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» diet/diabetes/health (Go to post)06-04-2015 @ 19:37 
glen_danbury said:like JC has stated the supposed benefits of insulin are severly outweighed by being diabetic in terms of making gains or getting lean. I'm type one and it took me a long time to getto the stage of veing able to get stage ready for bodybuilding without constantly suffering hypos.

and obviously with that, come diminishing returns, as if you're anything like me, I cant stop eating if my blood sugar is very low!
» diet/diabetes/health (Go to post)06-04-2015 @ 19:11 
donnie said:
its in bodybuilding since yearly 90s
in strongman for some years
i can name some of them

from what I can gather, McMuffin was alluding to diabetics using insulin to promote gainz, rather than the use of insulin...
» diet/diabetes/health (Go to post)06-04-2015 @ 19:09 
McMuffin_Gains said:
Yeah, I've had a bit of a google since I posted that, seems it's really a lot of work as a diabetic. It can be difficult to both build muscle and burn fat dependent on circumstances.

I struggle to get lean even with a very low calorie diet

I can get much leaner with high calorie, zero carb (and therefore very few injections), but it isn't a long term (over 12 weeks) sustainable diet plan imo
» diet/diabetes/health (Go to post)06-04-2015 @ 16:53 
McMuffin_Gains said:With some people abusing slin for gainzzzz, is it possible that diabetes (either type, slin or tablets) could be used to ones advantage without jeopardising health?

No, not really.

It's certainly more of a hindrance,especially when it comes to gaining (a lot) of weight, than anything else
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)01-04-2015 @ 20:11 
Feel for Felix...when are they going to give the guy a break groups wise!? Also had grp of death last year....

Is the Pole in Hixx's group the Arnolds beast? If so, he'll be real tough

Thigpen is (or was) no slouch either

Good group though on whole
» Eddie Hall pulls 462kg (Go to post)14-03-2015 @ 08:27 
Great pull

It also seems obvious from the vid that Bryce loves Ed on a professional and personal level
» Northern England's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2015 (Go to post)07-03-2015 @ 18:01 
DanCave said:
Good lad! My weight is all over atm with working 2/3 weeks of nights offshore then 2 weeks home, hopefuly be back competing next year taking ages to do the whole inpregnation thing haha

Be good to see you back.competing mate

Oh, and gives you a good excuse do loads of shagging lol
» Northern England's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2015 (Go to post)07-03-2015 @ 16:44 
DanCave said:
Yeah robbo did not through lack of effort from myself in 2013 went to final event! Marsden will be there we know it, when u hitting the scales then JC?

Ill weigh in an hour before the comp buddy

Hope to be well under 105 by then
» Arnolds 2015 (Go to post)07-03-2015 @ 10:25 
billynomates said:
I'd say they're closer than that result suggests. Its been said before that the Arnold log is awkward and there's a certain knack to it. Ed would do a normal 205 log in his sleep, he stricted that before!!

Ed (imo) wont get a WR or beat Z in a log contest until he starts to use his legs

And all training I've seen would suggest its of no interest too him

As an aside, Hixx did a similar weight as the lighter Arnolds log for 4 or 5 C&P recently
» Northern England's Strongest Man Under 105kg 2015 (Go to post)07-03-2015 @ 10:21 
Post Edited: 07.03.2015 @ 10:22 AM by JC
JohnMarsden said:Thanks boys, should hopefully be there, struggling mentally at the moment will hopefully be right soon, will be there to watch either way

You talk some s**te lol

You know you'll be there competing, as does everybody else

Can't see anyone from that line up beating you (granted, I only know about 3 names lol)

Has anyone ever retained Northern title in consecutive years? I cant think of anyone (maybe Robbo?)
» Powerlifters who've broken 1000kg total (Go to post)11-02-2015 @ 16:23 
kirkynick said:
How would it break down? Something like 450 / 300 / 450 ?
I suppose he is the most likely candidate to do it.

450 deadlift pl rules? No chance!?

Noone is anywhere near 1200 PL rules
» 97.5kg circus db only 3ppl have ever done it shaw-Terry-Johansson (Go to post)08-02-2015 @ 19:54 
scorpian said:
Not this one by all accounts bud so I'm told but not saying they can't do it

Maybe, but O don't understand "the only 3 people" reference?

Every open worth his salt can DB over 100kg these days, the fact they've not done so in this implement is neither her or there

as I said, its a good lift, theres no need to make out your in an elite class of DB lifters though
» 97.5kg circus db only 3ppl have ever done it shaw-Terry-Johansson (Go to post)08-02-2015 @ 19:50 
Mark Clegg has done it

Jay Pateman stricted it IIRC

good lift though
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)26-01-2015 @ 20:09 
National finals qualification in PL, WL & strongman now?

Great work mate....good to see you back on the platform
» arnolds 2015 (Go to post)26-01-2015 @ 20:06 
AdamT said:Z will win Arnolds but I don't think he will win WSM this year. Think Brian and Thor will finish above him. Who knows how good Ed will be. He is getting stronger all the time so he will maybe place very high.

Cant see a set of events were Shaw beats Thor these days TBH. Of all Shaw's best events, Thor is better in WSM format

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