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» A Gift... Free Gains For All... TRIR-2.0 (Go to post)17-08-2019 @ 17:43 
Following some of the ideas in this routine has helped my training over the past 6-7 weeks. Target reps in reserve just makes sense to me during the set, about 8 weeks ago I benched 107.5kg x1 rep and failed the second, I did 108kg x3 with 1 rep in reserve this morning, slow progress for some but I'm usually in a varying state of injured so this is alright for me.

I'm going away on holiday for a week now but I'm starting my second cycle when I get back.

I've bas***dised this routine to be a PPL where the pull session is just as many rowing variations as I can fit in 45 minutes or so, the other workouts use the percentages and TRIR numbers from the original spreadsheet.

Micro 1, 2 and 4 are each 9 sessions while Micro 3 as the deload/lower volume micro is 6 sessions. So doing 4-5 sessions a week it takes me around 7 weeks to get through this.

If I continue injury free I'll start a new log over on the other forum.
» A Gift... Free Gains For All... TRIR-2.0 (Go to post)06-07-2019 @ 17:25 
Thanks for the detailed response, that answers a lot in regards to programming! With TRIR I guess it's just experience gained over time as to when to end the set so I'll get practicing with that. For the last few months or so I've followed very little in terms of programming/progression although I've linked together some consistent months of lifting now so this gives me some direction. My starting numbers will be something like 5 to 10kg lower than I am certain I can lift, obviously this will adjust in the 2nd micro once I've actually proven it through doing the reps in each exercise. Thanks again.
» A Gift... Free Gains For All... TRIR-2.0 (Go to post)05-07-2019 @ 19:12 
First of all, this spreadsheet is great, thanks for posting it. I'm the go-to person in my office for creating dashboards, manipulating data etc and this is something I'd be proud of.

Now to completely bas***dise your beautiful ideas -

My training has completely lacked direction lately so I think I'm going to try the ideas in this programme but I might have to do it across 6 training days rather than the 3-4 and spreading it across about 9 to 10 days for each "WEEK" because I like to be in and out of the gym within an hour and more significantly because I'm almost certain my body cannot handle benching 3 times a week.

Just off the top of my head something like this:
1. Squats, hamstrings, back
2. Bench, shoulders
3. Squat, quads, abs
4. Bench, triceps
5. Squat, deadlift, rear delts
6. Bench, biceps, abs (absolute BRO day)

If I figure out the formulas and create a new sheet I'll make sure to send it across via email.

Let me know your thoughts on splitting the days up, I think it would be interesting to hear your perspective given your experience with the methods you've put down in the spreadsheet and because you're obviously very experienced as a strength athlete.
» Arnold Strongman Classic Final 2019 in Ohio (Go to post)01-03-2019 @ 08:54 
I've just checked and Ohio is 5 hours behind UK. If the above times are local Ohio time then the events start at 8pm UK time.
» Concept 2 Rowing Times. (Go to post)09-12-2017 @ 13:33 
Gingy and macroth faster than Sir Bradley Wiggins!

01:31.5 (35) 01:33.7 (33) 01:37.2 (30) 01:40.1 (29)

Looks like he could have paced it better and gone under 6:20.
» Concept 2 Rowing Times. (Go to post)18-10-2017 @ 18:32 
I'm training on the Concept2 with limited time (I have access on my lunch to a rower so I only get around 25 minutes).

Failed today doing 3x750m, first two were 1:43.9 and I just couldn't recover in time for the third, I just gave up mid way through. I'm sure if I did 1:45 on the first two sets I would have been able to finish but it shows how close the margins are.

Still haven't done a 2000m.
» What are you doing today? (Go to post)07-10-2017 @ 09:23 
I've done my weekly shop, now I'm lazing about until I feel like going for a bike ride
» Concept 2 Rowing Times. (Go to post)16-09-2017 @ 11:24 
Completely agree with pacing. That, technique and the drag factor has made the difference so far. Now it's time to improve my fitness to bring that time down. I train on my lunch at work so I only get 30 minutes of training. I'm going to see about accessing a rower on the weekend to do some steady state but I have kettlebells to swing at home and can always go for a run or two.
» Concept 2 Rowing Times. (Go to post)13-09-2017 @ 18:32 
I've done three 5000m rows over the past two weeks:


Not sure there's that much room for improvement immediately but I'm enjoying the idea of training a bit for this - lots of squats and pulls in the gym and kettlebell swings when at home. I don't have the time to go for longer rows but I have set myself a goal of rowing 2000m in 7:00 by the end of the year.

I think with good pacing I'm probably in 7:30 shape at the moment??
» IPF WORLDS - 120+ Cat (Go to post)25-06-2017 @ 17:34 
Well someone said it.

His weight made it difficult for the referees to agree on his squat set up and also made it difficult for him to deadlift. The thing I noticed was how meaty his hands were, it has got to affect his grip.

I've gone through and compared his results at IPF worlds:

2013 squat: 350 (failed 380 twice, so perhaps had more)
2017 squat: 460

2013 deadlift: 310
2017 deadlift: 305

His squat has gone up 100kg and his deadlift has not changed.
» World's Strongest Man 2017 (Go to post)28-05-2017 @ 17:33 
Post Edited: 28.05.2017 @ 17:34 PM by uzalad
Double dip means a push press with a second dip under one the press is almost complete to "catch" the weight before it's at full height. Kind of like a jerk in Olympic lifting. What Thor was doing was basically why the "clean and press" was removed from the Olympics many years ago, lots of lean back - but basically everyone does it.
» GPC lifting log (Go to post)30-10-2016 @ 16:33 
I'm also interested, GPC coverage is not great.
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)21-08-2016 @ 17:46 
Think he's had two Unhappy It would have been fun to see him a bit more
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)29-07-2016 @ 07:52 
that looks awesome
» The Cycling Thread (Go to post)14-07-2016 @ 19:55 
What the hell was that



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