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» Ed Hall (Go to post)02-06-2017 @ 16:53 
FAT_SAM said:I was sceptical until I met Ed. Then I had no doubt.

The dude breathes pure motivation and self belief!

You must have made enough on bets to retire ..

» World's Strongest Man 2017 (Go to post)17-05-2017 @ 08:11 
BrenWad said:
That he should stop claiming to be drug free? ?

He doesn't lift tested anymore.

When he did lift tested it was obvious he was drug free.

Personally I'm not a fan of drugs in sport as a lifetime drug free but imo he's done things by the book, whichever way you look at it.
» Rogue vs Ivanko vs Eleiko (Go to post)02-05-2017 @ 16:00 
Post Edited: 02.05.2017 @ 16:03 PM by kennybaby
According to a guy on YouTube who has some of each the calibration on rogue is pinpoint accurate on his calibrated scales, while eleiko were marginally out. A quick search should find the video. I'm looking at getting the rogue plates as there a steal at 186 Euro a pair of 25s .. went for an eleiko pl comp bar so think that's a decent combo for the dining room gym
» Competition snacks (Go to post)30-04-2017 @ 16:48 
I weighed in less than 2 hours from squat ... I had a chocolate bars, orange juice and some sandwiches straight after weigh in ... nothing to fancy and kept on having a bit of a drink and sandwich as it went on ... I don't like deadlifting full up it stuffs up my position
» Humbled by a safety squat bar (Go to post)26-04-2017 @ 16:20 
matthewvc said:
Yeah I can see now - suppose it all depends if you want a big SSB lift or big training effect. the SS one is horrific in terms of humbling weight reduction, but it stresses the entire erectors and lower back/hip area like no other exercise I've tried not even deadlifts from defecit. I hate and love it with equal gay abandon

I feel the same I've got the SS SSB it's a right fdfkkkr at times but it really hits the spot in terms of why I've got it ... I use it for rock bottom ATG paused in the main and also in and out .. while protecting dodgy shoulder.. it blasts everything and in particular it hits my quads heavily ..
» GBPF .. lifting in other feds (Go to post)17-04-2017 @ 22:02 
Post Edited: 17.04.2017 @ 22:06 PM by kennybaby
As I understand it the BDFPA testing is more riogourous and incurs a lifetime ban ... that Fed doesn't appeal to me because I need at least knee sleeves on squat now or I would consider it but I think that lifting elsewhere incurs an immediate stop on lifting in that fed. the ABPU uses targeted testing for PEDs specifically and also hands out a lifetime ban from tested side. 3 strikes and your out is insufficient punishment in the gbpf when non tested options are out there. They need to stop messing about given there understanding of how powerlifting works and lifetime ban not go into this association nonsense which is idiotic especially in powerlifting where there are non tested federations unlike many other sports .. because it's hard to catch drug cheats even with Olympic games level testing let alone the 100 tests or so that I looked at in the 2016 testing schedule earlier, less the ones done on the same guys the gbpf did last year which resulted in 8 banned by the looks of it and all in comp tests ... which is over 8% in real terms and tbh pretty pi$$ poor imo I'm no expert about these things but that's a pretty high number given folk know when the tests are and know what they're on and how long it should take to clear. Wada IMO is a joke and when you look at sports with big carryover from drugs like oly lifting, cycling sprinting etc they're nowhere near in control of it ...
» GBPF .. lifting in other feds (Go to post)17-04-2017 @ 18:42 
FAT_SAM said:Cheetahs never prosper - Zazu

Lol ...
» GBPF .. lifting in other feds (Go to post)17-04-2017 @ 18:28 
Post Edited: 17.04.2017 @ 18:30 PM by kennybaby
Rick said:A ban ought to be a punishment, or it's no deterrent; the athlete is being banned for cheating, after all. Association with banned athletes isn't allowed, because that's part of their punishment. This is common across pretty much all sports; it's just that this is basically the only one where there are largish alternative organisations that allow cheats to continue competing.

(Note: I am not saying all untested lifters are cheats - and I do not mean that. Using drugs isn't cheating in places where they're not banned, of course.)

Just lifetime ban anyone caught taking drugs in a tested fed from all tested feds .. simple ... guilt by tenuous association is idiotic and pretty much unworkable .. you happened to be in the bog at a meet where Mr big was lifting and he's banned... target the chests and remove them it's not rocket science and it sends a message loud and clear.. and have a cross fed agreement on these bans ... not 6 months a slap on the wrist and back getting them caught is hard enough with limited resources once caught ban for life
» GBPF .. lifting in other feds (Go to post)17-04-2017 @ 14:10 
Post Edited: 17.04.2017 @ 14:11 PM by kennybaby
FAT_SAM said:Garbage like this stops powerlifting from growing.

