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» Phils journey to the worlds (Go to post)03-01-2008 @ 17:23 
What do you mean? The membership form you have to send off. Then later you should get an entry form for the divisionals.
» Hayden - Leaner, Faster, Stronger!! (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 22:13 
I think Ken Shamrock used to do 500 bodyweight reps on squats and they were f**king brutal from what Ive heard!
» Back In Business! (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 22:10 
If you want us to keep reading your journal then you will make the effort to come and watch!!! Otherwise we will all boycott it!Grin
» Phils journey to the worlds (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 22:09 
You must be kidding mate. Ill go on the stairs then that way I get a decent workout and I also get to check out your booty as xtrainers are in front of stairs!
» Back In Business! (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 22:07 
I forgot to add nice deadliftingHappy
» Back In Business! (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 22:06 
Well best of luck with the driving. How many calories were you on before you dropped them to 3000-3500? Nice and gentle is the best way mate, that will ensure you wont lose much of that hard earned muscle mass.
» Carls Powerlifting Journal (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 21:58 
Those partials were impressive Carl, next time talc your legs and you will get a whole lot more. See you friday.
» Phils journey to the worlds (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 21:54 
Oh, cheers RobHappy

Tonights training;

237.5x5x5 every rep on every set done beltless and from dead stops. This represents a 5x5 pb. The last rep on sets 4 and 5 were grinders.

Deadift holds
300x3seconds these were a bit crap. I really need to get used to holding on to 305 so that I can pull it in comp without having to worry about grip strength. But I had just done a lot of sets and reps on normal deads so next week I will hold on to the bar for longer.

Weighted side bends

Weighted crunches

Weighted leg raises

Tonights session took way to long as I had to wait ages to get a bar, it seems everyone has taken up weights as their new years resolutions! Good for them I suppose. A days rest then back for shoulders and biceps on friday, plus a little cardio.

I just thought Id add that I too eat jaffa cakes, I love the little f**kers!
» Iain's Training (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 18:28 
Probably because you are not used to starting from that position. Did you do it from that height because of your shoulder?
» Phils journey to the worlds (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 18:25 
Oh and thanks Carl for putting up that picture, its a whole lot better than having a big question mark next to my name!
» Back In Business! (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 18:24 
Good luck with the cutting mate. I wish I could do a cut but obviously this would mess my lifts for competition up. I could always go down to 90kgs but I look too thin at that weight as Im 5`11". Get us some pics mate!

JC, have you ever tried this Kortes routine? I notice you have a 170 bench which I am very envious of. I just wondered if it was reponsible for such a good bench?
» Phils journey to the worlds (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 18:16 
IainKendrick said:
Nice benching! Have a good new year!

Thanks Kendrick, and the same to you. Feb the 17th looms ever closer!
» Phils journey to the worlds (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 18:15 
Carl said:
well, i did 5x3,3x3,3,then a single, when i worked upto a 135 paused bench, that seemed to go well, what did you have in mind exactly?

Pretty much what you have just explained above mate. As in swapping the 5x5 for 5x3 in the hope that using heavier weights will make me stronger. Bench just doesnt seem to budge much using 5x5 so I think I should experiment with different rep ranges. Its madness to keep doing the same thing hoping for different results. Anyway, see you in a bit mate
» Phils journey to the worlds (Go to post)02-01-2008 @ 18:11 
just_t said:
what you doing next week on bench then phil?

session looks solid to me! top chinning, im stagnant with them

Thanks T, Im doing 3x3 reps next time round on bench.
I may go 145kgs for this.
» Phils journey to the worlds (Go to post)31-12-2007 @ 14:24 
Todays training and the last session of the year!

Bench press
60x10 last rep paused
100x6 last rep paused
135x4 failed for a 5th - arghhh! I still cant get 5x5 with this weight!

Close reverse grip bench press

Underarm chins
Bodyweight x8
+30kgsx5 failed for a 6th

Bent over barbell rows

A few sets of light L flyes for rotator cuffs.

I am seriously considering doing nothing above 3 reps for bench on my next training cycle as it doesnt seem to improve much. What does everyone else think?

Oh, and I wish everyone on this site a happy and strong new yearHappy

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