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» Whats the deal with kettlebells??? (Go to post)26-08-2010 @ 11:15 
Ok thanks for the replies. I still dont see what they do that a dumbell doesnt and I dont see whats "magical" about them but I have no doubt that they can be useful. Thanks again lads Happy
» Whats the deal with kettlebells??? (Go to post)24-08-2010 @ 22:38 
Can someone tell me why they are supposed to be so good? My personal opinion is they do nothing that a dumbell cant do. I just find them awkward as the handles dont move. When you do an overhead press, the kettlebell is pushing against the forearm.

Im interested in peoples opinions, perhaps Boar can answer this, I know he has used them a fair bit.
» Fixing my deadlift, advice needed (Go to post)22-08-2010 @ 07:01 
If your toes are pointing forward and your feet are flat on the floor then your shins should stay perpendicular to the floor. But perhaps the way you are doing it is a strong position for you? Theres certainly nothing wrong with your numbers.
» BDFPA All England (Go to post)12-08-2010 @ 14:09 
Just wondered if there are any here going to compete at this one? Its on october 9th (up to and including 82.5kgs) and 10th (90kgs+).
» Iain's Training (Go to post)09-08-2010 @ 21:08 
IainKendrick said:
5th sept GBPF Unequipped Brits

Where is this mate?
» Iain's Training (Go to post)08-08-2010 @ 13:45 
Your squats are looking very good Iain.
» Iain's Training (Go to post)04-08-2010 @ 10:15 
Thats fantastic news mate, congratulations. Training around a little one is a whole different ball game lol!
» How many Pullups and Chinups can you do? (With and without weight) (Go to post)25-07-2010 @ 08:53 
Lol! Who me?
» How many Pullups and Chinups can you do? (With and without weight) (Go to post)24-07-2010 @ 20:23 
Chins are one of my favourite exercises. My bodyweight pb is 38, full extension and chin over bar. In the past I have done 5 reps with 50kgs round my waist. Both these done at bodyweight of roughly 90kgs.
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)11-07-2010 @ 16:50 
Im sorry to hear of your bad news Macca, I hope it all works out for your old man.
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)02-07-2010 @ 08:57 
Macca youre a beast! Your quads remind me of some of the olympic cyclists. Good luck with the training log. You train with quite high volume, have you always trained that way?
» PB Day (Go to post)28-06-2010 @ 20:14 
Do us all a favour and start a journal!!!
» Carls Powerlifting Journal (Go to post)23-04-2010 @ 15:18 
The squats are going up steadily mate, good to see. And nice benching too :-)
» Back In Business! (Go to post)14-04-2010 @ 20:53 
Your sessions must take ages! Either that or you hardly have any rest time.

How do you find the fronties on the knees? Ive started doing them and already my knees are giving me jip.

And last but not least, are you doing any other comps this year?
» BDFPA British Unequipped (Go to post)29-03-2010 @ 10:18 
Thats a phenomenal total at 82.5kgs mate, I won the 100s with not much more than that. I feel ashamed Unhappy lol

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