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» 'The world's hairiest strongman' (Go to post)10-04-2015 @ 12:16 
Post Edited: 10.04.2015 @ 12:16 PM by MaxCooper
weve got you doing 1 rest pause set on the Decline have we? if your getting 12-2-1 your putting enough in on that first set to basically invalidade the second set so congrats lol, drop the rest pause id say, see how that goes for a week or two and maybe add a set of like 20 machine flies focussing on the contraction if you feel you want extra chest work

lookin f**king good trainng though mate
» 'The world's hairiest strongman' (Go to post)01-04-2015 @ 11:44 
Get doing dips and chins mate your avoiding the bw style work you lazy bas***d
hope its goin well, the muscle rounds are killers arent they, me an jordan (whos doin them with his training) fear them more than normal sets when your doin them on compound moves an im gettin the idea you are too lol
» Preworkouts (Go to post)31-03-2015 @ 18:36 
Post Edited: 31.03.2015 @ 18:47 PM by MaxCooper
Intra workout nutrition being pointless could you please state why

Intra possibly pointless if your looking at strength training OR looking at the benefits of energy within a short period however that misses the point of an elevated insulin level limiting protein breakdown and glucose being avaliable for storage after set 1 (glut 4 receptors being upregulated):
I definately feel a decreased soreness from it by process of elimination from not having it(and dont train less hard as i simply beat a logbook every week)
Post workout for set one starts on set 2 why would i fill my gut with water when that could contain a drink that i would otherwise drink 2 hours after, why wait 2hours to simply call it a post workout shake....

then BA would effect my training mate, being 8-15rep usually and minimal rests as i can to staibilise my heartrate THATS IF it does anything which ive said i didnt think it did.... so should people drink it at random? no? yes? most convenient in my Pre workout so i listed it in my pre workout shake that I have

as ive said though i find creatine useless EXCEPT for the low price and possible protein synthases increase not said anything about an extra rep but if it gives a tiny amout of benefit to protein synthasis that 10 i spend on creatine every few months has been worth it and if not f**k it 10 is less than people piss away on beer
» In the Shadow of Jack Revans (Go to post)31-03-2015 @ 15:20 
Hams and Secondary Back and Quads

Went to olympic gym today in eccles
did a session there not really comparable in weights so picked some stuff to do similar in intensity to normal but that we dont have at OSG

Seated ham curls, Adduction, Power Squat, Single Leg Ham Curls, DB SLDL, Lat Pulldowns, Hammer Strength Pulldowns

THEN the reason for going: did 1hour posing class with Paul George who runs the gym
got told i was fat essentially lol; gotta step up the game, intensity in the gym needs to keep being pushed as I get closer rather than tailing off

Delts arms and secondary chest
session didnt really go that well today, PRs few and far between which is the point of my progressive system: flattened out massively in the last few days, Intensity was there but PRs just werent

Smith High incline 60deg
105kg x 6 (aiming for 8)

Flat TfS bench +20c
107.5kg x 5 (aim was 8)

DB Seated OHP
30kg x 2 (last week got 5 on same weight, this week was wanting 6)

DB shrugs
50kg x 18

rest of the session changed exercises up a bit: still what i was doing but did tweaks to
reset the lifts
Leaning 1 arm DB side raise (rather than 2 arm side raises)
EZ OH Extension SS w EZ curls (added 4sec negs to all)
dips ss w DB curls

Legs and Second Back
Again drained, gonna leave the amount of PRs i got compared to the sets: eg 2/3 means 2PRs out of 3 sets

Hip Through Ham curls: 2 PRs (12 and 10rep), failed on the 3rd
Squats: reset to do 3 work sets
Close Rev L LEg Press: 1 work set, 1 rest pause
1 Leg Leg Ext: 1 muscle round
Hack Squats: 1 muscle round
SLDL: PRs f**king yay on the last leg exercise
Lat Pulldowns: 2 pump sets
DB rows: 2 pump sets
1 arm Cable Rear Delts: 2 pump sets
» Preworkouts (Go to post)31-03-2015 @ 15:00 
Post Edited: 31.03.2015 @ 15:02 PM by MaxCooper
IainKendrick said:Beta-alanine is not a pre wo supp Happy

If anyone is well fed and hydrated all you need is a little mental kick aka caffiene. I think the rest is as close to bulls**t as to be as good as.

whyd you say that? its not timing dependant, so why not have it in my pre workout shake, I want as little as possible going on in the other shake i have (being intra protein, carbs and creatine) so makes sense to put it in Pre Workout

also i do think most of the other stuff MAY be bulls**t, creatine almost certainly for someone who consumes a decent amount of meat daily (other than some studies showing it can increase protein synthases)

Beta Alanine and Citrllene ive never noticed a differnce from but theres been another 1/2 factors and food changes every week (even slight) its hard to see if it IS making a difference: then again its pretty cheap (20 for 500g lasting 3 months) if its bulls**t ill chance it for 22p a day same with the others

Caffine i think is the most USELESS thing unless your dietting hard: why would you not be able to get amped up for your session without a stim when your foods high... food should be giving you enough energy and the fatigue that stims cause isnt worth it other than for competitions/rare occasions IMO
» Preworkouts (Go to post)31-03-2015 @ 12:04 
Depends what you want though id recommend buying seperate ingredients so you can work in your own values

