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» Flat Back Benching? (Go to post)24-02-2013 @ 11:08 
Kind of you both to say regarding my current numbers. So is there a set pattern, routine, sequence to starting the lift because as it stands I just kinda get under it and have a go. Also in regards to grip, I prefer suicide, just feels better for me or should I get my thumb wrapped round?
» Flat Back Benching? (Go to post)24-02-2013 @ 10:04 
Recently I've spent a little more time in the gym and decided to try to get my bench press up. Now having read numerous articles about driving through your feet and arching your back etc and watching Mr Pateman's constant impressive benching it made me realise that I have very little technical ability as I seem to bench better with my back flat or even with my legs in the air.

This begs the question, how much am I sacrificing in terms of 1RM by doing it this way? If I can bench xxxkg with a flat back, how much could I add by learning the correct technique? Or am I perhaps over thinking it all?

» Calf Pain After Squatting (Go to post)15-02-2013 @ 21:58 
That also seems like a reasonable idea. Never really given much thought to the whole technique thing, I just kinda squat and that's about as much thought as it gets. I feel more comfortable whilst squatting wearing olly shoes but not so keen on the two or three days after with the calf issues. Then again my best squats have been done wearing Air Max. Pro's and Con's for both I suppose, I look at my form seems a reasonable place to start. Cheers
» Calf Pain After Squatting (Go to post)15-02-2013 @ 21:36 
Time to revert back to the Air Max me thinks!
» Calf Pain After Squatting (Go to post)15-02-2013 @ 21:22 
fong said:i had it so bad that i couldn't walk for a few days. literally so painful.

caused by leaning over my knees and onto my toes too much i think, but if you've ruled that out, no idea then Unhappy

I honestly don't think I do and from what I'd been told it doesn't look like it. That said the person who observed me squat is slightly simple with a lazy eye so any things possible. But for about 2 days after its agony. I've recently started squatting in adidas lifting shoes which I thought had helped my form, reaching good depth and had taken a load of strain off my old man knees, would that have anything to do with it?
» Calf Pain After Squatting (Go to post)12-02-2013 @ 23:09 
Robbo said:Perhaps going onto your toes?

My first thought. However I video'd a set of my last session and it doesn't appear so
» Calf Pain After Squatting (Go to post)12-02-2013 @ 21:21 
Recently after squatting I have had significant discomfort in both calfs for two or three days. I've never had this before and can't really attribute it to something I'm doing differently except maybe the number of reps I'm doing.

So what am I doing wrong?

Or should I just man up?
» Powerlifting - Where to start? (Go to post)24-12-2012 @ 15:04 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:You're definitely a static strength beast Rich. That was obvious at that Swindon comp we did.

Kind of you to say. However as I remember you out pulled me with plenty to spare. As I said the enquiry is for a pal of mine and not sure my temperament would suit it as I'm easily bored and i forgot what the gym looks like.
» Powerlifting - Where to start? (Go to post)24-12-2012 @ 13:47 
minibig1 said:Your total is big for any weight especially unequipped mate, only 150kg off world record

Ha ONLY 150kg!!

Cheers fellas, numbers are a tad higher than currently listed as is body weight. Enquiry was for my pal initially, not sure if I'll give it a go but we'll see. If my efforts at strongman are anything to go by I'll do one lift, have a snooze then loose interest!

Thanks again fellas
» Powerlifting - Where to start? (Go to post)24-12-2012 @ 13:23 
In regards to decent total for 120kg+. I'd say around 800kg would be a damn good start.

Cheers. Don't suppose you could throw an idea of a decent figure for a fatty of 145kg or is it just categorised as 120kg and above?
» Powerlifting - Where to start? (Go to post)24-12-2012 @ 13:21 
jt said:

get in touch with Matt i'm sure he will be able to help

Cheers mate we've sent a message over
» Powerlifting - Where to start? (Go to post)24-12-2012 @ 11:30 
A question on behalf of a mate of mine who fancies a crack at powerlifting, and depending on the answers it may motivate me to get in the gym!

Firstly, what federation? He has and still uses PED's (this may well just be a 'none' at this point) and is an unequipped lifter.
Secondly, what would a respectable and competitive total be for someone 120kg+ (if we knew what fed to look at we could and possibly will look back at previous results).
Finally is there anyone worth contacting (gyms etc) to get more advice from and potentially train with. My pal is based near me in West Midlands so anyone over this way would be of use.

» Free Stuff (Go to post)23-07-2012 @ 18:10 
Both items now appear to have a new home. Cheers gents.
» Free Stuff (Go to post)23-07-2012 @ 17:52 
brownbear said:Can I come get the farmers off you rich

You may indeed
» Free Stuff (Go to post)23-07-2012 @ 17:21 
As the title says;

x1 Tyre Approx 360kg

x1 Pair of cylinder farmers currently filled with water to 130kg ish each. These can be emptied fairly easily if need be. These are a fairly low pickup.

Only stipulation is you have to collect it from the DY5 area.



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