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» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)29-08-2016 @ 23:40 
I absolutely loved that today.

And I love la vuelta. Because everyone's had different seasons and no team brings a ludicrous train set to dominate It reminds me of GT racing of old. Lots of ding dong battles and crazy stages. It's like the Tour de France but everyone's a bit pissed!
» A Decade Of Bullshit (Go to post)27-08-2016 @ 01:17 
10 years. Bloody hell.
» - 46 - (Go to post)25-08-2016 @ 19:13 
You bunch of girls. As long as your gearing is right (which it is), you'll be absolutely fine. Just have it in an easy gear from the bottom.

You wanna try the mortirolo, 12.4km at 10.5%...
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)23-08-2016 @ 17:23 
That said, I don't rate the discs on the CAAD X. That set you linked to look very good value.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)23-08-2016 @ 17:19 
Carl said:
I discoloured the rotors trying to stop at the bottom Eek Eek Eek thats what the extra weight will do!

You realise that the forces will be the same on the rotors no matter what set you have on right? I'd suggest that you were braking far too fast to be honest.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)23-08-2016 @ 17:09 
My understanding of the brakes, and the physics involved is their true stopping power is identical but the modulation and ability to apply their true stopping power more quickly improves. Hence why they are so popular in off road riding. On the road you only ever need that in an emergency stop and you'll likely be coming off whatever brakes you are using.

Personally my rim brakes can stop me fast enough to throw me over the handlebars. I don't need any more stopping power. The only true advantage on the road is in the wet when rims, especially carbon, can get a bit sketchy.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)23-08-2016 @ 09:47 
Carl said:hit 60kph on a reasonable downhill yesterday and nearly s**t my pants.

how guys go much more than that without crapping themselves is beyond me

I often hit 60 on one of my commute routes, after a while it stars to feel pretty normal.

95 on the other hand.... I'm not sure that'll ever feel normal!
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)23-08-2016 @ 08:13 
I'd also add that id consider doing the medium or high volume plans if you do one but dropping the recovery workouts as you ride your bike to work. They're really not that high in volume.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)22-08-2016 @ 23:31 
Post Edited: 22.08.2016 @ 23:37 PM by Cuddles
Boar said:should I be doing somthing more structured at the moment ? been listening to the trainer road podcast a lot recently and (obviously) they seem to advocate doing a Base phase a couple of times until you are ready to go more specific (the sweet spot seems to be a favorite)

I'm gonna do the half marathon in a few weeks but I don't think I will get close to your great half from today steve ! nice trot out !

I don't think that right now you need to be doing traditional base work, no. Well not exclusively. I think you've got a fair few 'easy' watts to exploit, and that base work would actually hold you back. If I were you I'd do the general power or sustained power build, probably twice (or maybe one then the other). I'd then do a short peak and then drop back to more base specific work - but with an advantage of a higher level to start with. I think this has significant logic to it physiologically but also mentally - I know you like hurting yourself. You won't get the challenge I think you thrive on from significant base work.

I won't think about proper base work until November/December at the very earliest.
» Craziest sport prizes (Go to post)22-08-2016 @ 23:15 
Sean Kelly once won a cow for winning a race.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)22-08-2016 @ 17:20 
I can imagine the frustration. One thing I would add though is that I don't trust the 'power curve' figures from turbos. I don't know a single person that has found them accurate and consistent in real life conditions. I was going to write to boar in this thread that he should just completely disregard his old 'numbers' but never got round to it.

Temperature differences can have a huge difference, hence why power meters have a built in temperature correction algorithm. I also know people who have replaced their turbo with the exact same model and found it to have a different power curve.

I think you need yourself a kickr mate. I'll buy your wheels off you so you can afford it if you like Wink
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)22-08-2016 @ 12:29 
What's the problem?

And no, I'm not really paying much attention to any numbers other than TSS at the moment. Going more by feel.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)21-08-2016 @ 19:45 
No problem at all.

For general riding/commuting I use acqeous cream as a chamois cream. 2.50 for a big tub from tesco.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)21-08-2016 @ 14:17 
Just ended a good training week with ISLAGIATT at full gas. I think that's the first time at this ftp.

In the last 7 days I've racked up a TSS of 722 plus an 80km ride on the road. My endurance is probably back close to my best. A few days off and then time to concentrate on some shorter duration power.
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)20-08-2016 @ 19:15 
Id say it was more of a dressing than a sauce really. Essentially it was ginger, garlic, miso, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, olive oil blended. Drizzled over the vegetables and chicken.

We toasted some sesame seeds to sprinkle over the top too.

It was good, and worked well with the sweet potato. I'd probably slacken it off a little more with some lemon juice next time.

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