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» Marko Clegganovski (Go to post)10-11-2014 @ 19:51 
Niiiice. It feel any different with no walkout?
» 490kg ipf world record squat (Go to post)09-11-2014 @ 18:06 
Oh momma....

» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)09-11-2014 @ 18:02 
Stick with the log jerk ffs lol

3x3 every session, be at 120 3x3 before year is out
» Drug testing WSM rumour (Go to post)08-11-2014 @ 16:30 
McMuffin_Gains said:I reckon a complete ban on PEDS at WSM may prove detrimental in some aspects however on the contrary I would hate to see it turn into an arms race where the winner is the one whose body can take the most chemical abuse without something popping.

How would it be detrimental?

It would still be the same guys, they'd just lift slightly less weight
» Drug testing WSM rumour (Go to post)08-11-2014 @ 12:29 
JamesH said:
I have a reasonable insight into what some people are doing in strongman. I've read around the BALCO affair and a bit on cycling.
The aying field in strongman is level...but only if you are prepared to put your health and longevity on the line.

I suppose it depends who the SM people you know are.

The vast majority of people I speak too about the issue take very conservative amounts
» Drug testing WSM rumour (Go to post)08-11-2014 @ 10:49 
I'd love it if they brought in testing.

Unit94, Mills & Marsbar top 3 at WSM (could they find 10 clean athletes)

Oh, of course, Pfister was life time drug free....Roll-Eyes
» GIANTS LIVE BRITISH OPEN!! (Go to post)08-11-2014 @ 10:47 
hixxy1985 said:im away whole of january. So be lucky to hit 200.

You've seen Rocky VI right?

Be like that in Zimbabwe....well, except its the polar opposite climate wise

» Marko Clegganovski (Go to post)07-11-2014 @ 12:24 
Marko, me, mills and ben train at catts, 7-9 on a tuesday night (we could all start 30 earlier id imagine if that suits you better?)

There are trains direct to wigan wallgate from staylybridge.....i will happily pick you up/drop you off from the train station if you fancy a session with us
» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)06-11-2014 @ 21:54 
Thanks guys


16" Deadlift
320kg x 1
340kg x 1
350kg x 1

280kg x 1
290kg x 1

Log Strict
127kg x 3

170kg x 1
» Marko Clegganovski (Go to post)06-11-2014 @ 17:47 
Marko, a few things I did (I sit at around 118-19 without eating excessively now)

Aldi Flapjacks(50p)...approx. 500kcal...just have 3 a day...extra 1500kcal

Supplement the above snacks with pint of milk/choc milk...extra 1050kcal for 3 x per day

Put pesto in stuff wherever possible, its very calorie dense

Same with peanut butter

I know you haven't got much of an appetite, so that might help without having to eat lots
» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)04-11-2014 @ 21:57 
It was great fun Mills. Thanks John

Catts tonight

210kg x 1
230kg x 1 - PB
240kg x 1 - PB
250kg x unrack....then put back lol...felt heaaaaavy!

270kg x 1
300kg x 3

250kg x 1
280kg x 2
» Derek Kendall front squat (Go to post)02-11-2014 @ 15:21 
Holy mother of God!

» St.Ives Strongest Man Under 90kg 2014 (Go to post)02-11-2014 @ 15:19 
General_ill said:Here's the unofficial video.

Superb performance mate! Great jerk.
» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)02-11-2014 @ 15:07 
Thanks guys

kirkynick said:Great stuff JC!

Don't really follow -105kg strongman, so what's your best win (or placing) to date?

I was/am very average TBH Kirky...6th in Finland, 5th at BSM and a couple of runner up places at Northern 105

Dungeon Session

270kg x 5

Log Strict
130kg x 1
135kg x 1

110kg x 20m
150kg x pick up

Stones (no tacky)
135kg x 1, fail 2nd

180kg x 1
150kg x 10

Fun to do some SM stuff again, albeit pretty light.
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)02-11-2014 @ 15:03 
Great start today I thought.

Looking forward to seeing you back at your 105 best early next year

Robbo - good to hear that you are taking the boxing seriously. Would love to come and watch you fight - let me know when and where you are fighting and I'll see if I can make it down.

I'd be well up for that too. Let us know Robbo.

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