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» Journal of a Skinny, Limp Wristed, Southerner... (Go to post)27-06-2011 @ 21:17 
Fraid not. I was hanging there for a good 5 mins. Had to lower myself down on to the wife's shoulders, regrip and jump. Sums up my day really...
» Journal of a Skinny, Limp Wristed, Southerner... (Go to post)27-06-2011 @ 20:37 
Hi I'm Craig, from Hampshire.

Been training on an off for about a year. Decided to knuckle down and give it a proper go. Recently got some good pb's so not looking too bad. Just wanting to keep track of my workouts.

I'm 25, 6 foot and 84kg at the mo.

I generally workout 3 times a week. My gym has no olympic bar, no squat rack, and the smith machine is currently broken. They are expanding tho so I'm sticking with them for now, as they are cheap and I've got a long contract (and no money). Just thought I'd let you know all this, and keep it in mind before judging me. Haha.
Oh and I train alone, my training partner Dan 'Danton' Tipper lives 200 miles away. 
Ok, sorry for the essay. Here goes....

Deads for 7 inches

Pb attempt for 1rm 207.5 fail.
Would have done 5kg less probably as I got it to knees.
Grip suffering from sweaty hands, so hot in the gym.
With straps
Bent over row double overhand
Underhand grip
60x3 big twinge in elbow.
 leg curl stack (about 50kg)
Called it a day there not wanting to do any more damage. Only to go home and fall down my loft hatch. Didn't help big bag of frozen peas at the ready.

Not happy with this one, after 3 good weeks. 
» New Year, New Thread Same Old Shit (Go to post)10-06-2011 @ 06:23 
As you guys seem to be the masters of the front squat, I was wondering if you give me advise on the best tech...
I don't have a squat rack at my gym, so the arms crossed tech is out, as I have to clean the bar.
Just got no idea where my hands or arms should be???
Sorry for hijacking your training journal...
Inspirational training going on here!!
Thanks guys.
» Yorkshires Strongest Man 2011 Open and Novice (Go to post)01-05-2011 @ 21:34 
It was a great comp!! Congrats to all lads. And of course you're lovely brother Danton!!

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