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» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)08-12-2016 @ 20:04 
Boar said:when I was on trainer road I used a cycle ops fluid 2 and it was accurate and consistent , I think it would work well enough on zwift to enjoy the experience , but now I have a smart trainer (kickr) and its superb

its worth giving zwift a go , like you say , virtual power is reasonably accurate (my virtual FTP was within 10 points of my FTP on a kickr) its the hills you wont get the full effect on , but I find it much better for 'making' me put in top effort

Ok, perfect. Think I'll maybe give zwift a go 'virtually' to begin with. Some of those kickr turbos are a grand, which is more than my bike cost. Super bits of kit though!
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)08-12-2016 @ 16:47 
Boar said:zwift is the winner !

I'm waiting for the running version

not much chance of me doing any swimming, although there is no reason why not , other than my moobs.

my kickr malfunctioned due to being kept in the cold - the guy at wahoo had the results of all my spindown calibrations ..... he knew too much !! I felt violated.

I have to carry the thing 25 yards out to the shed now to set it up everytime !

as for my FTP , I was just tricked in putting in extra effort - I didn't know where the top of the mountain was !! ... this is the last corner ..... no THIS is the last bit .....oh ...just one last really steep bit

What Turbo Trainer are you using? Is it a 'smart' trainer?

I'm set up on TR using Virtual Power and it seems to work quite well. I'm tempted to try Zwift but reckoned a smart trainer would be better for getting the full effect!
» REST IN PEACE JONAH (Go to post)19-11-2015 @ 10:33 
likeslager said:
Died of a heart attack, didnt he?

» TOKARS Tagline (Go to post)10-10-2014 @ 23:20 
Boar said:may he rest in peace

I've always wondered the circumstances of his passing. I've always assumed it was sudden and tragic Unhappy ??
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)05-06-2014 @ 21:01 
little_a said:
Maybe for a normal vegan. Not for a Brontosavage.
12k is a few bags of nuts. No problem.

Actual LOL!!

Love this journal Grin
» Froch v Groves II Confirmed (Go to post)31-05-2014 @ 23:07 
EDCLARKE said:nicely done smallsy

I wonder if groves regrets all the s**t talking now.

I presume they get paid/told/encouraged to up the trash talk to up the hype/pay-per-view numbers. Some of the face-offs I seen were toe curlingly cringey in how fake they were!
» just for fun/thing that other gym members do that grind your gears (Go to post)15-05-2014 @ 20:35 
Young guys who wear a wooly hat in the gym with their headphones on top. Fuds!
» Le Baroudeur (Go to post)26-04-2014 @ 19:12 
Hey Cuddles, I hope you're well.

I was just wondering how your back is after your osteopath visits? I've had a back issue for about 2 years. It mainly just flares up when I'm sitting in my car but I do ache after a long-ish bike ride. I'm sure it's related to my hips. Anyway I've been to a couple of specialists (with varying effects) but never to an osteopath.
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)04-04-2014 @ 23:43 
Tom to thread!
» What is 'strong' (Go to post)03-04-2014 @ 20:44 
billynomates said:No he is not stronger, the extra weight lifted is due to the shorter range of motion, not a strength increase.

So if a guy loses 2 stone of fat, gets a six pack, but loses 20kg off his squat, is he weaker?
» WANTED: Safety Squat Bar/Watson Bar/Cambered Bar (Go to post)02-04-2014 @ 23:02 
I have safety squat bar for sale. Dundee.
» Squat 232.5kg x 5 (5 rep PB) and Deadlift 301kg x 6 (also a rep PB) (Go to post)27-03-2014 @ 22:01 
301 like it was 201!
» 2014 Goals (Go to post)14-02-2014 @ 21:14 
GATES said:200 squat
120 bench
230 dead
100 strict
160 front squat

at around 100ish kg

Is your cycling taking a back seat this year?
» Le Baroudeur (Go to post)12-02-2014 @ 21:43 
Cuddles said:Entered my first race last night. 3 weeks time.

Gave it some hammer this morning to see roughly where I am. Answer - nowhere!

Not going to change the training as the plan is still to hit my first peak end of April/start of May. Just doing the race for a bit of experience.

What kind of race is it?
» Brandon Lilly (Go to post)29-01-2014 @ 19:21 
Thanks for that explanation. Makes perfect sense!

I guess that explains when an Achilles goes, seemingly out of nowhere, performing a movement you've done a million times before.

I feel like a ticking time bomb now Happy

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