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» Peter's journal to get back into strongman. (Go to post)12-10-2013 @ 10:04 
pdh said:
Hi brian all is well here, good to here from you hope you are doing well! Is damien on sugden? not got any contact details for him. A lot of the crossfit people work and train in my gym a couple of good power lifters there but no strongman stuff that i know off.

Aye all good man. Damien is Keyser Soze on here I'm pretty sure.

Ah, thought the CF guys had a few bits of SM stuff, could be wrong though. Maybe still worth speaking to the guys who run it to see if they're planning to introduce some events stuff. Be a different environment to training in the likes of the unit(s) though Happy Clean and warm probably, as opposed to damp, freezing, manky, asbestosy etc Happy
» Peter's journal to get back into strongman. (Go to post)07-10-2013 @ 18:16 
Hey Peter, hope you're well!

Sometimes small crew doing events in Livingston at Damien's place, sometimes at the warehouse in Motherwell (just stones there usually though), and sometimes at Glasgow Strength (plenty kit, but only short (10m) run). These dudes have some strongman kit too, not sure if you've checked it out already -
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)17-03-2013 @ 21:05 
Jabba said:The lever belt is a beauty. 32 hours delivery, not too shabby Buzz Tongue

Good stuff!

General_ill said:Is Buzz still available these days or is he too busy polishing the diamond encrusted rims on his Chrysler 300c ??

Still around man Happy (in between polishing)
» Scotland's Strongest Man U90kg 2012 (Go to post)05-08-2012 @ 19:34 
Full results;


Stuart - 90.0kg
Ian - 90.0kg
Phil - 88.6kg
Youngy - 88.3kg
David - 86.3kg
Jeremy - 89.3kg

Viking press (125kg)
Jeremy - 17reps - 6pts
Phil - 12reps - 4.5pts
Stuart - 12reps - 4.5pts
Youngy - 9reps - 3pts
Ian - 7reps - 2pts
David - 4reps - 1pt

Deadlift (15")
Phil - 310kg - 6pts
Stuart - 290kg - 4.5pts
Jeremy - 290kg - 4.5pts
Ian - 280kg - 3pts
David- 270kg - 2pts
Youngy - 230kg - 1pt

Farmers Medley (105kg, 125kg, 145kg 15m)
Phil - 145kg 4.3m - 6pts
Stuart - 145kg 3.2m - 5pts
Jeremy - 145kg 0.25m - 4pts
Youngy - 105/125kg - 21.75secs - 3pts
Ian - 105/125kg - 22.38secs - 2pts
David - 105/125kg - 34.3secs - 1pt

Carry and drag (220kg yoke/200kg Dog Sled 20m)
Ian - 56.46secs - 6pts
David - 59.94secs - 5pts
Jeremy - 63.40secs - 4pts
Stuart - 79.90secs - 3pts
Phil - Drag 16.6m - 2pts
Youngy - Drag 13m - 1pt

DB Medley (35kg Monster, 42kg Circus, 53kg Circus, 63kg Monster for reps)
Youngy - 3reps w/63 - 5.5pts
Jeremy - 3reps w/63 - 5.5pts
Stuart - 1repw/63 - 4pts
Phil - 53kg 46.44secs - 3pts
David - 42kg - 2pts
Ian - Withdrawn

Stones (100kg and 115kg to 56", 130kg and 150kg to 44")
Jeremy - 130 15.43secs - 6pts
Youngy - 130 20.66secs - 5pts
David - 130 20.88secs - 4pts
Stuart - 130 30.28secs - 3pts
Phil - 130 31.07secs - 2pts


1st - Jeremy - 30pts
2nd - Stuart - 24pts
3rd - Phil - 23.5pts
4th - Youngy - 18.5pts
5th - David - 15pts
6th - Ian - 13pts
» Scotland's Strongest Man U90kg 2012 (Go to post)05-08-2012 @ 15:56 
Congratulations to Jeremy, a well deserved winner, and to all the other competitors, gutsy performances all round.

Huge thanks to all the helpers, making it a smoothly run comp as always.
» Scotland's Strongest Man U90kg 2012 (Go to post)31-07-2012 @ 15:39 
Can weigh in from 9, but I foresee you still being on a treadmill in a sauna suit at 10.45 Happy
» Scotland's Strongest Man U90kg 2012 (Go to post)30-07-2012 @ 22:19 
Just to confirm athlete's there by 11am at latest on Sunday, events as per opening post;

2 Braidhurst Industrial Estate
» Europes-Strongest-Man-Under-90kg (Go to post)23-07-2012 @ 16:51 
jeremy1987 said:dose any 1 know how many place there will be for scotland thanksHappy

1 place for Scotland Jezza!
» Palace of Art Weightlifting (Go to post)06-07-2012 @ 10:04 
Probably Scoutston is a better bet than the Palace, they train there Saturdays, not certain of the times though. Youngy or Stuarty will both know (amongst others).
» Scotland's Strongest Man U90kg 2012 (Go to post)03-07-2012 @ 11:04 
Yes, events confirmed, and location will be at Strength Shop (out the front), as new venue will not be ready in time unfortunately.


Can do a training day no problem. Is a Saturday or a Sunday better for folk?
» Scotland's Strongest Man U90kg 2012 (Go to post)26-06-2012 @ 21:30 
stuarty said:
That's good news brian! Good incentive to get training hard! Where is letterkenny?

In Ireland Stuart.

stuarty said:
Cheers brian. yeah this was one thing we didn't chat aboutHappy. Those Guinness's didn't help with the weight loss!

Aye, helped with the bulk for the 105's though no doubt Happy
» Scotland's Strongest Man U90kg 2012 (Go to post)26-06-2012 @ 20:15 
The winner of SSM U90's will get an invite to the U90 European finals in Letterkenny on the 7th & 8th sept - hotel, food, airport pick up all covered. Great opportunity for whoever takes the top spot!
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)21-06-2012 @ 19:42 
fatneck said:
It's a mans livelyhood, dont get me wrong if it was abig multi national
And i think Brian looks after us Sugdeners well enough Wink

We are a big multi national company now Happy Thanks for your honesty, appreciate it. There are a few of us taking care of orders now, I guess a couple of us printed off a label for it and the guys in the warehouse didn't pick up on the duplicate label. Will pm you to sort it out.
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)12-06-2012 @ 16:33 
Pete - cheers man! Yeah, Thor ballista it's only one we're selling at the moment.

Mark - no probs, glad they reached you quickly.

Nick - don't really think it's possible to stretch it much, but if you put talc on the inside and get someone to pull from behind it might help.
» Scotland's Strongest Man 2012 (Go to post)10-06-2012 @ 22:03 
Cracking comp yesterday, I'd say best Scottish final I've seen by a fair bit! Events spot on, and all the weights just right, which is very hard to do especially when there's things like cars and trucks involved. Venue was perfect as well.

Great battle between Ken and Cherrie, head to head axle was superb. Jeremy's and Dhanni's axles, Ken's medley, and Colin's stones were some of the highlights for me.

Much better watching everyone get pretty much the majority of the stones, than trying to play basketball with the first couple of stones with the old 6ft platforms!

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