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» Zeus Ballista (Go to post)02-07-2011 @ 12:51 
Post Edited: 02.07.2011 @ 12:53 PM by Weefella
IMO it doesn't effect performance or integrity. It does tear down the middle at first but after the initial it's fine. Upon looking at the ballista after usage the rest of the stitching stays solid. If the middle section completely ripped the ballista, I think, would still do the job as it's held well together everywhere else. The only real problem I had was finding the nack of getting the damn thing over my arms ha ha

Hope this helpsCool
» Zeus Ballista (Go to post)01-07-2011 @ 22:54 
Post Edited: 01.07.2011 @ 22:55 PM by Weefella
There has been a few questions kicking about the forum on this, so i thought i'd give my view.

Got 1 of these from Brian a few weeks ago & used it on Wednesday for the 1st time.

Now, as it says in the strengthshop thread, the stitching along the middle does go. However, the ballista still holds together excellent, the stitching along the sides, arms etc is great & solid. After the initial rip of the middle stitches thats it.

The Ballista does the job in training!!!
I have been/am out of action for a while now due to some health issues but have been able to do a few things (not much). Like anyone, once you get a newpiece of kit you've gotta try itCool

Ballista On:
80kg 8reps
100kg 6reps
120kg 6reps
130kg 6reps

All sets felt fairly easy (considering layoff), i felt the ballista was a bit strange at 1st but i have never used any training aids before, everything has been done RAW. After initial strange feeling, positioning felt great & pressing fairly easy. There was loads more in the tank!!!!!!

To sum-up.....

Great piece of kit!!! Great Price!!!!
Get over the initial centre tear & its great!!!

Any other questions please ask.

» The Plan (Go to post)01-07-2011 @ 22:33 
Good training there, HQ gym looking good!!!!Cool

I used the Ballista for a couple of sets on wednesday night, just about to do a wee write up in the general section, hope it helps in answering peoples questions.

» The Plan (Go to post)21-06-2011 @ 22:08 
Great training there Bri.
HQ is looking great, makes me want to get back to training asapAngry

Keep it up & keep the vids coming.
Nice oneCool
» Strength Shop - new products and updates (Go to post)27-04-2011 @ 15:23 
Nice... Foam rollers!! Will have to invest me thinks.

Also, a bit late, but thanks for such speedy delivery on the jack. Next Day!!!!!!

Nice one
» Anyone got a lifting belt they'd like to sell? (Go to post)19-04-2011 @ 00:13 
I've got an Inzer lever belt in the garage im happy to sell. I can look it out if anyone is interested. I think its a 13mm one, black, lever belt.
Its been used, but not that much, leather is still solid & overall its in great condition!!!!!
I'm open to selling as i've now got a 10mm belt & prefer that.
Just drop me a pm.
» For sale (Go to post)17-03-2011 @ 22:28 
Post Edited: 17.03.2011 @ 22:28 PM by Weefella
I hear youWink
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)16-03-2011 @ 23:19 
Weefella said:Monster sessions there, defineatly looking like some new pb's this weekend.
Good luck for the British.

Squats looking strong as ever, you seem to have the bar quite low down your back. Do you let it sit just below your traps?

Nice oneCool

Cheers mate,

Yeah the bar sits below my traps

I've tried having the bar that low, hurts my bloody wrists & elbows, but the squat itself feels easy when doing it?

Good luck for Saturday, looking forward to seeing some Pb videos.

» For sale (Go to post)16-03-2011 @ 23:16 
Where you moving?

Good luck aswell, someone out there will jump at it. Nice bit down there, a couple of nice boozers.
» Selling Squat Stand (Edinburgh EH15 postcode) (Go to post)16-03-2011 @ 22:59 
» The Plan (Go to post)14-03-2011 @ 12:16 
Good effort on those pb's.
New place looks great, i'll need to get through at some point.
Keep up the good work
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)14-03-2011 @ 12:12 
Monster sessions there, defineatly looking like some new pb's this weekend.
Good luck for the British.

Squats looking strong as ever, you seem to have the bar quite low down your back. Do you let it sit just below your traps?

Nice oneCool
» stone's and bumper plates for sale (Go to post)20-02-2011 @ 10:31 
Pm sent
» Unit 20 RIP - stuff for sale (Go to post)13-01-2011 @ 21:58 
Pm sent
» trying to become the strongest little man in the world (Go to post)07-01-2011 @ 23:18 
drew said:If it's strongman you wantto try you should go to IS in fyfe

I might have alook into that at some point, Cheers.

Training looking good.



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