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» Starting all over (Go to post)09-08-2009 @ 15:04 
Howzit All!!

Long time no smell.

I've been out of the game for more than a year. Stupid to say that i've been missing it... badly. I need to start again in September.

I injured my back last year and thought I'd never be able to lift again. Went trough this feeling sorry for oneself stage and I lost my job. Things are starting to look good and I've decided that I need to come back. At least do 1 World champs before I hang up the suits for good.

I've put my mind to it. First to loose some weight and get the old ticker ticking again. Then to move big weights. The time is now.


» Steve's Training Journal: (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 17:02 
MOFO Bench Bru! Keep it coming.
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 17:00 
Thanks Joni and Ian. Happy to be back.

Today was a start to completely new way of thinking. Ironically my new way of thinking is all old school.

Stabilising was up to s**t and Ive lost some power because of all the festivities.

Reverse Grip Floor Press 10x50, 6x80 (Warmers) 5x3x130. That hit the proverbial spot.
Bench Press 10x80 (Warmers) 3x6x110. To much eat and drink took its share. Before you know it Ill be back where I need to be.
Finished with some Triceps and I good heavy dose of a well cooked dinner. Ready for bed.
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)07-01-2008 @ 13:08 
Welcome back you might say. Well boys, balls to the walls boys! The boerseun is back in action. Starting out today after a looooong rest. I needed it. I had to go back to my roots and figure out:"Why the f**k are you breaking yourself?" Conclusion - I love feeling strong. I love feeling like an 18 year old but pushing the high thirties. I need to be stimulated and focused on goals. Not just training. Life. Work. Play. Family. Powerlifting gave me that focus. So to the Forces that be - thanks ya lot for the big 3.

I haven't even gone to the gym yet and I'm posting already. Crazy MoFo.

Check in later
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)20-12-2007 @ 08:18 
I'm gonna rest for the rest of the year. I'll pick it up again the 1st week in Jan. Enjoy the Christmas and a great 2008 to all.
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)12-12-2007 @ 15:40 
Lats and shoulders.

Pull ups - 3sets to failure
Straight arm front lat pull down Superset with reverse grip lat pull downs - 3x8x22.5kg & 3x8x67.5kg
lateral raises 3x10x10kg
Ben - over laterals - 3x8x15kg
Front barbell shrugs - 2x8x120kg & 1x4x140kg

Enjoyed the work out
» DMPM's Journal (Go to post)11-12-2007 @ 18:25 
Great lifting. Keep going
» The Road To a 500K Total @ 75K UE (Go to post)11-12-2007 @ 18:17 
I see you use the small diameter plates for the DL. I only train with small diameter. It has a huge impact when it comes to Comp day. The extra 2 inches gives you at least 20kg on the platform.

Great Work Bro!
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)11-12-2007 @ 18:08 
Nah. Can't train in the mornings. I need to eat a couple of meals per day befoe I can lift. When I started out I used to train in the mornings. I believe if you want to loose weight, cardio in the mornings is good. When you want to move weight, evenings.
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style (Go to post)11-12-2007 @ 15:41 
Jeez bru. You have huge volume. No wonder your back packs up. It looks good though. I'd s**t to keep up with you. Nice very nice.
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)11-12-2007 @ 15:34 
Joni said:
wow, crazy lifts, did you jump straight from 200 to 300 or did you do one in the middle in the warm up room? unlucky to miss a squat because of moving a feet, damn thats brutal!

Fantastic deadlift though.

Thanks Joni. I opened raw and then went to a 300kg squat. Everything went wrong on the day. I think mostly that my mind f'd me around. Not next time. I promise.

Training Log for today.
Bench 3 x 6 x 120kg. Nothing Serious. Weight felt heavy.
Incline BP 3 x 8 x 80kg.

Close Grip BP 2 x 8 x 80kg 1 x 3 x 110kg. Triceps finished
Tricep Push down 3 x 8 x 36kg
Dips 3 sets to failure

Really enjoy being back in the gym. It's really hot here with temps reaching 33C and humidity of 90%. It's hard staying focused.
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)10-12-2007 @ 16:51 
Started all over again today. I want to do some volume for a while before going back to hardcore Westside training.

23cm Box Squats - 2 x 5 x 130kg, 2 x 5 x 150kg. Lower back still sore from week before.
Leg Press - 10 x 200kg, 6 x 300kg, 4 x 320kg. 1st Leg Press in over a year. Feels good for a change.
Lunges Barbell - 8 x 40kg, 2 x 8 x 60kg. After Leg Press I was really finished.
Standing Calf raises - 3 x 10 x 82kg. Hate this damn exercise.

Feels good to be back in the gym after being a patato for a week. All frustrations and bad temper sorted.
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)06-12-2007 @ 06:05 
Thanks Guys. I have vids but batlle to post them. I'm working on it.
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)03-12-2007 @ 15:53 
Just what I mean. I f**ked it up. Squats - Opened with 200kg. Didn't want to bom. 2nd attempt 300kg, missed it, moved my feet just before lock out. 3rd attempt 300kg. Missed it.
Bench Press - Opened with 130kg. 2nd attempt 200kg. Did it but knocked the rack, failed. 3rd attempt,. out of the groove and missed it.
Deads - By this stage I was really pissed off. Opened 270kg - nailed it. 285kg PB nailed it. 300kg - injured my back and had to drop it.

Sorry to let you guys down. Should have done it.

At least PB on deads. 1st place as well.

I'll post the lifts later.
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)30-11-2007 @ 03:29 
IainKendrick said:
I like it how your high school gym appears better equipped than any I've trained at Tongue

It's run very professionally by a entrepeneur with a good sense for business. He allows me to do my freakshow training in the gym claimimg that it attracks new clients. At the moment it is the only proper run gym in town and Hein had to invest in some cardio equipmet for the masses.

I also help out with the high school rugby teams. More with strenght training then anything else. Some of the lads grew huge in just 3 months. One prop gained 6kg's and squats 140kg for 3 sets 8 reps easily. That from only starting with 80kg awile ago.


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