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» What kind of car does everyone have? Just because I'm a car fan and nosey. (Go to post)24-08-2010 @ 13:23 
Work vehicle - 1990 Mercedes 308D tipper. Proper old school Mercedes Truck.

Pleasure - 1994 Audi 100E 2.8 quattro avant. Lovely old sports estate. Naturally aspirated V6 with 173bhp. Quick, though not super fast it does however corner like it's on rails.

Some say it's quicker than Brian's 944 Wink
» Light Atlas Stone for (Go to post)31-01-2009 @ 11:07 
The problem with learning with a really light atlas stone is that it is technically very different to lifting a heavier stone. On the smaller stone, the diameter will be less, so it's hard to get the hang of rolling it up your body. I would say it is best to start with something around 100kg, as it is a good trade off between being light enough to manage, but heavy enough to build the technique up with.

» robocop (Go to post)25-01-2009 @ 18:23 
Just want to say good luck for the qualifiers Andy. Not that you will need it!

Won't be able to make it as I am stuck at work.

» Adams new log (Go to post)12-01-2009 @ 15:35 
Sweet jesus Adam - incredible squatting. Just to echo what has already been said here, but I think you have put more work into your squatting than has ever been witnessed on this forum, and the gains are clear to see!
» Scotlands Strongest Man Qualifier 2009 (Go to post)05-01-2009 @ 11:31 
I would love to come to watch but I am stuck at work that day, without the real possibility of getting out of it. Good luck to competitors!
» Goals of 2008 Thread (Go to post)22-12-2008 @ 09:04 
All goals failed on account of getting sick (stomach packing in) and losing 4 stone. Ah well Roll-Eyes
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)21-12-2008 @ 22:44 
Happy belated Birthday and cracking session Millsy Cool
» star trek quiz (Go to post)19-12-2008 @ 22:34 
Oooh, good question. I remember the episode, but cannot for the life of me think who it is. Perhaps start with an easier one??
» Sex around the world....... (Go to post)16-12-2008 @ 17:09 
Thing said:
nope just have perverted work mates

Not much else to do in Shetland?? Tongue Wink
» robocop (Go to post)14-12-2008 @ 22:03 
f**king beastly Andy. Only a hair away from a 300kg front squat dude - that is world class!!
» Happy birthday Misha (Go to post)12-12-2008 @ 23:32 
Just pratting around on the IFSA website and happened to notice that it's Mikhail Kokylaev's 30th birthday today.

Not sure that he will ever read this, but congratulations man!!

» Olympic Lifting 1972 (Go to post)21-11-2008 @ 13:04 
Cracking video!

The massive chap with the apparent back problem looks exactly like a huge version of my granddad Eek
» Andrew Sheridans Deadlift (Go to post)20-11-2008 @ 12:04 
Sorry for the inaccuracy - as I said, I was just quoting the numbers from memory, which perhaps has a tendency to exagerate things!

Nevertheless, I think Peter Kirkbride also qualifies in the freak of nature category! Grin
» Andrew Sheridans Deadlift (Go to post)18-11-2008 @ 23:09 
I reckon JE power cleaning 155 is certainly possible. Last year, whilst picking up some weightlifting plates in Kilmarnock, I met Peter Kirkbride. Under 18 lifter, 75kg and with (if my memory serves) a 180 C&J and 145 snatch. As has already been stated, Jonathan Edwards is a freak of the highest degree, with as much explosive power as a box full of plastique - what reason, as a retired athlete does he have to lie?

» The Plan (Go to post)12-11-2008 @ 10:30 
Great work Bri - the frontie looked alot easier in the video than it did in person!

How long until 140kg front squat?


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