I use different ones depending

2 a day training; 10g Peptopro, 10g BCAA, 3g Beta alanine, 5g Citrulline malate
Bulking: 10g Peptopro, 10g BCAA, 10-30g Branch Dextrins, 3g Beta alanine, 5g Citrulline malate
Cutting: approx 10g BCAA,caffine,3g Beta alanine, 5g Citrulline malate
» Building a gamer PC v's Buying a gamer PC (Go to post)30-03-2015 @ 10:59 
DEFINATELY build a PC; from being 13-20 ive build/upgraded my own PCs and from 20 until now (23) the last one i built still runs the current games

PCgamer publishes every month a 'budget' PC build of all the various kit, not looked at it in a while but was always a good bit of kit tbh, not the cheapest you can go but definately the best balance of price and power and not sponsered by any manufacturers so impartial...

and laptops are massively more expensive and dont get as powerful for multiples of the price of a desktop
» In the Shadow of Jack Revans (Go to post)28-03-2015 @ 10:06 
Post Edited: 28.03.2015 @ 10:07 AM by MaxCooper
27/3/2015 Back
v good workout tonight for me, noticed that if i have coconut oil the meal before (i was subbing it for some nuts with the same fat amount) I have loads more energy for the workout it seems what i was taking as bull is infact real (or a placebo both of which ill take tbh)

DB pullovers, 4 sec negs
32.5kg x 16
36kg x 13
44kg x 8

NEutral chins 4 sec negs
+10kg x 8 + 3 + 1

UH Grip Pulldowns, controlled negs
70kg x 10

2 arm DB rows, 1 arm RD fly, BB Upright row

Rack Pulls, squeezing back pause on pins
170kg x 6
150kg x 12

Leg press: 1 close one wide
Hip broke ham curl: 2 sets

28th: Day off 8 Weeks Today
woke up f**king sore; did my hour (fasted) cardio
eat: went to work, put on Man vs food in the background... and started writing a diet that im now doing for people since theres NEVER any customers in the showroom in the AM
» In the Shadow of Jack Revans (Go to post)28-03-2015 @ 10:00 
ye, fasted still as much as i can

in the 'offseason' i was doing it fasted but if i did it at another time i didnt bother too much just whichever fit schedule best trying to get it fasted
BUT now pre comp doing all AM cardio fasted after taking some stims and curcumin (curcumins best away from food so fits nicely)
» In the Shadow of Jack Revans (Go to post)27-03-2015 @ 17:13 
Post Edited: 27.03.2015 @ 17:17 PM by MaxCooper
ive seen 3 hours a day but 2hours is gonna be GRIM... still i dont have to do it if i dont want ill just place bad

your forgetting doing some post workout, though i only have 2hours between my workout and going out for that cardio atm so id have to not train at the same time as my GF which i enjoy doing atm, pushes me especially on pressing and back work as she puts effort into them
» In the Shadow of Jack Revans (Go to post)27-03-2015 @ 09:57 
Post Edited: 27.03.2015 @ 12:23 PM by MaxCooper
26/3/2015 Chest delt arms
seem to only be updating on the bro days: love legs and back but after doing em im f**ked and cba updating really

Low incline DB Bench 4s neg: 46kg x 9, 32.5kg x 14+4+2
Decline BB Bench 4s negs: 107.5kg x 8+2+1 so up two reps first 'set' and down one second, ill take that!
81kg x 9
DB fly cont negs: 22.5kg x 7 triple drop
mach fly, dip mach, BB curls, DB curls, DB side raise, Cable side raises

did cardio in AM and night

60min cardio am, off day for PM cardio unless its upped
Weight: 216.6lbs, was 222.6last week so massive drop and looking LOADS tighter in my comparison pictures

8 weeks out tomorrow:
feelin good about it tbh, got a posing session on sunday at olympic gym in eccles so thatll help aswell and just yesterday managed to figure how to pose my back in the double bi rear shot which takes me from having 0 back to a slight back lol

AM AND PM cardio to 55min so 25min extra per day and the 2 days off removed so every day essentially 2hour cardio
no diet changes
» Would eggs be a perfect substitute for meat? (Go to post)26-03-2015 @ 17:55 
do you not have a microwave jack?
» Would eggs be a perfect substitute for meat? (Go to post)26-03-2015 @ 17:08 
silly jack.... very silly
» In the Shadow of Jack Revans (Go to post)26-03-2015 @ 17:02 
Wiegieboard said:How did the hack sissys feel on the knees?

actually really good mate, knees are alright atm but ive had knee problems in the past so im wary i think the trick is to keep them on a controlled negative
theyre really good for stretching all the tissues around there (hence theyre position at the end of all my quad work) so may actually be helping as i use them to stretch on purpose and my quads stay pretty loose where in the past theyve got really knotty
» In the Shadow of Jack Revans (Go to post)26-03-2015 @ 12:56 
Luuuuuukey said:
Is that all at once? Or split up AM and PM?

thats currently 60mins fasted in the AM usually on the stairmill and 25mins at night right before my prebed meal which is usually a power walk (i mean a real stupid looking power walk lol)

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