when i trained for only bodybuilding and trained with competitive bodybuilders. I am pretty much done with this place.
» Test booster (Go to post)06-02-2011 @ 23:17 
Pompy said:I'd be more concerned about sides from pro hormones than from eph

Most defo. Some of those drugs are very powerful and full of side effects. Like look at Superdrol. It is an actual steroid and meant to be more harsh than Dianabol. Thankfully I have never had any bad sides from anything I have used. I got regular check ups and even had my liver values tested, all was fine. I have never tried Superdrol. Doubt I ever will. I did try Ephidrene once and felt like s**t. My wife use to use it and she was fine.
» Test booster (Go to post)06-02-2011 @ 22:10 
Seems like all the good stuff always gets banned. I never been into taking all the ephindrene type stuff. Always scared me about people having heart attacks and stuff. I would prob be the one who gets the heart attack, so I just stay away from stims like that. ZMA is pretty good. Beyond that, I have really only ever used creatine and protein and a few pro hormones. I am sure bodybuilding forums might have tons of info on supps for increasing test levels.
» Test booster (Go to post)06-02-2011 @ 18:12 
Most pro hormones are just real steroids that have never been classed by the FDA or used as a medication. Clearly a huge step to go over to the dark side and most times not even worth it. I only stated these as they do increase free test levels. But of course come with a list of potential side effects and as said, these do show up in drug tests.

One great book to check out is called Anabolic Minds. I bought it last month or so. It lists the pro's and cons of supplements. From protein powders to pro hormones to steroids to Tirbulus etc ect. Really good book. In that book the present evidence that Tribulus does not really work in the real world. Prob get a good deal on the book on amazon.

So many damn supps out there and sadly most are just a scam. I just use whey and creatine.
» Test booster (Go to post)06-02-2011 @ 15:12 
Actually if you look, I updated my body weight from 124 to 125kg on that date you mention.
And yeah I updated my squat to 200kg from 170kg. Been a good month of training for me. Updated my deadlift and put down my 1 rep max for that. What is the big deal in that?. So because I update something and managed to achieve a personal goal in the gym, you guys want to jump all over me.

Ok, I mentioned testosterone. A person asks a question about test boosters and i mentioned that real test works best,, which it does and is safe in low doses, also called HRT. Then I mentioned pro hormones, which do increase test in the body and they are legal,,, so where is the problem in that?. I even said about DHEA which is a naturally occurring hormone. It is also legal and proven to increase test. I do not see the harm at all.

So for these reasons, I deserve to have you all gang up on me. Yeah whatever. Even if somebody posts up a picture of Dianabol, thats ok but heaven fuking above if I mention testosterone.

I tried to come here and learn about this sport. Been training more for this sport over the past 5 weeks now and was enjoying it, learning some great info and yeah I may not be that strong like people here who have been lifting for years. I have not.
But whatever, I am done with this.
» Test booster (Go to post)06-02-2011 @ 14:20 
Or maybe I just updated this thing. OMG shocking.
» Test booster (Go to post)06-02-2011 @ 06:03 
Tom_Martin said:If you'd have no hesitation reccomending injecting test, why reccomend pro hormones?

Some people like pro hormones as an alternative. They sure work why better than some herbal nonsense. Makes sense to go for the real thing. I do not see the big deal in mentioning testosterone. Legal to use for personal use.
» Test booster (Go to post)06-02-2011 @ 01:34 
Suppose nothing better than a good old shot of testosterone or run some pro hormones or DHEA. All that herbal stuff is balls.
» Tried relaxing with diet / strength dropped (Go to post)06-02-2011 @ 00:22 
I wish i was 10% bodyfat. I am not sadly. I would like to have the a shape close to a bodybuilders.
» Tried relaxing with diet / strength dropped (Go to post)05-02-2011 @ 17:24 
I could well have been worried about not hitting my macros. Suppose it was on the back of my mind all week.
» Tried relaxing with diet / strength dropped (Go to post)05-02-2011 @ 15:21 
Normally I count every single gram of food that i consume via fitday. On average I eat around 600grams carbs and 350g Protein and 110g fats from the likes of olive oil so forth. I know many on this site do not count their intake and simply just go with the flow. Eat when your hungry and all that. So last Saturday i tried not counting and relaxing a bit with my diet. Well it went balls up for me. First to go was my pure endurance and second last night was some of my lifts. I lost strength in some lifts.

I did note that some members here do consume a coke and chocolate before a workout, I started doing that and it works pretty good. Think I may make that a more regular thing.

Today I have started back to eating like a bodybuilder and counting everything again. And wonder how may performance will improve. I just know my training did not feel as good while not eating a certain way. I believe 100% that nutrition is the key factor in this sport. Plus I enjoy the bodybuilder look.

If eating relaxed works good for you, then great and if you need to count, then thats also great. Just goes to show how different we all are in this sport and how certain little things can really impact our own personal performance.
» advice please (Go to post)04-02-2011 @ 03:03 
I used L-Glutamine before and it was a waste of money. If your using a high quality protein then you dont need to supplement with extra aminos.
» Ps3 or xbox ? (Go to post)31-01-2011 @ 14:08 

I am switching from the 360 to PS3. 360 is going all weird on me. If I fire a wepaon in a game my controller turns off. Plus with all the other problems with Microsoft and their products. I am done.

Plus I am an avid Apple user so I naturally hate microsoft. Grin
» Good old fashioned respectfull relationships (Go to post)31-01-2011 @ 02:01 
I hate modern society on how it is made to be ok all over TV and in magazines for women to just go out on the piss and sleep with strangers on a 1 night stand. I also only have my grandparents as that solid foundation of marriage as a prime example on my views. We just live in a messed up world where greed and destruction is everything.
» How many Grams of carbs? (Go to post)30-01-2011 @ 03:44 
Just had my weekly weigh in. Now 277.8lbs. ( 125kg ).

Diet that I posted is going great and my strength is going up great. Recovering from workouts is dialed in and spot on. Wife says I have actually lost some body fat on my stomach. It is flatter.


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