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» who do you think... (Go to post)27-03-2013 @ 11:58 
Post Edited: 27.03.2013 @ 12:01 PM by Donut62
There's quite a few American football players who are tremendously strong freaks of nature. It's hard to find concrete data because teams don't like players discusssing their S&C programs and there's a lot of dodgy form. But here's a fullback squatting 605x9 (275kg) for example:

This guy didn't even become a starter.
» WSM 2012 updates/results (Go to post)24-09-2012 @ 20:25 
Group 4 Anvils:
Hixxy 42.39
Hansen 42.8
Lalas 44.62
Katona 46.95
Pritchett 48.96
LPJ 59.37

Looking at LPJ's bicep, may be out.
» WSM 2012 updates/results (Go to post)24-09-2012 @ 20:14 
Post Edited: 24.09.2012 @ 20:15 PM by Donut62
Group 2 Anvils:

Thor 38.43
Jenkins 40.69
Sebastian kurek 42.7
Nick Best 46.73
Eddie hall 49.7
akos nagy, 3 in ~50, DNF

Group 4 up next, Hixxy in the lead after the first 3 went.
» WSM 2012 updates/results (Go to post)24-09-2012 @ 19:08 
Post Edited: 24.09.2012 @ 19:09 PM by Donut62
Thank Kevin Cronin over on Marunde Muscle, I just organized his posts for my favorite forum to lurk:

Group 3:
Johannes 36.94
Shaw 37.55
Lauri Nami 42.72
Wildauer 43.91
Gearing 44?
Misha ?

Sounds like Misha was 2nd-3rd, but didn't realize the clock stopped when you take your hands off the bags. He loaded the last one and then laid down on it until he realized what was happening and wound up last.
» WSM 2012 updates/results (Go to post)24-09-2012 @ 18:50 
Post Edited: 24.09.2012 @ 18:51 PM by Donut62
Group 1 Loading Race:
JF Caron 36.87
Poundstone 37.7
Zydrunas 38.47
Jack Mac 47.24
Frank Scheun 47.4
Baron 52.24

Josh Thigpen out with torn biceps.
» WSM results (Go to post)16-09-2011 @ 16:12 
chaos said:
Bloody hell, are any of them giving a reaosn to why it so tough?

Even if you have a 400kg squat, this is 80% of that on apparatus you have never squatted with before, and you have to slam it into the pins at the bottom? Sounds like a b**ch to me.
» WSM results (Go to post)15-09-2011 @ 14:18 
Cuddles said:
If the athletes have signed contracts allowing that then HOLY f**k.

It's been the same every year. The results leak all the same, they just don't want the athletes doing interviews and going on TV and talking about it before it airs on ESPN. Just keep it anonymous and everything has been fine.
» Foul Mouthed Drunken 2011 Lifting Log (Go to post)29-07-2011 @ 20:20 
Like a boss.
» WSM 2011 (Go to post)28-06-2011 @ 15:49 
Post Edited: 28.06.2011 @ 15:52 PM by Donut62
Tiff_P said:What a shock that TWI are holding it in Yank land!!!

They have been despirate for a yank winner for years and seem to give the yank competitiors every advantage to win!

Although Shaw is genuinley a top competitor and needs no real favourtism. Unlike the previous TWI attemps at fixing it for Poundcake to win!

WSM needs to be more diverse in its locations and deffo needs to come closer this way or to Iceland etc again.

A Yank won in 2006. In China. Phil Pfister ring a bell?

Fixing it for Poundstone? He came close to winning in 2008, but the contest was held in Phil Pfister's hometown. Poundstone was at the absolute top of his game that year, beating Zydrunas at Fortissimus. Poundstone hasn't been a factor since, don't see how anything is being "fixed" for him. The events are pretty much the same old same old every year. I don't think TWI really gives a s**t who wins, it's not like they have done anything to grow WSM beyond what it has been for years and years.
» raw 240kg bench press (Go to post)03-05-2011 @ 13:32 
IrishMarc said:he's wearing wrist wraps it's not raw plus he has all of that muscle. Cheating.

I heard he gets like 240kg of carryover out of his muscle, it's total bulls**t what powerlifting has become.
» 195k snatch at 105 BW from recent European WL Championship (Go to post)29-04-2011 @ 21:24 
I don't think Rigert and Akkaev get along too well, I remember Akkaev saying he was stupid and a fool after the last Olympics because he entered him into Group B.

But Akkaev looks really strong for 2012.
» "im the one to watch because im the smallest here" (Go to post)28-04-2011 @ 04:04 
Holy s**t.
» Team America: F*CK YEAH! (Go to post)17-03-2011 @ 17:12 
*random American walks in*

I would probably be sick about hearing about as well, annoying bas***ds we are. However,

Other than Canada and China, Japan is the largest trading and business partner of the United States (way ahead of any European country), after World War II the arrangements in disarming the Japanese imperial military made us assume responsibility for their defense (a large contingent of our Navy and Air Force are based on Japanese soil), and we are downwind of their reactor that is melting down. A reactor designed by an American company. The USA and Japan will always be inexorably linked post world war II.

The Libya uprising was dominating American news until the Japanese crisis. Due to oil and Ghaddafi cooperating with NATO countries in terrorism investigations, it should come as no surprise that no moves were made. Surely the intelligence from day one showed an uncertain situation at best that no one wanted to move on for fear of being on the wrong side when the dust cleared.
» think crossfit is gay?.... (Go to post)20-01-2011 @ 18:19 
No offense to Crossfit guys, but they mostly consist of weekend warriors. With this kind of money on the table, I think "real" athletes are going to show up. Your average Olympic decathlete would clean house.
» Pat 'youtube' Mendez Snatch (Go to post)22-12-2010 @ 13:50 
MrSmall said:
Its actually Armenia or Albania, but not Romania I don't think.
That didn't help clear it up eh Grin

Yeah, Armenia it is. All those Eastern European countries are the same, hairy arms and funny language Grin

Ivan Adadjiev was here coaching for awhile as well, and wound up leaving for the same reasons according to Glenn Pendlay.


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