I lift in a untested fed, and probably as many as 70% of the lifters are not on anything at all.

ABPU is a tested fed anyway.

I think 70% drug free in an untested fed is highly unlikely ... It's going to be significantly less than that. Maybe in a tested fed it would be 70% drug free .. lol

Or say in a fed with both tested and untested the overall would be 70% .. but not in a straight untested fed
» GBPF .. lifting in other feds (Go to post)17-04-2017 @ 13:58 
Post Edited: 17.04.2017 @ 14:05 PM by kennybaby
scruffmcbuff said:
I dont think there will be a single lifter who would disagree with the above.

The set up of the BPU / ABPU is like this tested and non tested at same meets.

Onto this subject of not lifting at comp with banned lifters. I'm entered at Rotherham on 28th May.. all I know is i'm entered I don't know who else is, I will get flight details close in but I will not be looking at 80 lifters details and cross referencing stuff.. imo .. I don't really care who else is there especially if they're not tested and i don't care whether they've been roggered by 3 cistetician monks with a cucumber the night before, I find the link between someone who is lifetime drug free and someone at a comp they might not even meet or know a bit divisive to say the least. A bit of passing the buck springs to mind and implication by tenuous association doesn't seem acceptable imo ... get the testing sorted in house and stop cheats this way not this sort if nonsense ...

The reason I'm considering lifting in the gbpf .. is I'm fed up with stupid comments mainly from university lifters like
"doesn't count .. not on IPF approved bar, etc etc .. .' . the m2 deadlift 83kg is 250kg if I lift in there I will be paying that a visit.. the commonwealth is 262.5 which is also in range ...
» GBPF .. lifting in other feds (Go to post)16-04-2017 @ 23:49 
Post Edited: 16.04.2017 @ 23:50 PM by kennybaby
ChrisMcCarthy said:It does say who has been banned since 2013 on the website...I imagine you'd contact your anti-doping advisor if you were worried further.

You enter a meet and turn up .. you don't check every single entrant and their history ... I get my entry confirmed and then I go, I dont check every other lfter who may or may not be there ... To me they're on very thin ice with that one . I understand the international thing but that's plain idiotic.
» GBPF .. lifting in other feds (Go to post)16-04-2017 @ 20:42 
Post Edited: 16.04.2017 @ 20:45 PM by kennybaby
How you supposed to know if someone's at a meet who's on the banned list ... that seems pretty unreasonable to me as a lifetime drug free . The ABPU/BPU has tested and non tested .. I don't know the lifting history of every single lifter or if they're banned or not when I enter a meet ..
» GBPF .. lifting in other feds (Go to post)16-04-2017 @ 19:33 
I lift in the ABPU .. as an m2, 90kg or 82.5kg ... as I'm 47 in May the age bracket of 5 years suits as opposed to 10 in GBPF. At some point I'm thinking of lifting in the GBPF when I'm at the early part of the M2 class and in the 83kg. I also wish to continue lifting in the ABPU as the meets are pretty rocking ... I will be an m2 GBPF in 2020 so first British masters classic as an M2 would be in March that year.

1. Do you qualify as an m1 83 in 2019 .. how does that work?

2. What if I lift at international meets in WPC/AWPC say in 2018 ?

3. Is there anything else I need to think about ?

As I understand if you can lift any fed up to national level and still lift in gbpf ... the ABPU run an event called the Allan Collins cup in January ish it's a regional type meet but sanctioned internationally does that count as lifting internationally .. ??
» Training for the Master's Classic March15/16 (Go to post)08-04-2017 @ 08:30 
Post Edited: 08.04.2017 @ 08:30 AM by kennybaby
Yeah ... I often find that lower body is tired. Competed in Salford in March... managed to get slightly into red zone about 2 weeks before meet .. luckily I just got out of red zone by meet but it meant I wasn't sure where I was ... I'm at week 5 next week of 10 and I'm starting to pull quite a bit out already to avoid the same issue. It's a major issue that I didn't need to think about maybe 6 or 7 years ago
» Training for the Master's Classic March15/16 (Go to post)07-04-2017 @ 23:01 
Interesting journal... I find as mainly a deadlifter with a reasonable squat and a poverty bench ... and approaching 47 in May there's a fine line between getting in a bit of volume and overtraining ... upper body can take quite a bit of high rep stuff and volume, I'm now getting more out of lower reps and lower volume on squats and deadlift I'm finding..


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