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» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)28-10-2016 @ 12:21 
It was a great night out and really good atmosphere.

Say what you like about Wiggins but watching him and Cav take a lap in less than 4 was pretty special. When he puts the hammer down its something else.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)26-10-2016 @ 23:01 
Just been at the London 6 Day track event. Great watching Cav and Wiggo win the Madison!
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)26-10-2016 @ 16:18 
First attempt failed. Won't control the kickr in erg mode. Frustrating but as its a beta I'll let it slide.

Back on the Mac managed 3 sets of 5 minutes at 375W. Would love 2 x 8 minutes by the end of the year. That'd put me comfortably over the 4w/kg barrier.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)26-10-2016 @ 10:39 
Still have the same issues mate, just found a way to bypass them.

With that in mind, Have eventually got me onto the iPad beta trial so will be using that for zwift (if it works) for the foreseeable. Will try it out later.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)25-10-2016 @ 18:21 
Glad you like it. Evans have some cracking prices on soke castellated kit at the moment. You can get the short sleeve gabba for about 80 with an additional discount code. Lots of other nice jacket too. I may well indulge.

Did the KISS America race this morning and came home 5th. Didn't quite have the fire in my legs after yesterday but happy to average over 300W for 66 minutes.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)24-10-2016 @ 16:40 
I'm a medium in the gabba top. It fits like a glove.

Big fan of castelli stuff. I use their nano flex arm and leg warmers, free aero race shorts and my winter jacket is a mortirolo. Once you know your size you can get some cracking bargains online.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)24-10-2016 @ 16:08 
Just did the full pretzel on zwift.

Actually really enjoyed it. Averaged 260W for the whole course but started to pay pretty toward the end for only eating a banana mid ride.

I think it's a good route to see where you're at endurance wise.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)24-10-2016 @ 09:03 
dr_hazbun said:Anyone have experience of the castelli gabba 2 long sleeve jersey? This line seems to have been discontinued and now replaced by the castelli perfetto. I'm a platinum wiggle user so can get the perfetto for 155 instead of 175.

I have a castelli (puro I think) long sleeve jersey but it's more for milder spring and autumn days. Should I just stick with it and layer up with thermal base layers and gilets over the next 3 months? Or is forking out on a quality winter jersey money well spent? I'm new to winter cycling so thoughts on cycling winter wardrobe would be much appreciated.

I stand corrected. They have discontinued the gabba, but only the long sleeve. Without having ever seen or worn the perfetto it's hard to comment but castellimare saying it's just a renamed gabba. That stands in contrast to everything I've read about the perfetto which said that it was thinner (my memory of the names might be wrong but I don't think so).

I love my gabba long sleeve, I paid less than a ton for it on sale, it fits great, looks great and is warm enough on autumn and spring days or colder days if I'm riding faster. I definitely wouldn't describe it as a winter jacket and it's not water'proof'.

For proper winter riding you'll want something warmer, and a good base layer. Being cold is horrible on a long ride.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)23-10-2016 @ 17:12 
I would be absolutely amazed if the gabba has been discontinued. It's their flagship jersey. Last years will have been, but replaced by this years. The new one is a very different jersey, mich thinner.

I love my gabba jerseys. Can't fault them enough, but they have a very specific use. They are not winter jerseys per se, but very good for hard fast riding in winter, when your body will create a lot of its own heat.

For long steady miles you'll be cold, and colder still in the new one.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)22-10-2016 @ 13:27 
Steve said:There was a recent study on triathletes which showed significant improvements in performance and body composition from low intensity fasted morning workouts as long as fueled intense sessions were maintained.

This has been my experience.

I do think they can be very useful at keeping your body used to burning fat as a fuel, but they have to be fairly long for that (or after a longer fast). I worked up to 75 miles on nothing but caffeine and water after a 12 hour fast two summers ago and my endurance went through the roof.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)22-10-2016 @ 09:36 
I do all my morning commutes fasted.

I am unlikely to ever change that.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)21-10-2016 @ 19:02 
Thanks fellas.

Did the zwift sweet spot workout again tonight. It's pretty bloody tough for a sweet spot workout!
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)21-10-2016 @ 06:48 
In slightly better, but completely unrelated news, we got our mortgage offer yesterday!
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)21-10-2016 @ 06:48 
Steve said:Impressive riding this morning.

Have you managed to get everything working properly with Zwift?

Nope, just mobile link. They don't seem to have a clue. I keep getting passed on to someone else to see if they can help. Not one word of an apology and I was flat out denied an IOS beta trial, quite extraordinary really.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)21-10-2016 @ 06:46 
Steve said:No drop outs at all with first try on Bluetooth. It looks like a Wahoo Element might be worth a try.

I've had one dropout on my iPhone using Bluetooth and the mobile link. When it worked on my Mac I didn't remember any.

And very true Bod, although I've actually been quite impressed with the quality of the racing in cat 3/4 races round here. Although I'm not sure it's by choice, rather the pace is so f**king ridiculous that it's virtually impossible to actually attack!

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