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» Little A: tribute thread (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 13:43 
Kimberley looks ideal above. In fact, they all do (ginger excluded LOL!!)
» Champion love makers (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 13:41 
little_a said:
Many threads and arguements have broke out about the comparability of various strength athletes at each others game, often quite aggressively, but how do you all feel we compare where it really matters... in the sack.

Personally, and I know this will surprise many of you, I think Olympic lifters make the best lovers. No really. It's the fitness, speed, full body extension, flexability and the secret weapon, that awesome hip thrust unequalled throughout the sporting world. The hook grip comes in handy too.

What do you think?

» Advert volume (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 13:40 
yeah pisses me off no end too

dont believe adverts work in enticing you into buying a product you are already aware of, although is obviously more effective if its a new product you are seeing for the 1st time

adverts on the radio piss me off the most though!!!
» Bollockings (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 13:37 
as with Ian, most of mine revolved around under age drinking, with folks being pissed with my drunken stupid behaviour (found myself hilarious at the time though!!)
» Inspiring training photos (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 11:58 
Carl, who is the fella deadlifting in the 1st pick?
» Double BW Female Bench Uneq (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 11:38 
fantastic benching

95% of people would be extatic with a double BW BP
» Barrington's Search for Strength (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 10:02 
good look with the journal buddy

I look forward to seeing your many PBs Happy
» Henny B - Log (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 09:58 
good luck with the comp mate
» The return of the Bat (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 09:55 
bet that squat session was a walk in the park after Sunday Tongue
» Carls Powerlifting Journal (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 09:54 
good lifting Carl

V impressive numbers at 18 yr old
» What comps are everyone planning on doing next year? (Go to post)28-11-2007 @ 09:52 
BDFPA North West in April

BWLA Noth West Unequipped wheneva that may be

May do some single lift comps with bench if any running
» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)27-11-2007 @ 17:05 
HennyB said:
Great goals. The russian training cycle is a b**ch. Did it about a year ago. Really f**ked me up, but worked like a charm.

Why don't you lift equipped?

Am just getting in to it mate, so am going to lift unequipped for the time being

Equipped lifting may come once I feel I have plateaued in at least 2 of the 3 lifts
» Iain's Training (Go to post)27-11-2007 @ 17:03 
not entirely sure on the regs, but can you strap the arm

if this is legal, do you think it would make much of a difference

DL must be a killer as well!! Full marks for continueing mate, shows a lot of determination
» Iain's Training (Go to post)27-11-2007 @ 16:38 
Post Edited: 27.11.2007 @ 16:38 PM
hi Ian, when do you plan on training the Big 3 again

Presume you won't have that much opportunity to train them before the Bournemouth meet?
» Competition Database (Go to post)27-11-2007 @ 15:06 
great addition to the site Rob, very useful

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