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» Fu-Fu's Log (Go to post)12-11-2006 @ 22:02 
Cheeky f**ker!

Im rubbish at updating my log, so here's last weeks workouts:

Tuesday 7th November

NG Bench
60kg x 10
80kg x 5
105kg x 2,2,2,2,2,2

NG 4 Boards
80kg x 5
100kg x 5
110kg x 5,5,5,5,5,5

40kg x 5 - power jerks
50kg x 5 - power jerks
60kg x 3 - split
70kg x 3
80kg x 3
90kg x 3
75kg x 3
60kg x 5

WG Chins
Bw x 8,8
» 10 bet with Joni (Go to post)09-11-2006 @ 15:21 
Oh, and if anyone fancies a race to 650lbs, let me know!
» 10 bet with Joni (Go to post)09-11-2006 @ 15:20 
Bloody hell, challenges seem to be popular round here.

If Joni doesnt pull 250kg next year i'll be very surpised, Rob, you better get your deadlifting arse in gear mate, putting ~30% on a lift on a year isnt easyTongue
» Carbs at Night (Go to post)09-11-2006 @ 15:17 
Im confused as to why people have so much trouble with jeans. I know plenty of fat people who can find jeans no problem (even Joni can find jeans and he's REALLY fatGrin )

Granted my svelte physique has a rather slender waist but still, you guys shouldnt have this much trouble!
» The Legend of Toothpick (Go to post)09-11-2006 @ 03:36 
I reckon you've got 200kg in you soon mate. Just keep injury free and its only a matter of time.

I reckon you might just be ready for the infamous Olly Jackson Deadlift Routine Grin

In all seriousness though, it might work a treat, especially with the emphasis on the lockout.
» forum improvements (Go to post)09-11-2006 @ 03:33 
I never realised just how demanding a bunch of lifting geeks could be!

Nice work with the site mate, its looking awesome.

Now, lets get some more articles up, anyone got any suggestions for articles they'd like to see?
» 10 bet with Joni (Go to post)09-11-2006 @ 03:32 
How about we here some numbers, that way you can look back in a year and see just how you will have come.

I reckon at least one of you has 250kg. Question is, who's man enough to actually do itTongue
» GFH without killing anyone (Go to post)09-11-2006 @ 03:30 
Hey, today was fun mate. Good work on the chins, I think its time to set a short term goal, how about 3 sets of 8?

And those supersets were pure evilGrin
» Alex's log (Go to post)09-11-2006 @ 03:28 
Good training today mate. Two nice PBs!

Rob's right though, you have a LOT more in you, I expect to see some good progress in here.

Keep at it matey.
» dumbell v's barbell rows (Go to post)07-11-2006 @ 14:45 
Rick, there isnt really a plan for lat work, its more a case of trying to get in the required volume over a given period of time (tends to be a week for me) without affecting my other lifts.

I'll do lat work most sessions, the only session where I actively take it easy is Tuesday, and thats because I deadlift haevy on Wednesdays. That means that Tuesday is either chin ups or nothing.

Exercises I like and rotate into my routine:

Machine Rows
Barbell Rows
Wide Grip Chins
Curl Grip Pulldowns
Lat Shrugs
Face Pulls
Rear Delt Flies

I tend to do 2 of the above most sessions, and normally will go heavier on the first one and do volume with the second (normally the same weight for each set). As an example, on Friday I did curl grip pulldowns upto a top set of 5, followed with a back off set, and then did 3-4 sets of lat shrugs with the stack on the seated row. Thats pretty much the pattern.
» dumbell v's barbell rows (Go to post)07-11-2006 @ 14:40 
How about things that are done light like pull aparts (with bands), face pulls and rear delt flies, these are the kind of things that promote good shoulder posture but are very easy to recover from as you are never going that heavy. They sre also a lot less lat dependent.

And I hadnt realised that it was your lats causing your back problems, I thought it was a lower back issue rather than a mid/upper back problem.
» Davo's Log (Go to post)07-11-2006 @ 02:14 
Looking good mate. Rob has it spot on, hammer your triceps, board presses or even just good old fashioned close grip bench (not too close mind) but done heavily.

On your form, I think you should try and work on a lateral arch (ie at the shoulders rather than at the lower back), try pinning your shoulder blades together before you bench and really get those shoulders stable and back into the bench. You'll cut your rom, save your shoulders and feel much more stable.

Nice work!
» Favourite TV Programmes (Go to post)07-11-2006 @ 02:06 
Boar, you know you can download the next series of both lost and prison break if you want? I like the new series of both of them, well worth the watch.
» Favourite TV Programmes (Go to post)06-11-2006 @ 17:56 
Originally posted by Joni...
i dont have a TV, which means i only watch quality stuff i download Grin

My favourite ones at the moment, from stuff shown in UK are:

- 24 - f**king quality reactionary bulls**t of highest order. gripping s**t.
- prison break. The second season kicks some major squatters arse.
- lost. good stuff, though the script writers admission that they just make it up as they go along killed the process of trying to get involved and think about how different things connect to eachother (when in the end they just dont...)
- wire in blood. good UK TV series, currently watching season 3.
- my name is earl. you have to have some comedy in the list.

I wouldnt be so sure about that Joni, ive read numerous interviews with Lindelof, Abrams and Carlton Cuse where they state that they have a clear and distinct idea of where they want to go and how they want to do it, but that theyve had to change numerous things to fit in with circumstances (like the two ladies that were shot, the actresses were fired after they were both arrested for drink driving). You also shouldnt believe much of what you read about lost online, the recording company leek 'theories' etc to get people interested. You have to remember that its one of the most expensive shows ever recorded and without the intrigue, they have no viewing figures, which equals no show.
» Favourite TV Programmes (Go to post)06-11-2006 @ 17:47 
I'm like Joni, I watch precious little on tele normally apart from sport. We have a server connected up to a 42inch plasma and its set up like a tivo box, automatically downloading what we set it to. Things I watch a lot of:

- west wing
- 24
- prison break
- lost (by the way Joni, this weeks is the last until February)
- entourage
- arrested development (underated comedy imo)
- nip/tuck
- weeds
- spooks
- Studio 60 - although this is likely to be scrapped, its a little too clever for the American audienceWink

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