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» Celebrity Powerlifters (Go to post)06-12-2007 @ 14:04 
Silver_Oldie said:
In my view TV is the key.There are a number of sports that on the face of are boring if you dont understand them,or participate, but given the proper presentation and camera close ups and angles do very well.Think of Darts,Snooker,Speedway....bloody hell Four old dears with a Curling ball had their moment.There are a number of programmes devoted to fishing ...gotta be a bit of editing in these dont you think.
I do also believe that the sport we all love has to get its house in order if we are to go national...Different Feds ,testing rules etc.I fear the printed media could do a lot of damage given the chanceWinkI applaud Martins enterprise because even if he only gets part of the way its going to be a hell of a lot further than we have travelled before....As always mates just my slant on thisWink

very good post and totally agree
» Whats your pussy called? (Go to post)06-12-2007 @ 12:39 
mound is my personal fave!!
» Missing For 5 Years (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 15:36 
dont understand why though, if an insurance scam, he would make himself known to the police

he could have just lived his life in Panama
» Celebrity Powerlifters (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 15:35 
Rob said:
Some interesting comments.

When I said most pro rugby players would piss over powerlifters, I said regional powerlifters - so average ones in other words. Anyone who competes at a national level or above is obviously considered better than average in my book.

I have in the past trained with quite a few pro rugby players, and on the whole they aren't that strong, especially for the weight cats they would compete in

obvioulsy there are exceptions, and these will be the publicised ones, but on a whole that aren'y hugely strong in the 3 lifts IME
» Wedding dance with a difference... (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 14:21 
that is f**king brillant

miles better than the slushy slow s**t!! (Im not much of a traditionalist LOL)
» Celebrity Powerlifters (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 13:48 
eh ^^^^^ Confused
» Celebrity Powerlifters (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 13:31 
Post Edited: 05.12.2007 @ 13:34 PM
Martin1956 said:
Obviously 99% of well known names would not be interested, but I was only talking about getting a couple of well known people involved as bona fide lifters. That may attract press interest and raise the profile of the sport. And why would such people do it for no money? How about love of the sport? The challenge? Keeping in shape? The stimulus of competition? The camaraderie? The cudos of titles and records? In other words, the same reasons as the rest of us.

I cant see why it would be a problem for former pros if they lift anyway

the only further demand on their time would be the odd comp date, so no presuures on family life etc

Martin, my mate is a a pro Rugby player, so if that the route you decide to go I will ask him if he knows or knows someone who knows, someone who may be interested (confused myself then Confused )
» Celebrity Powerlifters (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 13:31 
brynevans said:
We are having the BWLA NWC unequipped bench on Feb 10th at Rhinos, keep an eye out for our full list of events in this next couple of days. Its something to aim for as a beginner.

Good news Bryn, I will definitely be competing in this
» Celebrity Powerlifters (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 12:40 
personally, for someone new to the sport, i think there is not enough unequipped lifting

obvioulsy when you become interested in the sport, the first thought is not to compete equipped

equipment is foreign to the newbie, plus there is the expense involved

just my 2pence from someone new to PL
» Celebrity Powerlifters (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 12:23 
Rob said:

Personally I think the whole idea is pie in the sky, I could only see a cut down version of it working where one of the said celebrities attended a competition as a guest lifter to put on more of an exhibition - and then it would probably have to be approached from the angle of raising money for charity to actually get them to do it.

totally agree that the above would definitely have to be the angle

similar to guest posers at a BB comp I suppose

TBH though I think a lot of ex pros would like to have their egos massaged with ppl watching them lift quite impressive weights at an exhibition
» Tokar's Training Log (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 12:18 
excellent squatting mate

1.20 with 25KG Plank is also impressive (well to me anyway Happy )
» Basic Korte 3x3 (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 12:06 
cheers tokar
» Celebrity Powerlifters (Go to post)05-12-2007 @ 11:59 
plenty of ex RL pros would be OK at PL i would imagine

the likes of Inga Tuigamala if he still resides in this country, Steve Hampson is still in terrific shape
» Hi Guys!!! (Go to post)04-12-2007 @ 17:25 
welcome splitsnatch Tongue
» WOODY ALLEN SYNDROME (Go to post)04-12-2007 @ 10:19 
Post Edited: 04.12.2007 @ 10:19 AM
great benching martin

I would imagine 120+ to be quite difficult with the purple band?

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